Busta Rhymes Addresses Murda Mook's Total Slaughter Diss

Busta Rhymes discusses the swipe taken at him at the Total Slaughter event earlier this month.

Busta Rhymes says he was surprised that Murda Mook played a song Loaded Lux made about him during Mook’s battle with Lux during their Total Slaughter battle in New York earlier this month.

“It really caught me off guard because I don’t ever get disrespected by anybody,” Busta Rhymes said during an interview with Sway Calloway. “Period. I just command that ‘cause I give it. So, I think the most surprising thing was not only was it from somebody that I fuck with, but it was somebody that wasn’t warranted in any disrespect towards me. I’m cool, even if it’s in fun. But even if it’s in fun, again, I was raised different. We don’t diss Rakim, LL [Cool J], Chuck D, even in joke. There’s no joke about any level of disrespect. If you gon’ do it and you supposed to be somebody that I’m cool with or you know how to reach me, you should at least know that you can’t take for granted that I'mma find your joke as humor.”

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    I like how this dude makes a few good albums and a classic from Leaders of the new school; and then says he's as good as Rakim or Chuck D????? This guy needs to spend more time on his pen game and less on his novelty "fast rap" he's doing now.


      He never said he was as good as Rakim. He was saying he's a vet/elder in the hip-hop game compared to those guys that dissed him(as Rakim is a vet/elder to him). Don't be so stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Busta should just give it up and not embarrass himself. And I'm saying this cause I know he's a legend. When Disaster Strikes is my shit but I definitely ain't tryna hear no new shit from him.

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    Busta should address why his career is in limbo.

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    You guys should just shut down your site. Every article is wrong, title is incorrect or it's riddled with errors and spelling issues. Drill music has more spell/fact checking going on than DX

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    wasnt it done to get busta as a judge agains lux?

  • Barry Johnson

    Team DX - You may want to change the title of this article given that it was Loaded Lux that made the song, not Murda Mook.

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