Shyheim Pleads Guilty To Second-Degree Manslaughter

Shyheim pleads guilty to second-degree manslaughter charge in connection to New Year's Day hit-and-run incident.

Former Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Shyheim plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter Thursday for causing a fatal hit-and-run accident on New Year's Day in New Brighton, Staten Island.

The incident claimed the life of a bakery worker Felipe Avila Olea. According to SiLive, Shyheim, born Shyheim Franklin, also pleaded guilty to a weapon-possession charge, which stemmed from an arrest in which cops found a loaded gun and drugs in his apartment last April. Both guilty pleas were to the top counts against Shyheim in separate indictments.

Prosecutors in the second-degree manslaughter case allege Franklin was speeding and didn't stop at a stop sign before slamming into Olea's 1996 Toyota Celica on the early morning hours of January 1. He smashed into a parked Dodge Ram after hitting the victim's car, fled the scene, and left his blood and his watch on the driver's side airbag, law enforcement sources said.

Shyheim surrendered to police on January 8. Last April, he told HipHopDX he was innocent and that police didn't follow legal procedure.

"Of course you know the NYPD have a history of not flying straight, you know what I'm saying?" he said. "There's a lot of illegal stuff that went down in the procedures that wasn't supposed to take place but my attorneys is on it and you know we gonna fight."

Shyheim was perhaps most famous for his affiliation with Wu-Tang Clan, especially during their earlier years. In 1994, he released his debut album AKA the Rugged Child at only 14 years of age. He has also shared the stage with Notorious B.I.G and Tupac.

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  • Rich

    Shyheim used to be nice back in the day. That Lost Generation album is a Wu-Tang classic.

  • Anonymous

    "The incident claimed the life of a bakery worker Felipe Avila Olea." He deserved to die. He was Latino.

  • Tony Montana

    I thought he was dead probably wish he was now

  • LBoogie2122

    one day while playin cee-lo on the block shyheim lost & had the nerve to tell the nigga he ain't payin; you kno what happened? nigga: "oh word?" he clapped him dead in his face so hard, shyheim blacked out for a few minutes this nigga was laid out, mouth wide open, dude st8 put that head to bed ducktales? I was there, we was young but we laughed SOOOOOOOO hard one day shyheim was on one of those motorized scooters when they 1st came out, like the razor scooters but with a lil motor on the back, his girl was on it too holdin him by the waste all of a sudden outta nowhere some nigga came up & clotheslined shyheim sendin him AND shorty flyin but what makes it so funny is that his lil scooter was still wobbilin down the block

    • Anonymous

      lmao @ them ducktales ain't nobody believing in that b we don't believe you, you need more people

  • ghostface best in the wu

    he ran from scene cause guarantee he was drunk or high n that would of been an extra 10-15 years he lookin at sum serious time tho

  • Anonymous

    "He smashed into a parked Dodge Ram after hitting the victim's car, fled the scene, and left his blood and his watch on the driver's side airbag" Smh this nigga must have been in full retard mode.

  • Anonymous

    end of his life and end of an innocent life

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  • kennyken

    man god bless this guy. was rooting for him, and he is going back now for good.

  • Anonymous

    GOOD! if you drink and drive in 2014 you deserve to go to prison. especially when you kill an innocent person instead of yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Bum ass nigga couldn't tell the light was red. Give him life.

  • Anonymous

    What a waste his album "The Greatest Story Never Told" was on some deep shit

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