Mobb Deep's Prodigy Promises To Never Release Another Mixtape

Prodigy also reveals the bond he developed with Remy Ma over the years.

Mobb Deep's Prodigy says he has a plan for how he will release music moving forward. 

"I'm not putting out no more mixtapes," Prodigy says in an interview with XXL. "It's over for that. Straight albums." 

During the interview, Prodigy also revealed that he and Remy Ma remained in touch while they were incarcerated. 

"We used to write each other in jail 'cause we was locked up around the same time," he says. "Just trying to inspire one and other, hold our heads. [We would say] think positive and you’ll be home soon. It’s good to get letters from people and for people to let us know that they love us. I was definitely writing letters and she was writing me. I’m cool with her husband, Papoose. That’s family." 

In the interview, Prodigy advises Remy to jump back in the booth "like you never went nowhere." He says he's excited to see what she can do moving forward. 

"You know Remy is nice, from day one," he says. "When Pun first brought her out she was bodying shit, so she just got to keep doing what she do. She’ll be aight. She won’t miss a beat." 

Remy has already released her first post-prison song, "They Don't Love You No More (Remix)." 

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  • Anonymous

    Papoose better pay someone to follow Remy. She be making those midnight runs to Prodigy's crib.

  • SlyG

    People hating on P stfu, dude is as legendary as any other GOAT you can think of in this game. Nobody spits grime like P. Don't really blame him on the mixtape shit, why give away your content for free? Look at E-40, he eats on every single thing he releases.

  • try harder

    Lets b real Prodigy cannot rap these days he is fucking wack most his bars don't rhymes n he keeps talking this gangster shit when we know its all lies he been exposed too many times n took so many L's . I aint hating cause I still play the mob deep albums but ever since HNIC 2 came out n P went to jail his rhymes have been embarrassing to even listen to

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    best hiphop news in 2014

  • eastcoast hiphop is dead

    Keep your albums old man. Being 40 years old and saying you are a gangsta is childish. You have no streetcredibility and everybody in the rapgame beat your ass from 2pac to saigon.

    • Anonymous

      He is still better than most new rappers! He should drop an album every year, the dude can still rap, fucking hater!!!

    • EWAY

      When HNIC3 came out on some different type shit mofos was bitchin' for his gangtsta shit. He give Ya'll gangsta shit ya'll bitchin' bout he to old to still talk like that...Make up your minds! And Tupac didn't do shit! He the real ballerina.

    • Anonymous

      "they have been in a downward spiral since they signed w/ 50 Cent--Prodigy especially." RETURN OF THE MAC WAS CLASSIC!

    • adam

      THANK YOU! I've been saying this for what seems like forever now! I used to love Mobb Deep in the 90's and early 2000s but they have been in a downward spiral since they signed w/ 50 Cent--Prodigy especially. People stay checkin for Prodigy lately BECAUSE OF ALCHEMIST because when Prodigy was doin solo albums (w/o ALC) no one gave a shit. Not to mention you are 40+ still talkin like you are gonna fuck someone up. Sorry Prodigy, it's over.

  • lol

    good, mixtapes for nobodies and flabby ass niggas who cant get a deal.

  • Anonymous

    also no albums! you wack old ass 45 year studio gangsta

  • junMaf*ckn

    Albert Einstein Was THEE BEST ALBUM of 2013.

  • Mobb Fan*

    Your fans are gonna hold you to that, P... ... look forward to a P mixtape as much as the spread of ebola *since that double jumpoff

  • nyc_cat

    I fucks with P, but he done hold too many L's to take seriously anymore. Mobb has loyal fans, but I bet they don't really get any new ones anymore.

  • Anonymous

    most people just download his albums for free like tapes anyway, might as well sell a few thousand copies to the loyal fans

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, what's a 'good' mixtape? I'll admit there a few I've enjoyed but most mixtape DJs suck, most mixtape producers suck, most mixtape rappers suck and most verses from even good rapper suck on mixtapes... ... and oh yeah, the mastering/sound quality is usually dogshit on mixtapes suck also. Forget the particular 'style' of rap, listen to ANY decent rap LP (on vinyl or CD) from 1984 to say 2000 and compare that to any goddamn mixtape (or current all-LOUD everything rap album). Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    There ain't nothing wrong with mixtapes... its just alot of GARBAGE ASS RAPPERS who killed the vibe! No DJ (not an actual mixtape), wack bars, beats, lame radio remixes, smh... DOn't be mad at the mixtape, be mad at these WACK FUCKIN RAPPERZ.

    • fuccya

      Man one of the worst things about mixtapes are these damn djs screaming and ruining every track like they dont get it and like the quality sometimes aint shitty enough. I dont hear it that often right now(probably coz I rarely download them exactly due to these djs and bad sound quality) but year or two ago... Bad songs - you can always skip them, but this stuff

  • Anonymous

    Might be too late for P but this is actually smart; mixtapes are ALL fucking dogshit, all they do is waste rappers verses and everyone's time, even mixtapes from otherwise excellent artists.

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