Jadakiss Reveals "Top 5, Dead Or Alive" & The Lox's "We Are The Streets 2" Details

Jadakiss also celebrates the fact that his son's going to college.

Jadakiss recently revealed plans for his solo effort, Top 5, Dead Or Alive, and The Lox's We Are The Streets 2.

"Top 5, Dead Or Alive will probably drop first because of contractually obligations with Def Jam,” Jadakiss says in an interview with XXL. ”It’s almost finished. Then We Are the Streets 2." 

But that's not the only reason Jadakiss is smiling right now. 

“Things are good,” he says. “I got a son going to college. He’s to Clark Atlanta University. I’m happy. I’m a family man as well as one of the greatest rappers. I’m elevating my life game right now. It’s a beautiful thing because your kids are your best critics. They’re with the core of what’s going on. When they tell you something, they’re giving you they’re honest opinion. That’s the luxury and pleasure of having a 17-year old kid." 

Jadakiss has been talking about Top 5 for years. In 2010, the emcee spoke about how the 1990s were set to inspire the effort. 

"I've been searching for a new sound from some hungry, up-and-coming producers," he said at the time. "But I'm also looking forward to working with Pharrell again, Dr. DreSwizz BeatzDJ PremierAlchemistJust Blaze—you know, the great hip-hop producers. I try to get as much hip-hop as I can onto my albums. I'm trying to give my next one that real 1990s Hip Hop feel."

For more on Jadakiss, view the DX Daily below.


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  • Anonymous

    J A D A top 5 dead or alive wanted by the feds and the D.A.

  • trillyhood

    these dude is a living legend he should sale 10brick a year 4get about the trash ya'll talking

  • Yonkas

    Jadakiss verse on We Gon Make It > Eminem and Tupac's careers

  • Anonymous

    Lmao at you niggas dissing jada wtf are yall french montana fans. This hate for lyrical niggas is ridiculous. How can you call yourselves hip hop fans and hate the soul of the game. Lyrics define an mc not the bullshit u kids glorify that these wack niggas throw in ya face. Jadas been top 5. The nigga has always been dope despite never having a classic. Beans is in the same boat. But not to many punchline rappers fucking with them. These niggas inspired niggas like cassidy, ransom, joe budden, banks, freeway etc...

    • Anonymous

      its funny cause jadakiss be making records, taking pics and doing shows with none other than french montana. sell out.

    • Anonymous

      lyrical or not, HE NEVER MADE A CLASSIC ALBUM and then you are not top 5! this has nothing to do with hate.

    • Cage

      ^^^ School em.... french montana is straight trash, i dont give a fuck who does the beat

  • int'l j

    I wanna know what you New York cats think about a Lox/sporty thievez collab. I know their both from Yonkers and that sporty thievez joint was a classic, it should be a match made in heaven! Two different styles I know, but real emcees mesh no matter the situation.

  • Anonymous

    new lox album is basically the NY Detox

  • SP

    Jada is the best rapper ever without a classic album. His solo joints always got songs u gotta skip terrible beats or just pop shit added by the label . We Are The Streets is a classic tho so......

  • Bomberman111

    I see stupid 90s babies on this thread......im not even gonna argue with yall but to say that drake or tygas swag faggot skinny jean wearing ass goes harder than jada is downright laughable.....u dont gotta like him but hes a legend....least show respect.....idiots

    • Anonymous

      Im a 80s kid and face it if you compare LOX to niggas like: biggie, nas, wu, black moon, onyx etc. then the LOX is garbage

  • milehighkid303

    "All them other hard n***** they come from Yonkers...."

  • milehighkid303

    L. O. X. i f p v f e i r n i g e n c e

  • drake runs rap

    nigga you aint even top 100 irrelevent ass hasbin. Drakes latest song shits on this scrubs carreer

    • Moses

      Are you 12 years old? fuck outta here

    • trillyhood

      how come u compare jada and drak?jada do that shit in he's sleep he aint goin around workin on others lyrics and by the way drake is just a seasonal rapper he cant hold it for long

    • Tony Montana

      Drake is soft only bitches and punks buy his shit Jada is a street nigga and a top 10 rapper of all time

  • 901DATSME

    Jada always been that nigguh 5ince day one.

  • Anonymous

    No Alchemist, that guy seriously sucks... That fact still haven't changed.

    • Anonymous

      He has made only a few actually good beats - that's it, the rest of them are trash-worthy and too cheap-sounding... "Beats" - nothing better than a typical bullshit trap beat. That's how bad Alchemist is, yeah. Having a different taste in music doesn't mean being stupid, though. Grow the fuck up.

    • NYC_Representative

      Are you fucking stupid? Alchemist has produced many classics. Alchemist is a top producer in the game.

  • 1000W

    Why do people care about rapper's financial status? Jadakiss and the rest of the LOX have a big discography. Way more street releases then official studio releases, maybe thats why some people slept. Looking fowords to it, kiss never drops weak shit. Gonna bump the champ is here today. PEACE

  • Anonymous

    Kiss kills his features and mixtape shit. But he cant make a classic album. He didnt in his prime, and definitely wont right now

  • FN

    Jada is top 5 DOA?...LOL

  • Charles

    1) The comments saying Jadakiss drops an album every 10 years are wrong. He drops mixtapes that do numbers on the east coast and does a ton of tours and guest appearance. Not to mention he is ghostwriting for many. Jadakiss is one of the most active rappers in the game over the last 20 years. 2) Jadakiss studio albums are not always 10/10, but they are always decent. Show me 5 BAD Jadakiss verses? You may try to hate and say a song has a weak verse but really think about it, name 5 bad Jadakiss verses? You need to remember when mixtapes drop they don't get the same production that the big albums get so he has less to work with. But the verses and punchlines are always classic. Name 5 bad verses, bet you can't do it.

  • Anonymous

    Jadakiss is garbage

  • incredulous

    Get with Nas again man. WHat if was dope. It would be nasty to hear some old school LOX shit again. Another track with Nasty would be ill.

  • Jadakiss's Son

    Your music sucks shit, pops.

  • Anonymous

    what does this nigga do everyday ????????? i been hearing about his new album and a new lox album for years and years these dudes nearly 40 and dont have much to show for how long they been in the game

    • Anonymous

      " If u ever on this site u would see he constantly does features" Yeah bro we all saw that pathetic ass video he made with "Lil Ty"... Jada will do anything for a check. He will make a song and video with a nerdy white kid talking about choppers and maybachs then go and throw on a Slowbucks t-shirt and rep that snitch shit for a few free pairs of shorts and tees. No shame in his game.

    • Who u really mad at

      Jada stay busy. If u ever on this site u would see he constantly does features. Styles just dropped n album. Your boy on there. It aint jada fault his album aint drop thats the labels. Lox on tour rite now doing shows every night.

  • eastcoast hiphop is dead

    This ninja turtle isn't even top 25 dead or alive. He made nothing but mediocre albums and his time is up. Kids nowadays dont wanna hear some old man rapping about his guns and dope.

  • former stan

    Nigga you aint top 5 dead or alive. You never made a classic album and will never make an classic album! Besides that WE ARE THE STREET 2! Really a sequel you aint creative enough to give the album a new title? Oh and WE ARE THE STREETS WASNT THAT HOT. Nigga your are 45 years old and you never made it, go back to your mixtapes.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else see the jadakiss and Lil Ty song lmaoooo? Does anyone know wtf was up with that? Make a wish foundation or some shit?

    • Anonymous

      Jada will literally do anything for a check bro. He's all over instagram posing for pictures with a known snitch wearing snitch gear for a few free boxes of clothes and possible a stack.

    • Anonymous

      LOL dog I was thinking the same thing....Lil Tyke started off kinda talented then Jada cosigned him and told him to say some shit he never engaged in and the rest is history.

  • ano

    ...and espect it to have bout 9..10 songs on it lol..wrth the wait??

  • slaven

    dis ninja comes out wit albums like every 7 years.... dis like yo 3rd album and yo been rapping since biggie why does tyga have more albums than u

  • rappid coke boy

    jadakiss is so washed up wit that dry ass flow from the 90s....he was supose to follow up with this after THE LAST KISS album in 2009 when he signed wit rocafella..smh its been 5 years got damn wtf u been doing? And the LOX needs to signed with badboy or something..they dont have enough money to promote they self..lol

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