Tupac's Determination To Be Authentic Killed Him, According To Beastie Boys' Mike D

Mike D also talks about The Notorious B.I.G.'s passing.

Beastie Boys' Mike D recently spoke on the passing of The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac during an interview with Vanity Fair

"Yeah, he was 'Thug Life' and everything, but he was more of an artistic kid," Mike D says. "But basically he was so determined to be authentic, it ultimately killed him, which is a sad and tragic thing."  

Tupac was shot and killed in 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

During the interview, Mike D also spoke about The Notorious B.I.G.'s passing. 

"It was super surreal," he said. "It was like, 'What? Biggie got shot?' It just seemed like it couldn't be true."

The Notorious B.I.G. was shot and killed in Los Angeles, California in 1997. 

For more on Tupac, view the DX Breakdown below.


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  • Fon Z

    I'm a die hard Pac fan to the fullest... I've even been to TASF in Atlanta where he has his Music of Arts Center. And I'm from LA... throughout the years, If there's one thing I learned about 2pac is that: IF YOU ASK 100 PEOPLE TO TELL YOU ABOUT TUPAC, YOU'LL GET 100 DIFFERENT ANSWERS.

  • Big Barrio 18, E'z up!

    Good little interview here. A ton of Pac fans don't realize that Pac was just an artistic person and wasn't a real G. It was all part of a plan to cash in with DeathRow because that gangster rap/image was hot and was selling. Pac tried too hard to live that Thug Life and just basically got caught up. Let's face it, Pac was famous and had a big mouth. Shit's gonna go down eventually.

  • Edubb

    The death of Tupac was about more than some simple nigga gang bullshit. It appears as if that was all there was to it but trust me its deeper than gang bullshit. The death of Biggie is the same thing there is more to it than what you might think. BELIEVE NOTHING OF WHAT YOU HEAR AND ONLY HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE!!

    • Anonymous

      It's not complicated. Biggie and Pac lived fast, and surrounded themselves with shady people who manipulated them by promising millions if they turned on one another. When Biggie got killed, no one was surprised. He would have ratted Pac's murder plot to the cops the day after leaving Bad Boy, so Diddy made sure his fat ass got taken out. Their killers were simple hired guns who are long dead anyway.

  • POPE

    Since when you couldn't be artistic, smart and not take any shit from anyone? interesting. not directed towards mikey d's video, but to some of the comments.

    • fuccya

      Provin youre something is not an essential part of bein it, so if its true you gotta see where he was wrong. His own hype got him. I love that Gates song "What's understood need not be explained if you really live it" Not sayin 2pac was a shitty rapper, he was great, but legend status may be too much. Maybe Im wrong.

    • Boston hip hop fan

      But Tupac would act all and surround himself with criminals. You missed the point of what he was saying. Tupac was always out to prove he was a thug especially when he was with Death Row. Live like a thug, die like a thug. That's the lesson

  • Anonymous

    lol just shut up dude. this is really what you think went down?

  • PATHH88

    Beastie Boys ARE Hip Hop, your favourite rapper is just a "rapper"... Check out the video for Root Down and tell me any other artist in the last 10-15 years that has dropped anything like it on a mainstream level...

  • Anonymous

    Immortal spits the same content but is more focused on what you call conspiracy theories.

    • Anonymous

      He doesn't put out the same content at all and it's just conspiracy theory lecture bullshit. Also it's possible that black culture is sick of Hispanics trying to act like they own the place

  • Forest101

    Just wait and see, some punk will respond with a 'thats so gay' or 'fuck you' comment. Ignorance is not bliss

  • Forest101

    All of you idiots that say 2Pac was garbage and overrated have serious daddy issues. The man was and still is the greatest that lived. Yes, there are other dope rappers out there like KRS-1, Rakim, Andre 3000, Immortal Technique, Big Daddy Kane etc but the fact remains, none of them made an impact on Hip Hop like Pac did. The man spoke of Black peoples struggles in a country that will never ever give a f**k about them. He was not scared to voice his opinion and took on high profile people. Learn to appreciate the good that world produces and not this 'swagger, swagger', money, money and whores, whores'

  • NiNJa NiZZLe

    hes right, pac was trying to be down with the mob pirus that rolled with suge and deathrow. he had mob tatted and a ring made. thats y he punched 1 of their rivals orlando anderson, a known southside crip after the tyson fight in 1996. they took revenge later that night and thats all she wrote.

  • Anonymous

    this aint hiphop. get this no-name jew outta here

    • Stfu u racist

      Beastie boys aint hip hop? shows how much u know kid. Now go back to your room and do ur homework u lil racist ignorant piece of trash

  • aqt

    2pac is the most overrated rapper ever. Rappers like Rakim, Krs etc. are much better. If pac didnt die he never was consider great. He was good but nothing special. He should never have tried to be hard and gangsta thats what has killed him. When he signed with Deathrow he thought he was untouchable but he wasnt. (no hate for all you dumb fuckers)

  • Anonymous

    Stop whiteboy, It's Lord Jamar time!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck outta here u culture vulture, stop tryin to sanctify Pac, he was just an average rapper that got killed because of his big mouth

    • hahaha

      "Culture Vulture" the new fad slang...ain't nobody a culture vulture, hiphop was given up for money by it's own people. The fabricated belief that the world was "racist" against hiphop made people cry about hiphop being the same as the other genres, well now it is and people don't like it...too fuckin bad. And why is it that black people cry that white people don't accept their ways, and then when they do...they're a culture vulture, or a wigger, or some other nonsense. Pac is a legend and would be embarrassed at today's hiphop community

    • damedynamite

      haha, you're calling a pioneer a "culture vulture", that's hilarious

  • I believe that as Well

    He was a intellectual a very smart man. At the young age and his quick exposure to heinous acts and the street life probably hit him like a brick wall. The late 80's and early 90's were a horrible time for minorities especially in the west coast, gangsters were killing each other everyday. Hispanics and blacks, I think he saw it as a means of survival. That was when he was a youngster, but when he became famous he took on the thug moniker and threw on the Thug Life tattoo as symbolism. His attempt to connect with the people he grew up with. This way in music he would never lose the persona he created. With respect from the street his only job now was to work his way through industry. I think right before his death this is what he was doing beginning to portray a more mature man, but he was taken to young. Just like Mike D says trying to be hard for no reason trying to hold on to that authenticity in fear of losing the credibility he worked to achieve he got killed. You can tell the dude was not a killer, but sadly he ran in to some that were.

    • Add

      It adds to the discussion that mike d started. Tupac wasnt a thug until after he became a rapper. His first rap name was mc new york. He was on some ol skool b boy check 1 2 u dont stop hip hop. Even his early digital undergound stuff was like that and he was already in cali. I think the bay Turned him out, the bay is crazy and after that he went straight hardcore thug.

    • I believe that as Well

      He was born in NY he was mostly influence by his time in Maryland and out in the west coast. Especially from 15 and on word is when we gather most of our life long habits. I'm aware of when he was arrested. What did your comment add to the discussion? Kind of a waste.

    • Hea

      U know pac didnt grow up on the west coast rite? He moved out there as an adult. Hes from new york and lived in maryland and went to college and never got arrested until after he was a famous rapper.

  • YN

    As soon as I saw the headline, I knew ANDRES b*tch ass wrote it.

  • Hermoine Granger

    Well of course Thug Life got Tupac AvadaKadavred. One love to Mike D. Me myself have learned to create a perfect Tarantallegra while bumping Pass The Mic or Get it Together. RIP MCA BIG PAC

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Mike D is an OG. Beastie Boys, one of the top 5 most important Hip-Hop groups of all time. Their dopest shit to me is "Sure Shot", still one of the illest beats of all time. Their early nineties shit was hard as fuck without having to yell how hard they were. It just had energy that made you hype. They could talk about bullshit, but you could still play it after Onyx because it just had that stomp you out type of adrenaline to it.

    • Lol

      U guys cant be serious. U think hip hop is in a bad place now? It would have died way sooner if it werent for groups like run dmc and beastie biys taking hip hop to a worldwide level back in the 80s, now go to ur room lil kid ur on time out.

    • Anonymous

      beasty boys were nothing more then a gimmick made up by this greedy jew mick d. the sold out the culture

    • Anonymous

      I stopped reading after hard as fuck. They were pussy ass white boys with the worst comical flow in the history of hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    He's telling the truth. He was more of an artistic kid, but now since the thug life took him under, he reemerged as Zombie Pac, and all he knows is hatred and anger towards the world

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