Cristiano Ronaldo Denies Lil Wayne Sports Management Deal, Young Money Rep Responds

UPDATE #2: Ronaldo has denied management changes, but a YMCMB rep says the deal is still on.

Lil Wayne is reportedly set to handle Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo's sports management affairs in the United States, according to TMZ.

Ronaldo would become Wayne's first client as he enters the sports management field.

Weezy's company is reportedly slated to work with PolarisSports, a company that is affiliated with CAA and GestiFute, an organization that Ronaldo's agent Jorge Mendes operates.

Wayne's responsibilities are set to include branding, marketing, modeling and endorsement deals.

Yesterday (July 24), Ronaldo posted a photograph on Instagram of himself with the Japanese Prime Minister and other Japanese politicians displaying the YMCMB sign.

Of course, Lil Wayne won't be the first rapper-turned-sports agent. In recent years, Jay Z has becomea licensed agent for athletes in various sports. Jay represents several artists, including Kevin Durant, Geno Smith, CC Sabathia and Skylar Diggins, among others.

For more on Lil Wayne, view the DX Daily below.



  • HA HA

    Why would a healthy successful football player want to hire a skinny jean, fake blood, tattoed, gremlin looking wack ass rapper with no business sense that calls a grown man he kisses his daddy?. Cristiano is not a fool.

    • darren

      I think you severely underestimate YMCMB's marketing team, of course they are all extremely talented artist but that's not the only reason they own the rap game

  • Anonymous

    Wayne sure does know his way around a penis

  • mohamed

    mohamed ait chengate

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  • Anonymous

    why does he need bozo wayne on his team there are other respectable people to handle his branding in america.

  • Jay Z

    Really... Pardon me I have to laugh at this. Hahaha

  • Anonymous

    How can you trust someone such as wayne to handle your business when this person is a mind freak ?? seriously i wouldn't give the management of my career to a guy painted all over his face with some bullshit tattoos, drinkin sirup, doin cocaine, marijuana and pills, havin kids with four baby mamas, etc. just fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    this is the reason you can trust GOSSIPDX. they publish lies and give false information. Also this aint hiphop news. Again i gotta say: Andres Tardio SUCKS BIGTIME.

    • Anonymous

      i saw the same story on most of the other hip-hop websites. if you gonna be mad be mad at whoever leaked the false story to the press

  • Anonymous

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    • anon

      Jon connor and 50 were both under aftermath at the same time so they could of spoke about it before. Would be dope as fuck to have them work together.

    • Slim Corleone

      Since when does 50 and Jon connor work together? lol this fake

  • wtf

    Ronaldo must not know about "Cash Money" robbing their artists and producers.... oh but he will soon!

  • Anonymous

    Young Money lost lmao CR7 ain't workin with no bum ass nikkas like Wayne

  • Anonymous

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  • DaTruth

    Once again Wayne is trying to be like Jay-Z! HA! THE SHIT IS CRAZY!

  • Anonymous

    "The YMCMB rep adds that Wayne is set to handle "branding, marketing and other sports management issues in the United States," according to the publication. " No one in their right mind who hire a drug addicted rapper to do all that for them over a proper sports agent and manager.

  • Anonymous

    Ronaldo needs to shut his mouth and accept the fact that he signed a contract. If not, he's bought himself a $100 million dollar lawsuit just like what game and busta rhymes are about to get.

  • int'l J

    By the way most popular had different categories.... I have the example of most profitable. The biggest factor of that is that schools generate this money and don't pay players, all other professional teams around the world can't say this. With that said soccer is the most watched sport in the world. Here's the list... 1. Soccer 2. Cricket 3. Basketball 4 hockey & field hockey ( big surprise ) 5 tennis On this list football comes in at number ten behind every other sport in the world, even behind baseball. Football is basically an American sport, but that's mainly because other countries just aren't that good at it, restart the mexican, Japanese, and Europe leagues.

    • Anonymous

      bullshit ain't nobody like cricket except asians, south africans, australians and old white englishmen

  • int'l J

    Here's why, because soccer is a sport that the rich or poor can enjoy. It sounds Fucked up but it's true. All you need is a ball and space, no matter how big or small the space is. Football is rough and you can get hurt more, basketball you need a ball with the correct bounce and a goal. Baseball you need a ball, glove, bases, and bat. Hockey you need the most even if it's just Street hockey you need skates, net, ball, and sticks. You don't need nothing for soccer but a ball. I've seen plenty of ppl play with just that. That and the fact that soccer has had a a hundred year head start is why is bigger. However people think that soccer is the biggest sport in the world but it's not, the biggest and most profitable sport in the world is college football. I check a few years ago there are5 times as many teams as any other sport with some states with 20 college teams and even the smallest teams averaging millions. Poof, mind blownnnnnn!

  • int'l J

    Wrong! J Prince was the first, he managed Roy Jones and Floyd Mayweather. Then Master P had Ricky Williams. Then Jay.

  • AndreHazes

    Why would you not put Schurrle? He is also good or Willian, You have plenty of players. thats a beast team, do not forget real madrid, barca, united & city also have beast team: suarez, rakitic, T Kroos, Rodriguez, Bale Cr7, Herrera, Shaw, Aguero, Yaya Toure you are not the only one. Pogba wont come btw

  • Mario Gotze

    diego costa Hazard Fabregas Marco Reus Paul Pogba Nemanja Matic Filip Luis Terry Cahill Azpilicueta Cech/Courtois This would be a killer team destroying all you bastard

  • Truth

    The highest paid athlete in the world is not going to suddenly drop his contract for dumb ass gayboy Lil Wayne

  • AR

    CR7 would never associate himself with that backwards ass clown who has set the black race back 100 years.

  • Lawrence

    Good choice, CR7 !... I would have to stop liking you if you associated yourself with that faggot !.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    weezy gotta stay off that lean

  • Flipper

    Any athlete in their right mind would never sign to a "rapper" managment company for sports. This is prime example all black people are good for is music and sports...shit is sad all that money these clowns make and the best they can do is be a fucking sports agent??? People go to school for that shit!! Dumb ass rap niggas lol

  • Anonymous

    CR7 my goat but be took an L for this How the hell you hire Lil Wayne to handle business for you lmao

  • White_Boi

    I've never been able to understand how FOOTBALL has never really taken off in the US. It's by far the #1 sport in the WORLD, yet in the US Baseball, Basketball, American Football and probably even Nascar are all more popular! Shit, probably add golf to the list, and Ice Hockey! Cristiano Ronaldo is a far bigger star around the world than any of the US' major sports stars. Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods et al are tiny by comparison to Cristiano Ronaldo.

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a fuck, we live in America, fuck soccer!

    • Anonymous

      ^ pussy actually named social media followers Lmfao That bullsh#t dont matter out here boy

    • PoppaLarge

      No one outside of America cares about any of these NBA, NFL, Stick hitting the ball dudes. They minor league globally. Ronaldo got like 30 mill followers on twitter. In terms of sports people. He's the biggest on the planet. Michael Jordan the biggest in space though.

    • Anonymous

      Lebron James in a trillion times more popular than this bi sexual soccer moron.

  • lil b

    If you dont know who Cristiano Ronaldo is, then you dont know what is Real Madrid. And if you dont know what is Real Madrid, then you dont know what is soccer.

    • Ben

      wtf is this "soccer" ? It's football dumbass. It's played with a FOOT. And we kick the BALL. FOOT-BALL. Seriously's not rocket science!

  • Anonymous

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  • lil wayne is retarded


  • Anonymous

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  • jay

    "a portuguese soccer player" hes the biggest sports star in the world

    • Anonymous

      America is bigger than the world

    • Anonymous

      F o h w t b s "I aint white" fukking stop it

    • Anonymous

      Stop playing yourself talking tony hawk wtf is wrong with you Futbol worldwide not x games fukking stop it Where da fuk was that tony hawk promo during world wheres that tony hawk promo during the world basketball tourney about to pop right now Stfu boy

    • Anonymous

      im not white and tony hawk is not my hero but the fact is hes a bigger sports star. he got his own video game series for 15+ years

    • Anonymous

      Look at the whiteboy naming his hero tho, tony hawk, lmmfao Whites think they are the world majority Drano shake yo'self outsider

    • chad fiddes

      He is the biggest sports star in the world you prick. Don't know who he is? Then Google him. I don't even like soccer but can still acknowledge the fact that the dude is a beast. You ignorant fucks never cease to amaze me.

    • Anonymous

      cant be. how come i never heard of him until now? fuckin tony hawk is bigger than him.

  • Yeah_I_Said_It

    The Beauty and The Beast.

  • Anonymous

    This is like hiring a plumber to be your lawyer.

  • Whispaaah

    The next big thing

  • What?

    Lmao is this gonna be a trend in hip hop now? Rappers are gonna start becoming sport agents? First Jay Z now Wayne? Who's next? Puffy? and btw why would you ever trust Lil Wayne to manage your career especially when dealing with the biggest market in the world? I asked too many questions but y'all know what I'm saying

  • Anonymous

    Really Lil Wayne gonna handle his shit? Lil wayne is one of the dumbest fuckers alive. Ronaldo doesnt this faggot with his pink sneakers

  • Anonymous

    Lol it's funny how unconnected to the rest of the worlds you yanks can be sometimes. "A portugese soccer player"... how about one of the biggest athletes PERIOD, in the world? He's bigger than 99% of american athletes when it comes to worldwide popularity, and probably also when it comes to $$$..

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