Bobby Shmurda Says Lloyd Banks Never Bought "Jackpot" Instrumental From Jahlil Beats

Bobby Shmurda claims the G-Unit rapper never bought the "Jackpot" instrumental from Jahlil Beats, according to Jahlil himself.

Bobby Shmurda and his breakout song "Hot Nigga" has been one of the biggest stories in Hip Hop this summer as the Brooklyn native recently signed to Epic Records soon after people caught a hold of the song/video.

The instrumental from the song is actually not original and comes from Lloyd Banks' track "Jackpot." In a recent interview with Jenny Boom Boom of Vlad TV, Shmurda claimed the instrumental was never actually purchased from Jahlil Beats and said Jahlil called him to reveal that.

"Really he never bought the beat," Shmurda said when asked about "Hot Nigga." "Jahlil called me and told me he never bought the beat and I snatched it up. I guess he never put it out. He put it out but, I don't know. I heard it and I knew it was the one."

Bobby Shmurda also revealed some of the artists he looks up to naming 50 Cent, Jay Z, Lil Boosie, and Uncle Murda.

"It's hard to categorize," he said. "You got Boosie, you got Jay Z, you got Uncle Murda, you got 50, you got a bunch of people, man, Jadakiss. There's only two or three I mess with out of New York like Boosie, Rick Ross." He also says he was recently in the studio with Uncle Murda and claims they will be on each other's next mixtapes.

Earlier in the interview Bobby Shmurda said he's tired of spending time on the block and differentiated himself from Chicago "Drill" rappers. He explained that while their content may be similar, their sound isn't quite.

Watch the full video below:




  • Lowa

    If you serious about your money (music), buy a lease or exclusive rights to a track so at least you can sell it and have rights to it. (publishing, commercial use shows, albums, mixtapes) How long r u gonna put out free throw-a-way tracks and not see no money?

  • Anonymous

    Lyin ass Flatbush nigga lmao

  • Anonymous

    Banks better be on that remix or hes gonna get shot up

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill cut Jahlil off for being a fuck boy

  • Anonymous

    and NY continues to take L's

  • Money First

    Aye here in lies the problem with mixtapes and producers putting beats any and everywhere just to get heard...Its all bullshit and creates no brand value and no publishing value!!! Wake the fuck up producers and artists...Wake the fuck up!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      banks is still here 10 years later, no one will remember shmurda by christmas

    • Anonymous

      I think in this case Banks loses. Here's this new nigga snatching up the beat and sparking major buzz. What's Banks doing right now, letting 50 dress him for the next video shoot?

  • Anonymous

    this nigga tryna beef with g unit now?

  • IROC

    Who cares in the streets the business of rap is bogus and ran by devils just get money and shut up that disrespectful title paint a negative picture of the human race a low self esteem and ignorance is why some rappers cant write one rap without the N word

  • Anonymous

    jenny boom boom needs a new name and a new haircut

  • Anonymous

    As soon as he mentioned Rick Ross this kid lost me completely

  • Young Guwop

    He needs to put Boosie on the remix of the song. Also he's the first New York dude ever said they listen to Boosie.

    • Actually

      Its more rare to find a new yorker who likes new york rap. U been to ny lately? Its pretty much part of the south now. Everyone listens to trap music and screams turn up and shakes ther body like there having a seizure when there trying to dance to it.

    • Anonymous

      Im not a boosie fan but i did see his"show da world" video had a bunch of ny niggas rocking trill t shirts. You'd be suprised at what some niggas bump these days. Ever met a ny nigga who listens to more westcoast shit than eastcoast? You got niggas out there like that. Shit one of my ny homies favorite emcees is crooked i and thats been since the deathrow days.

    • Anonymous

      first new york dude to ever twirl his cap into nowhere and shake his booty while rapping about selling crack and catching bodies

  • Anonymous

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  • T-Realz

    He needs to show some respect and put Lloyd Banks on the official remix. That would be the real nigga thing to do so we will see what happens.

  • Anonymous

    what does that mean? that jahlill beats just gives out beats for people to use for a mixtape? or did banks just not pay him and he was too pussy to say anything about it after meek black balled him out the game.

    • Anonymous

      What a lot of rappers do is take beats from producers and record over them and if they don't want to use them for their album or whatever they just put it out on a mixtape or the internet. Its fucked up and you can get sued for that (RZA sued Game when he did this) but most rappers don't care.

    • Anonymous

      might have leased llyod the beat

  • Anonymous

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  • minnesota slick

    fuck nigga faggot buttfuckin his way into the industry. bump some nickatina and hear real nigga speak

  • Anonymous

    I guess he never put it out. He put it out but, I don't know. SMH this gay dude is trash

  • Anonymous

    this gay nigga just bought that beat about a week agooooooooooooo

  • Anonymous

    i was with him until he said the only 1 of the only 2 niggas he fucks with outside of NY was Rick Ross of all people with Boosie as the other... no wonder his music is trash.

  • Anonymous

    This bum nigga ain't buy that shit either until after it blew up on Vine because of his gay dance and he got a deal. His label bought the shit if anything. But I wouldn't take Jahlil's word for anything, he gon say whatever now that he got a hit out. Meek even cut that fuck nigga out.

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