Eminem Addresses Addiction Problems At "The Monster Tour" With Rihanna

Eminem dedicated his rendition of "Not Afraid" to victims of addiction.

At The Monster Tour with Rihanna in Pasadena, California yesterday (August 7), Eminem addressed his addiction problems. 

“This song I want to dedicate to anyone who ever lost anyone to addiction,” Eminem said, according to Billboard. “I could not have gotten through it without you.”

Eminem then performed “Not Afraid,” a cut from his 2010 album Recovery. The Detroit rapper named his 2009 collection Relapse and both albums featured lyrics about his abuse of drugs.

During his set yesterday at The Monster Tour, Eminem referred to the use of drugs at least one other time he addressed the audience. 

“I am under the impression there are a lot of people under the influence of an illegal substance,” the Shady Records rapper said, drawing cheers from the audience, per Billboard. “If not, how many of you are just fucked up mentally? That’s why it feels like such a family.” 

Eminem and Rihanna’s set list from The Monster Tour is available on HipHopDX here.

Video of Eminem and Rihanna's performances yesterday are as follows:

For more Eminem coverage, watch the following DX Daily:



  • Anonymous

    Eminem Addresses Addiction Problems On All 14 Tracks On His New Album

  • Anonymous

    This Rihanna collab shit should have been a one time thing only. He want's to be remembered as an MC yet he has become a pop star performing corny duo's with fuckin Rihanna. The same artists he used to diss.. Eminem has no identity anymore, he has become a fuckin sheep. This corny shit has become cringe worthy.

  • Anonymous

    Good lord, how many times is he gonna whine about his drug habits from almost 10 years ago. I used to be a huge Eminem fan, but all of his new tracks are all the same. Fast rapped with some corny as hell punchlines; example: don't stop me before I get on a roll....Danish!....really???

  • samanthaxlxx

    Erm, He said those exact same words at Wembley, is this article right?!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Eminem's addiction i've gone from fan to expert chemist!

  • Anonymous

    I'm proud Eminem is still with us today. 90% of my favorite artists are dead and it makes me feel cheated as a fan that I didn't get to see them grow and I don't get the full experience of seeing them in a show whether they are washed up or not. We are all gald you're here shady even if your last few albums have been fucking pathetic, stupid ass whiteboy. Yes I'm mad.

  • Anonymous

    Hiphopdx playing with words again in the title to get more clicks. This website is starting to get ridiculous.

  • kenrick

    I went to this show last night....if was so epic Eminem and rihanna was electrifying!!!! I love the swag of riri and the evolution of Eminem!!!!! I wanna relive it all over again #hiphop

  • Anonymous

    fuck this commercial pop rapper.

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