Dame Dash Says Kanye West's Complaints Are "Irrelevant"

Dame Dash calls out Kanye West for not supporting Kareem "Biggs" Burke.

Although Dame Dash didn’t call out anyone by name weeks ago when he expressed his disappointment at those who have not supported fellow Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke during his incarceration, the rap entrepreneur did recently reveal that Kanye West is one artist who has not shown support for Biggs.

Dame called out Kanye during a newly-published interview on Shade 45’s VIP Saturdays. He revealed that he’s “a little tight with Kanye” since he hasn’t reached out to Biggs or checked in on Biggs’ family.

Additionally, Dame dismissed Kanye’s various complaints about brands and other topics as being “irrelevant."

“Kanye didn’t have the survival skills that he has to have,” he said. “Kanye’s built completely different than everyone in Roc-A-Fella. Also, I’m a little tight with Kanye cause he hasn’t reached out to Biggs. I don’t like that shit. So, Kanye holler at me. I don’t like that. It’s terrible…Biggs was the one that really was like ‘Yo Dame, pay attention to what Kanye’s doing. Make sure you send him that music.’ You know what I mean? So, it’s just not—No one’s reaching back. And I just—Certain niggas have. And that’s why I’m not calling everybody up, but Kanye hasn’t. And he hasn’t checked on his kid. He hasn’t checked on his family. No trial, none of that. And the shit I’m hearing him complain about is irrelevant. Based on the fact that he doesn’t look back to the people that helped him…I gotta have a conversation with him.”

In May of this year, Dame spoke on the currently incarcerated Biggs during an appearance on MTV’s “RapFix Live” and revealed that he’s “not too satisfied with the support of other people that he’s [Biggs] looked out for over the years.”

During his interview on VIP Saturdays, Dame later spoke on the various projects he’s working on, which includes movies with Cam’ron and Pusha T as well as his Poppington clothing line.

“I’m about to direct a movie with Cam for Percentage. I’m about to do a movie with Pusha T with Snitch…I’m about to really get my creative on right now. That’s what I’m about. And then the Poppington clothes. That’s my cut-and-sew,” Dame said.

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  • Kanye West

    Hey Dame, how's it my fault Biggs didn't save up money to support you and his family? Ya'll trying to get me to visit him in the pen? What he gonna do? Threaten me behind those glass to pay up? I owe yall bitches shit, nigga! And if you think I owe yall something, why aint yall mentioning Jay too? We too busy making butta son. You need money? Aye, come'n holla at me.

  • Anonymous

    these niggas stay trying to relive their glory days,. move on dummy , rich niggas dont care bout your broke ass, and you saying you gonna have word with him but i bet you dont even have his number and thats why you saying holla at m lol Kanye forsure doesnt have you on dial nigga

  • Anonymous

    lol @ this old hemroid ass nigga Dame.


    Dame Dash needs to grow up and stop acting like a immature 14 yr old boy. He's broke and needs to get his life together. THE END

    • Anonymous

      Kanye is running around looking for acceptance from the fashion world and has his head so far up in the white establishment's ass to remember those who mentored him, and like a slave got rejected. Dame been boss doing his own thing and inspiring people for years. Those are not the actions of a 14 year old boy

  • WillieJTorres

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  • fuck dame too

    kanye always been a real average rapper his flow wack flipping samples is why he was kept around

  • HEAT

    Dont nobody owe Biggs shit, he was a boss and part owner of Rocafella witch sold and he recieved millions for, just like Dame he blew his money on bad investments and stupid shit so he turned to selling drugs and got caught, only person that owes him is Dame for talking him into and leading him into those bad decisions and investments that cost him all his leagally earned millions

  • matthew

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck reaching out. Let my boss go to jail and see if I'm helping. At the end of the day Ye and Biggs were just business partners, nothing more nothing less, it ain't like they were down for each other since day one. Biggs and Ye were in business together... they both helped each other make money... not Ye's fault Biggs ain't put enough away to help his kids... Ye don't owe them shit. It's not Kanye's responsibility to take care of these grown men. Biggs is realistically not Jay or Dame or even Beans when it comes to personal interaction. It's self righteous and arrogant to constantly talk about what you think another man should do.

    • Anonymous

      I hear you. But the key word is YOUR BOSS - key word MY BOSS I work on hourly wage and I'd quit my job now if I won even some bobby shmurda money fwyh but lets review: Biggs as Ye's boss made him from a little know producer to a millionaire while still on tha roc I know I Never had a (1/3) boss than helped make me a millionaire, household name all that I might feel diffrent. Go look at them Last Days of the Roc vids it was Dame and Biggs on the ground making moves for the artists Jay for right/wrong was lookn out for Jay. Ain't like kanye was working at family dollar and his manager got locked up hittin him up for bail money pretty sure Biggs got money stashed away so it ain't like he asking Kanye for commisary Also as a man you dont owe nobody nuthing and nobody dont owe u anything in life, but if you a REAL nigga pay your muthaphuckin man a visit - send a kite to a nigga. You ain't got to do shit it's about family, friends, and respect.

    • Anonymous

      seems it (rocafella) was a family, i don't think Dame would be talking about some contract calling out someone via a fruitless relationship. I'm talking these two, Dame and Biggs were passing down knowledge and giving direction about the wooes of the industry and not exactly a business relationship but putting someome on. Taking care of ordinary brothers who didn't have a pot to piss in or couldn't really stand on their own

  • Anonymous

    And I call Dame out for underpaying his lawyers.

  • FallenFromGrace

    Wow. How this site has fallen from the totem pole in journalism. It's one thing to take what Dame said out of context, it's another to post the entire audio directly proving how terribly written the article is. Ya'll make sure you actually listen to the interview paints a completely different perspective.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Dame's opinion is irrelevant.

    • HEAT

      Dame is a failed entrepreneur, only thing he can teach you is not to listen to him and all that bullshit he talks

    • Anonymous

      he's only an entrepreneur with a bio, if studied well will prepare you for life, it's successes, downfalls and all the trappings inbetween

  • yeaaahh

    You can't call what somebody else is passionate about irrelevant just because you don't feel the same way. FOH with that.

  • hard to argue with dude

    Can't hate on what Dame's saying. Biggs was one of Ye's biggest advoicates and a big reason he's where he's at now and he can't even holler at him when he's locked up. Instead he rants about fashion? SMH

  • Anonymous

    hes right all that shit kanye be ranting about fashion companies is irrelevant niggas is starving out here and you wanna cry about leather jogging pants

  • jimjim

    dame acting like a bitch right now rip stackbundles

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