Mac Miller Says He's Recorded With Your Old Droog

Mac Miller gives Your Old Droog his cosign, says the rapper is "tight."

During a game of Connect Four with MTV’s Rob Markman, Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller shared some unexpected news when he suddenly revealed that he has a record with phantom rapper, Your Old Droog.

Miller made the reveal after he gave Your Old Droog his cosign and added that the rapper is “tight.”

“You know who I fuck with is that Your Old Droog. Droog is tight. Did you hear the shit I did with him? The world don’t need to know nothing. The world never knows anything,” he said in a video posted on Hip Hop VIP.

The identity of Your Old Droog remains unknown, but many have speculated that the rapper is in fact Nas. Ironically, Mac Miller was recently pictured with Nas in the studio in June of this year.

Although many have held tight to the belief that Your Old Droog is Nas, several publications including Complex and OkayPlayer have shot down claims that Droog is the noted Queensbridge rapper.

News of a collab between Mac Miller and Your Old Droog comes days after Droog released his self-titled EP. The project received a four-star rating from HipHopDX and on the EP, the rapper is described as being “well rounded in his use of punch lines, commentary, bravado, the usage of themes and most especially, wordplay.”

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  • eddy

    its def NASIR u fake hip hop clowns who cant tell its him only got hip to nas like 10 years ago. how foolish can u be? I bet none of u understand why he did it either.

    • Yea ok

      Naw its actually the other way around u guys r the idiots. I been listening to nas for 20 years and i know for a fact this aint him becuase your old droog aka imaginary droog aka grandma on drums was all over social media before this whole nas conspiracy theory jumped off. Hes playin yall he took down all of his pictures and videos i know i was a subscriber to his youtube channel ive seen him rap thats his voice not nas

  • Pythagoras

    Good job, Hip Hop DX, staying neutral on the Droog mystery, unlike other sheep publication who saw the Complex article and were simply like, 'Cased closed! YOD is not Nas'...smh

    • Pythagoras

      Hard to admit but I was wrong--it's not Nas. I'm convinced after hearing all these old freestyles of his.

    • Pythagoras

      I love how mature everybody is in hip hop blog comment section, calling people "dumbasses" and the like lmao. Anyway, first time I heard this sh!t--no lie--my boy didn't say anything and said, "just listen". What the fk you think I said, homie?? "Sounds like Nas." So anyway that little theory of yours isss done. But the most laughable part of what you implied above is that dude took down all his old stuff why? Because he has some conspiracy to fool people and make them think he's Nas??? Seriously, rotfl

    • Its a game

      Hes playing u (droog not nas) and youve fallen rite into the trap. Go ahead then keep thinking its nas, dumb ass. He had a youtube channel called grandma on drums with videos of him spitting thats his voice bro. He took down all the videos a few months back. Conicedence? I think not. Its not nas just someone who is heavily influenced by his style and has a similar sounding voice with a deeper pitch guarantee if u had just heard his music alone without the whole nas conspiracy theory story u wouldnt even think he sounds like nas. Find someone who hasnt heard about it yet if u can and play it to them ask them who he sounds like, they aint gona say nas, someone put that in your head before u even heard him spit so u have a pre concieved notion that its nas, but guess what? Your wrong.

    • Not Into Petty Online Name Calling

      WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ? Besides Dharmic X, there are zero alibies. He doesn't drop the n-bomb because he wants people to be confused. He sure does use a lot of five percent slang though, a group notorious for not having white members. I know Nas is from Queens...the whole point is to make people think it's not Nas, which is why there's all the Brooklyn's a masterful diversion. I'd love to see proof that Droog has been around since 2010. Everybody's talking about this proof, on and on and on and on, yet nobody ever comes up with any hard evidence. The cat that just wrote the 2DB Mac Miller article did the same thing: "people have confirmed it's not Nas"...WHO??? It makes no sense to have all these people thinking you're Nas despite all the attempts to lead us to believe otherwise and not come forward and clarify the confusion. And you think Nas wouldn't know about this? (Well of course he does, it's him ;)

    • Ur a jack ass

      Theres more to it than just the complex article, multiple people have confirmed hes a white guy. How come he never drops the n bomb, no one has been able to explain that. Constantly references places in brooklyn, nas is from QUEENS dummy! Droog has been around since at least 2010 in the underground doing tracks with dj skizz talking about how he keeps his beard shaped up, nas aint got no damn beard, never has.

  • LeonSFortier

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  • Anonymous

    My thought is thought droog is nas and wr are all just hearing throw away joints that did not make different albums. Ie: the unreleased lost tapes 2. The only thing that is altered are the vocals but until this 'droog' comes out into the open and spits some bars.. this will be known as nas. Anyone thinking otherwise is just getting trolled. I doubt there are any rappers out there who can copy nas so well.. this is esco.

    • Pythagoras

      These ain't throw-away joints, B...these are classics...this whole thing was very carefully and brilliantly crafted

    • Yea ok

      Its the white russian kid version of nas from brooklyn that never uses the n word and talks about high schools in brooklyn and keeping his beard shaped up and does songs with dj skizz.

  • breakerbreaker19

    Your Old Droog is DEFINETLY not nas, Nas's mind frame is on a different planet you can tell between how Droog explains shit and Nas explains shit

  • Anonymous

    lol niggas still saying your old droog is nas that ain't no damn nas, it's just someone who was influenced by him lmao y'all dx niggas kill mem with this dumb shit

  • Lol

    Anyone who seriously still thinks this is nas needs to quit calling them selves a fan of nas or a fan of hip hop

    • Funny

      Because your dead wrong, your entitled to your opinion if u wana say he sounds like nas thats fine i can hear the comparison but to say he is nas is incorrect. When droog starts doing music videos and concerts well all be here waiting on your apology.

    • Pythagoras

      Funny because I think the exact opposite: if you don't think it's Nas, you can't be a serious fan of hip hop

    • Anonymous

      It not Nas, only a computer hip hop fan would believe otherwise. All of you need your licenses revoked...

    • Anonymous

      how you gon sound when... I'd like to see all of y'all public apologies

  • Not Impressed

    Nas stays losing. White boys getting paid off his flow. While he shoots sack videos for represent, living in the past, off Illmatic. Nas, I'm not impressed

  • Anonymous

    Your Old Droog is Nas

  • Anonymous

    dude doesnt even really sound like Nas anyways retards

    • Gfu

      Theres a big difference between sounds like nas and he is nas. Hes not nas, sounds similar on certain songs but not identical, listen to the hooks, the hooks sound nothing like nas and he never once drops the n bomb unheard for nas to do that

    • Anonymous

      And get some proper speakers, like a pair of Genelec's. Then you can actually listen to music, not crappy speakers. He sounds like Nas.

    • Anonymous

      get your ears checked

  • Chad

    Oh hey look another Whiney racist black with a chip on their shoulder.

  • WillieJTorres

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  • Indegenius

    Miller and Droog Can't beat em, have at em one throws around publishing the other is a phantom -Indegenius Friends be laughin you didn't make it happen That's just what happen over one's days rappin -Indegenius Spot me on Spotify.

  • Anonymous

    It's definitely Nas.

    • Anonymous

      "Until I see some Russian gut spitting and sounding like Droog I'm gonna keep sayin' it's Nas" That makes you a fuckin' troll, as well as an idiot

    • Anonymous

      I don't know if the Russian kid is Droog, but I do know one thing, Droog is definitely not Nas. Anyone saying different is either a troll or a poser.

    • Anonymous

      I've seen the pictures, I don't believe that's Droog. Until I hear some white Russian guy spitting and sounding like Droog I'm gonna keep saying it's Nas.

    • Anonymous

      All you guys have to do is google him and there are articles with pictures of the dude and it is NOT Nas

  • Anonymous

    A trillion dollars says Droog is a white dude and thats why we gettin prepped with all this hype to fuck with him. Regardless, if he is, he's dope, but you aint gotta sucker me. And while you're at it, give some shine to some of the other millions of brothas who've had those flows for the longest that get looked over just to feed more of the mainstream public and black mainstream music listeners "n*gger music" because we all know the suits have been keepin that shit heavy on the airwaves. Easily they could put their money behind hip hop music that speaks from other angles and change the musical landscape, but then who would fuck with mac miller and the rest of those cats, so I guess its just keep putting out the poison to the dumbed down blacks. Real talk I know they dont have to give a fuck and its all about money grabs and exploiting vulnerabilities which is why niggas need to start paying attention to how all this shit works. SIGH! Shoutout to all the white niggas that love this shit for real, no hate.

    • Jungle told me so

      ^^ Nas is paying homage to Kool G Rap here, G rap had a song called "bad to the bone" in 1990. 2014 "Your Old Droog" ep 10 songs, open cut is a skit 1994 "illamtic" 10 songs, open cut is a skit

    • Its not nas dude

      He also called himself the 2014 george thorogood (a white guy) ytf would nas call himself george thorogood, listen to the hooks "im bad to the bone, bad to the bone" nas has had some cheezy ass hooks but come on son its not nas

    • Pythagoras

      "Hoes on my meat 'cuz I remind them of Boris Kodjoe" Really? You're white but girls say you look like *that guy*???

    • Pythagoras

      Sheep ^^^

    • Anonymous

      yup its a white guy

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