Soulja Boy Threatens Gillie Da Kid

UPDATE: Soulja Boy threatens Gillie Da Kid in a series of tweets.

Gillie Da Kid and Soulja Boy have recently been beefing, and now the public has video of a verbal threat from the Philadelphia native.

Recently talking with Forbez DVD, Gillie issued a warning for Soulja Boy and demanded an apology.

"You don't want me to slap blood in your mouth, nigga," Gillie said when asked about his recent online conflict with Soulja. "You better go back on Twitter and say you sorry to the OG, nigga... I don't do publicity stunts. Man came on Twitter and said he'd slap me so I found that amusing 'cause considering that if you slap me, what hospital's going to put your fucking hands back on?"

Gillie also recalled first seeing Soulja Boy's retaliation to his Instagram post and couldn't believe Soulja threatened him.

"I had to read that like 10 times... like are you serious?" He said. "Soulja Boy's going to slap me? He better be hacked before I catch his ass and hack him."

The beef between Gillie Da Kid and Soulja Boy originally started when Gillie made an Instagram post mocking Soulja's recent transgressions regarding jewelry he owns that may be fake. "N I Got 1 N I'm Lookin 4 U Niggaz!!!! #HideNseek #Ctfuuu #ImaCatchUniggaz #souljaboyassniggaz," was the caption of the post that originally caught the Chicago native's attention. He then retaliated with a tweet saying he'd "slap the shit" out of Gillie. 

Watch the full DVD interview segment below:

(August 11, 2014) 

UPDATE: Soulja Boy sent a series of tweets threatening Gillie Da Kid today (August 11).

They are as follows:

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  • kennyken

    may the best man win jack

  • Anonymous

    Illeterate motherfucker

  • Anonymous

    if meek who's from philly couldn't touch gillie soulja girl has no shot in hell

  • HIpHopBoyeeee

    Both these dudes look and sound stupid over the subject of fake jewelry. But, Soulja Boy going to jail, Twitter has a policy were a user can't make "Terrorist Threat" i.e. stating he's going to pay for someone to be assassinated . They work with the feds #souljasdone

  • MC Soulja Boy

    I came in the game on some fun shit one man show I aint need no one to run wit' older rappers in the game they aint like the young kid dey all mad at me I'm like what da fuck I done did some of deez niggas even used to my idols met them fools in real life and they actin like we rivals self produced, made my whole album on my casio tried to be original, they still wasnt happy though fuck it I'm a stack my dough, now they really mad my jewelry drew the ire of some North Philly fag my swag don't stop nigga who you tryna scare ?? and why you so concerned wit da way my diamonds glare ?? after my tour nigga I'll be flyin' there I'll have yo' body on display like a science fair you desperate for some shine you must really need cake I'll leave yo' face lookin' like a Philly Cheese steak you talkin like a boss nigga you gon' die a coward I'll split ya head wit' dis bat like I'm Ryan Howard you wanna ride on me? I go a hunnid miles an hour you can't follow me on dis road to my rise to power I step over you nigga you not a obstacle its a good thing Philly got some really good hospitals 'cause they gon' need the best to put yo ass back togetha I'll show you how to count these figures like a math professor I'll show you how to use deez tools like black and decker I'll remodel ya face fuck boy, its my pleasure!! TELL EM!!!!!

  • brollya

    niggaz cant go to war if they broke... gillie takin shots first then get sonned den tryin to get a apology... dude get the fuck outta here.... birdman a put a price on ya head asap....

  • Lothario

    Just watched that video. Wow. To act like that at his age is both sad and funny. If you're 40, and you're talkin' like that, and dressin' like that, and actin' like that, and standing on the fuckin' corner, you already lost homey. You don't get tough guy points any more after the age of 23, you're just a loser after that. A 'jewelry' test..get the fuck outta here. That's some girly shit, 'your diamonds are fake', uh-uh YOUR diamonds are fake'. As the jewish jewelers in the neighborhood laugh at your dumb ass for wasting money. Stop trying to impress the neighborhood teenagers. Impress your family by growing the fuck up and being an adult. And get off twitter, that's not very gangster of you, you are after all the hardest gangster in the world right? It's hard to picture you sitting there with your gun and your piles of money and cocaine as you type in your twitter password with one finger.

  • What

    Niggas really need to stop, for real, Everyone know soulja Gay Boy aint going to do nothing, he need to stop shooting his mouth off, mean while you got police killing niggas like is St.Louis and we aint doing nothing about it we aint shoot no video or taking to Twitter, saying nothing, Son all these rapper beefing with one anther just make the black race look like ASS

  • Police doin the birdman hand rub to this

    LMAO soulja hoe must of been on the coke lean and alchol heavy when he wrote this shit. Like what the fuck this the dumbest fuck-boy shit I seen in a minute. Solja bitch was in school drawing on his glasses n then became a pop star for kids n retards. When gillie was that age he was sellin crack heroin and havin shootouts in the philly streets

    • Anonymous

      And how would you know, old speculating ass nigga. Niggas like you always think they know the answers and know everything, when in reality, you don't know shit.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    A couple wack MCs and wannabe gangsters in an emotional frenzy. Get over yourselves. Go hug your kids and enjoy your life, 'cause niether one of you weak ass niggas deserve one penny of your fortune. Gillie 'the Kid' has been wack since I was a kid. He's never been able to break through, and he's been trying to out-gangster the other 500 rappers he sounds like, but to no avail. Soulja Boy was lucky that he somehow found some shine during an era where these kids will listen to ANY fuckin' thing, as long as it's popular. I mean this nigga really hit the jackpot, and like every other ignorant mothafucka he got way gassed up and started thinking he was a gangster. Just stick to doin' Sweet Sixteen parties and Nickelodean slime-time countdowns homey. Both of these stupid niggas are gonna end up killing each other for nothing, and 24 hours later nobody will care. Your 'goons' will hold down that mansion for you though, don't worry.

    • Anonymous

      'been wack since i was a kid' lol i remember back in early 2000 when i was 14 that Major Figgaz video was garbage!

  • Anonymous

    Gillie da Kid is 40?!?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Gillie brought up the tranny Sydney Star SB was spending time with, his fake watches stuck on the same time all day, his fake money and him crying at that award show. Soulja had no choice but to fall back and delete all them tweets and act like he ain't say none of that.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck nigga deleted all them tweets should have screen capped them

  • Anonymous

    You can tell Soulja Boy shook, everytime he say something its imma call a nigga, imma pay some niggas, Gillie said "I" will slap blood in your mouth. Shook niggas always talking bout who they goin get and they got a gun. FOH. Gillie goin put the pressure on this clown.

  • D@mn

    The demise of the black community thru rap via twitter & youtube. Da sociologist & anthropologist will have a ball studying, analyzing, & doing their dissertations on how tuff ngz killed off blk ppl! Now THAT's gangster!!!

  • Anonymous

    fuck the dumb shit shit listen to this

  • Anonymous

    Soulja girl really gonna kill a nicca for clowning him on twitter?

  • Anonymous

    this beef funny as hell

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  • jimjim

    wow gill for real this shit is crazy a young boy gill come on man what the fuck

  • Anonymous

    lmaooooooooooo soulja boy aint killing shit he still owes the crips who took gbe tadoes watch like 5 grand he blew all his money on drugs escorts and other dumb shit

  • Mack

    Ain't nothing gonna happen, it's all the usual big talk bs.


    This shit is straight comedy capers. Internet killers hahahaha NOW HE CANT DO SHIT CAUSE HE LEFT ALL THE EVIDENCE ONLINE, dump fuck boy.

  • Anonymous

    hip hop iz so lame nowadays

  • LOL@theseherbs

    Nothing to see here, just NBN-Niggas being niggas.

  • SMFH

    "We should be focused on #RIPMIKEBROWN"...mean while this IDIOT is promoting senseless black on black violence

  • kevin brains

    then why he aint show hes 23 millie on Ig? soulja boy got 23 million pieces of dat white paper

  • freewillyshrtsofterthngillie#

    so if gillie end up killed......blame it on sodmg perfect time for DC(dream chasers) to make a move lol or even weezy dont nobody fukk wit gillie the child

    • Anonymous

      DC aint making no moves LOL meek in jail, louie v is a rat... what the fuck they gonna do. they probably back on the corner

    • Anonymous

      then why hasn't anything happened to him in the last 8 years? phillys small and grimey as hell it would've already happened and lololol at dream chasers doing anything

  • Anonymous

    can't be very "real" saying you're going to kill someone on twitter!!!!!

  • johm L stewitist

    lil wayne krazy vs lil boossie crazy????

  • adam

    dont go to war unless ur money right

  • Anonymous

    I respect Soulja Boy for not backing down, but this is how people get killed over dumb shit. If your worth $23 million act like it. Gillie isn't worth half that so he hasn't nothing to lose talking shit.

  • Ymcmb ova errythanggggg

    theres a reason why the streets refer to soulja as KING PIN BEEZY. #SODMG #YMCMB #RICH GANG LYFESTYLE WE OUT HERE

  • Anonymous

    A few months ago Soulja Girl was saying his goodbyes to all his fans on twitter like he was going away for 3-5 years and then spent 2 nights in jail!

  • Anonymous

    Soulja Boy is a turtle-banger

  • Seriously

    This is what the streetz call gangsta. Snitchin on ya self through Social Media. Terrorist threatz can land you in the penn, Idiot!!! smh

  • Anonymous

    soulja is a clown for trying to front like he got 23 million. then explain that fake ass watch thats always stuck at 10:25 and the white paper stacks you was flashing

  • Anonymous

    If neither one does anything, they should both fuckin retire and disappear.

  • Anonymous


  • Super Nigga

    "Imma shoot him in his bald head" LMFAOOOOOOO

  • anonymous

    cocaine is one hell of a drug.

  • junior mob

    wow, both these guys are wack as fuck. but if i was forced at gun point to pick, i think i'd go with soulja on this *vomits a little*. gillie is a bit too old to start picking fights. if you gonna do it, pick a better target than soulja boy, you can only lose if you stoop "that" low!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who believes soulja boy is worth that much is an idiot. All of these celebrity net Worth's and Forbes shit are just estimations based on how much these people are on TV or in the media. None of them are accurate.

    • Anonymous

      it's true i know a guy who's on there and it says he worth 5 million but he really makes a few hundred k a year and spends it all on child support and overpriced rent in LA.

  • Anonymous

    If Meek couldn't touch Gillie in Philly what makes Soulja Boy think he has that kind of reach?

  • Anonymous

    Soulja Boy is on his Scarface shit right before he died...

  • Anonymous

    if SB is worth 23 million why he constantly getting exposed for having fake watches and chain and that fake money he was flashing!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    stop snitching, birdman gonna have to talk some sense into youngin

  • Anonymous

    hes gonna say his shit was hacked, just wait for it

  • Most Terrible Rap Names Ever

    Soulja Boy Gillie da Kid The Educated Rapper Bobby Shmurda Mr Marcelo Mr Cheeks Papoose Fabolous (Suspect as hell also) Gun Shootin Thug Carl the Crack Dealer Young Youngin Froggy Fresh Plies OJ da Juiceman Flesh n Bone Tyler the Creator Tory Lanez Hood Surgeon Cunninlynguists Shy Glizzy Lil Ugly Mane Big Bear Shorty Shitstain

    • Anonymous

      LMAO @ "the educated rapper"

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      Good ones. Let me add: - Celly-Cel - 2P (desperate ass way to accidentally get fans who are looking for a 2Pac song) - Lil' Whyte (I hate when rappers use a name referring to something too obvious about themselves. Some 500 lb fat fuck doesn't need to have 'Fat' or 'Big' before his name, we get it, and a white rapper doesn't need to have 'White' in his name, we know you're white.) - Your Old Droog - T.Shirt - Killer Mike - Tom Ski Mask - Grinch the Mean One - Sam Snead (you named yourself after a golfer?) - Jackie Chain (See Lil' Whyte) - Titty Boi - The Skinny Boys (these muhfuckas had beef with the fat boys in the 80's, no lie lol, they did have one dope song though.) - Memphis Bleek - Booty Brown - Maffew Ragazino - Sir Michael Rocks - Waka Flocka - Uncle Murda - Hell Rell - Magoo lmao@ Snootie Wild. Who the fuck is that? Cunninglynguists is not a good name. We get it, we know it's supposed to clever, but it's still wack. lol@ 'Lil Ugly Mane, Froggy Fresh, Lil' Poopy, Wave Chapelle. I never heard of none of them fools.

    • Anonymous

      cunnin lynguists is actually real clever

    • Anonymous

      How come y'all forgot "Busta Rhymes" and "Ol Dirty Bastard"

    • Anonymous

      Snootie Wild

    • Anonymous

      Chance the Rapper Lil Poopy Wave Chapelle

  • Miami Nice

    This has to be a dual publicity stunt. No one is checking for either of these dudes but especially so for Gillie, who I thought had moved on from rap by now. Soulja just gave this man life. Too bad all his music sucks.

  • Anonymous

    "Soulja Boy: $23 Million Gillie da Kid: $200 Thousand" These are more than likely outdated. No way SB has $23 mill right now.

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrows story will be that soulja boy's account got hacked

  • Anonymous

    Gillie always stay trying to beef and a lame for that but he at least has some decent tracks. Never been a fan cause he whines a lot. Soulja on the other hand whack as fuck for snitching on himself. Talking bout shooting niggas 8 times. Who is teaching these rappers that they can talk reckless and not have someone watching them. smh

    • Lothario

      lol. 'MORE' than eight times. So it could have been 9, 13, maybe 200. There's a lot of numbers that are more than 8. These tweets are hilarious. It's like a little kid getting mad at a video game. "Umma send this 1nce a day til ur dead! lmfAo.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga gon fuck around and get toe tagged he talkin mad reckless. no one is afraid of soulja boy he aint got that juice. i expect to hear about some gunplay going on when he touches down in philly. gillie got no choice but to make an example.

  • Anonymous

    ""Why this nigga got kid in his name and be 40? Grow up fuck that shit not cute @gilliedakid" Says the 24 year old still calling himself BOY

  • white balls hang

    Soulja Boy please make some more wack tracks so I can whip my ass with them.

  • Anonymous

    "He must not know I popped Niggaz before more than eight times will somebody please remind this nigga of what happen at the first shoutout" IM DYING, THIS NIGGA IS BACK ON THAT WHITE GIRL FUCKING SNITCHING ON HIMSELF AND SHIT HAHAHAHAHAH

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure the FBI would love this.

  • Anonymous

    Soulja Boy back on them white lines i see

  • Real Talk

    Dumbest shit he cud ever tweet, so if one day Gillie The Kid gets shots, wether its related to soulja Boy or not, these threats wont be taken lightly

  • Soulja Bitch

    He must not know I popped Niggaz before more than eight times will somebody please remind this nigga of what happen at the first shoutout 5:37 PM - 11 Aug 2014 Stopped reading after that line.

  • Joker

    He 40 and still talking on DVDs. Come on, Son. Stop being a real Nigga and start being a real Man.

  • anon

    This is the age we live in where cats who say they G's demand apologies via twitter... smh

  • Kev

    Gillie used to be GHOSTWRITER for Cash Money.... He wrote most of, if not all of the Carter! He in the PRO - jects lol

  • Kev

    He near AT (Atlantic Terminals).

  • Shmoney

    He look paranoid in BK LOL

  • Shmoney

    Wayment! Did he say Atlantic and Carlton? Where's that at?

  • Anonymous

  • dazeone

    Westhundindon Bul preach...cats not eating like they say they are even though Gillis dot some paper the other artist mentioned are the heat in the city shout out to West Phillys Santos..Young Savage ...and Bahamadia

  • Anonymous

    Only girls and queers "slap" each others.

  • Anonymous

    Gillie who? Nigga you aint a kid. you are 35 or something. Go rob a lquirstore and retire from rapping. You suck more then SOREN BAKER

  • Anonymous

    im forever waiting for someone to slap gillie. dude aint built like that i can tell

  • Anonymous

    Instead of a diamond test challenge, how about a challenge to see who can use their rap money to throw a positive event for a community in need? That would actually be fun to follow. This kind of shit just sets us far back. SMH.

    • WestHuntingdonBul


    • SkoolBus

      I don't think Gillie Da Kid has any "rap money".

  • fucking straws

    these guys should fight for the feather weight belt

  • Anonymous

    Rap "culture" is a beautiful thing, SMH

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