The Notorious B.I.G.'s Son Called "Gay" By Former Junior M.A.F.I.A. Member Chico Del Vec

Chico Del Vec criticizes Biggie's son, Christopher "CJ" Wallace Jr., over graduation picture.

While speaking with Forbez DVD Live, former Junior M.A.F.I.A. member Chico Del Vec shared his belief that Christopher “CJ” Wallace Jr., son of the late Notorious B.I.G., is gay. He says he came to that particular conclusion after coming across a picture of Wallace hugging another man from behind at his high school graduation ceremony.

Chico reportedly first made the observation on his Facebook page and was criticized over his remarks.

“I was talking the truth about niggas,” he said while speaking on his Facebook post. “I said something about CJ, Big’s son. He gay. Nigga gay…After I seen this little footage shit, I was mad.”

He then pulled up the picture of Biggie’s son and proclaimed that he’d whoop his son if he posed that way in a picture.

“Look at this, man,” Chico said. “What that look like to you, man? Is that suspect? Talking about ‘Biggie kid not gay.’ Look at this shit. If that was my son I’d whoop his ass. I’m not gon’ hug—My son not gon’ hug you from the back talking about ‘Graduation happy.’ Look at this shit? Look. Do this look suspect, man or what…That’s gay. That’s gay all the way.”

Despite Chico’s comments about CJ, he says he’s still on good terms with CJ's mother, Faith Evans.

Most recently, Chico Del Vec was featured on a re-airing of VH1’s "Behind The Music" episode on The Notorious B.I.G. The episode aired in 2012.

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  • eat a dick

    whatever chico del vec is a fuckin joke. fool sucks at rapping doesn't even have a Wikipedia page

  • @YouMadOrNah

    Yo this nigga is gay... You can tell when he mad his first hand gesture, it was very feminine, then he caught himself & pulled it together LMAO! Remember me Chic baby? I sucked on your dick in balls back in 88 behind the school building? You we're stroking my thick meat, its Shawn, they call me Shawnelle now!! You looking good boo, I got some new tithes & my ass is fat! Call me if you want a tranny gang bang or orgy with the old friends 718-487-6954

  • HatersAreBitches

    Homophobic rappers need to stop self-loathing and come out of the closet. Chino XL was a shitbox rapper anyway, riding biggie's coat tails. Nigga who the fuck are you to decide what is suspect or not? back the fuck off and live your own damn life, fucking loser.

  • AK

    this is the definition of trying to keep yourself relevant by any means necessary... what dude looking at his high school photos to begin with.. dude creeping on a male teens Facebook.. tell me what that says about dude lol

  • Anonymous

    Yo his hand looked like a ginger root when he was holding the phone

  • Anonymous

    Straight thuggin. Only a true g would monitor a teenager's facebook page on homo patrol.

  • Ed40

    Broke ass nigga with the $50 Alcatel. Even if CJ was Gay, he still wouldnt have sucked as many dicks as Chico's solo Album did... oh thats right HE DIDNT HAVE ONE.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is as relevant as The Outlawz

  • Anonymous

    Say what you want to say that hug really make that CJ look suspect son

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a fuck about this dude?

  • matthew

    Fuck haters , it's codeine over ice.... you know what's up . we got top quality Actavis with codeine cough syrup and some grade A Kush .if you need some call/ text : (804) 592-0732

  • eri

    chico is the new lord jamar LOL

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? The easiest way to tell if someone is gay is when you hear them hate on someone else for being gay. Why would you care unless you were projecting a part of yourself you don't like.

  • sink

    who give a fuck at that? stupid.

  • Anonymous

    can this guy just fade back into obscurity like the rest of jr mafia he is so stupid.

  • Wena Crook

    Damn, this is what it has come to? You're gonna talk smack about your long lost friend's son? Can the kid live? I hate people who feel like they gotta be heard at every turn; and I eff with HHDX, but stop giving these suckas a voice!

  • Anonymous

    Big's kid may be gay but Chico's the faggot. Talking all this shit knowing if Biggie were alive his bitch ass wouldn't be saying any of this.

  • Anonymous

    Chico just jealous he wasn't in the pic also

  • a2thak

    Wow, Chico seems pretty insecure about that. Those that make the most noise about this usually end up busted in a bathroom sucking dick. Chico its 2014 we support you coming out the closet. You're not fooling anyone with that anti gay smoke screen. Leave the kid alone you old insecure closet ass motherfucker.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, gay lil nigga

  • oh yes

    This guy is mad because the kid finished high school lmao stupid nigga

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    New Rules# 101: Chico: Former weed carriers shall not disrespect the man who put food on your plate. p.s. check yourself into rehab and go listen to the Ten Crack Commandments. P.s. 2 A real man would take this to Faith. New Rules # 102: All y'all fags, keep Biggie's name outta your mouths. It seems that you fruits are talking about your 'gay' fantasies trying to decipher recycled lines. Get the fuck ouuta here. That Homo shit originated with Europeans, the Original man has no time for that b.s.

    • Anonymous

      "I agreed with rest of your post but wtf was that last line lmao." It's not a lie, though...

    • BROKEN81

      "That Homo shit originated with Europeans, the Original man has no time for that b.s." COME ON MAN WITH THE ANTI WHITE SHIT. yeah the original man came from Africa. dumbass, that means Europeans evolved from Africans. so really the black man can be gay too. who the fuck cares. glad bigs son graduated.

    • Chino

      "That Homo shit originated with Europeans, the Original man has no time for that b.s." I agreed with rest of your post but wtf was that last line lmao.

  • Anonymous

    So HipHopDX is now officially TMZ Jr, huh?

  • DANIELLE HARLING is an imbecile

    HHDX get another one of their daily L's for having the judgment of a dimwitted 8 year old. SMH

  • Erik

    hiphopdx is giving some dumb fools a platform to spread their unreflected opinion on the regular. What's next? A bag of rice dropped in China? The quality of the site's news is below the curb! I used to check here very day, then every month and now? Pure Garbage!

  • kennyken

    damn...go get a job my nigga

  • InYaMowfHo

    Disrepectful Crackhead shit..

  • Drake

    "But that's what you do when the money down"

  • nuc

    bumm azz one dimensional SOB... the pic is a joke obvi, even if it aint, the kid clearly carries himself better thsn this 'man'.

  • Anonymous

    bum ass crackhead talks, HHDX scumbags are the only ones who listen

  • Fuck HHDX

    Fuck HHDX for posting this shit, ;eave the kid alone

  • Anonymous

    dude jealous cause his career aint shit and CJ 's future is bright

  • Puff Shaney

    The anger i get from this type of bullshit. Who gives a fuck if Biggie's son might be gay? What is it to this crack head? Basic bitches like him and dmx should be left to rot That whole team did fall apart! This bitch a homophobe trying to bring hate on his dead homie's son and Lil Cease a snitch.

  • Fix Yo Teeth Tho

    Where are his teeth though? My man has that Crackgate smile. Nigga smile looks like an open garage.

  • Anonymous

    would be saying this shit if biggie was still alive?

  • Haha

    Nobody even knows who this dude is. Fuckin dumb ass homophobe.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but when you say that you're anti-gay, that does make you a homophobe.

    • Anonymous

      being anti-gay makes you a homophobe. What is the big problem with what people do in their private life. What business is it of yours. You scared, boy?

    • Anonmymous

      being anti homo aint mean you scared of homos. i dont support people being homosexual it dont mean im scared of them. idiot.

  • Aim80

    cocaine's a helluva drug...

  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck

  • adore7373

    Instead of worrying about someone's gayness, he needs to worry about that crrrack problem he has. Dude was exibiting too many crackhead movements.

  • Anonymous

    how come the kid got to be fat like his daddy, damn epigenetics be on some deep deep

  • The Ghost of Biggie Smalls

    "Yesterday I saw a female that was so attractive that I wanted to put her fathers penis inside my mouth. I would rather have sexual intercourse with a man dressed up as a woman instead of having sexual intercourse with an unattractive woman. If Negros antagonize me I will anally sodomize them right up the anus unprotected with a rash." Some people believe that Mister Cee was my ghostwriter and not just my DJ but trust me I thought up these concepts and converted them into punch lines for my fans to enjoy.

    • Anonymous

      It always kills me when niggas tryna cop pleas saying that line wasn't line homo cause Richard Pryor said it first Nigga SO WHAT it came from Richard Pryor?!?!? It's still gay as hell!!!

    • Anonymous

      Homosexual lyrics get a pass if they have been used previously by a comedian....Richard Pryor was responsible for all the numerous homo lines that Biggie said.

    • Anonymous

      dumbass it wasnt a homoline its a line from Richard Pryor who said this joke. Thats what biggie meant. get some knowledge dumbass

    • Anonymous

      The first line from "me and my bitch" confused me, I always thought it was weird wording and I just wasn't getting it. Turns out it was just a really weird and homo line...On a second note, this guy is a moron, he should worry more about being a decent human being and not a junkie / has been rapper / degenerate. Also, he is saying this because he is trying to get promotion for some documentary they showed at the end of the clip. That's nice, rip on your dead friends son to promote a documentary about how you tried keep your life together after that same guy died.

  • POPE

    If this wasn't biggies son we'd be calling him gay.

  • Anonymous

    Chico Del Vec = 21st Century Malcolm X Hip Hop "culture" (vomit) is a beautiful thing.

  • Anonymous

    Chico Del Vec = crackhead? Nawwwww....

  • Anonymous

    Bi-G Bisexual Gangsta

  • Anonymous

    1st of all faith evans asked to for her family to be judged when she put that damn pic out there

  • FrankBlanco

    this shit dont even deserve no airtime son, an he should jus stfu up about it, tryin to ruin alittle kids life ova a picture, fuckin has been. he had a nice run , go to tell bedtime stories to the kids.

  • DavidDanielz

    DX and other hiphop news outlets should not promote or advertise someones child that clearly never had anything to do with entertainment industry. Give this kid the respect to grow up how he wants without you or anyone else passing judgment. Very tacky DX, very tacky!!!

  • Anonymous

    he actin like hes on drugs watch his hands

  • Rudo Yera

    Honestly, for someone to speak negatively about the child of his dead homie... a dude that i'm quite sure fed, clothed & much more for Chico Del Vec... this is the highest form of disrespect. If there were still any code in the streets, Junior Mafia's remaining members would throw a block party, bar-b-que, put one in the air for B.I.G. & then commence to whooping Chico's ass in front of CJ, Faith & Biggie's Mom.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! For more entertaining videos Yall Should Visit (Thegrandreport,com) They Have Some Good ones on there too

  • The dude behind chico

    Hows biggies kids pic any different than that pic of chico in this very article....if biggies kid looks gay for standing behind a dude how gay does chico look with a gang of dudes behind him? sure when chico has sex with a man its not gay though....and thats without pointing out how ignorant this dumb ass is

  • Anonymous

    smh @ some of these ridiculous comments... the homie biggie had a sense of humor, u already knew he was breaking broads off left and right... now he's gay? word? and del vec, whoever his name is, foul for coming at a child like that.


    Man....So much wrong with this. This is a old ass nigga with grey all in his beard and prison tats pulling up facebook pictures talkin about another dude. Nigga YOU gay.

  • Anonymous

    Dookie Love on a Hershey Highway...... That teen might be straight but his Big Poppa was a fudgepacker and a meatman.

  • And Niggas Still Say Biggie Wasn't Gay

    "You look so good I'd suck on your daddy's dick" "Kidnap kids, fuck em in the ass throw 'em over the bridge" "I'll fuck RuPaul before I fuck them ugly ass Xscape bitches"

    • Wow really

      2pac had the nose ring with bubble bath pics and Biggie said some super fruity stuff, who knows what goes on, lol.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ You just coppin pleas right now Biggie's lines were gay son, punchline or not, just deal with it I bet if he wasn't dead you'd be calling him all types of "faggots"

    • Wow

      Those were punchline bars you idiot. Biggie had no insecurities to deal with and got all the pussy he wanted, so he had no problem saying that shit. And clearly millions of people had no problem with those lines. Just you clown internet niggas who couldn't get laid if a drunk white chick was on your lap

    • Anonymous

      "I'll fuck RuPaul before I fuck them ugly ass Xscape bitches" Goddamn T.I. lost hard!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      y'all forgot the gayest biggie line ever "niggas press their luck and they get a butt fuckin'/ straight up the ass raw dog with the rash/ and I don't fuck with the condoms"

    • Anonymous

      Ru Paul is a man that dresses as a woman so why would Biggie have intercourse with a man instead of with women? Kandi Buress is sexy and Tiny used to be at worst a 5 on a scale of 10 so why have sex with a man?

  • Stereotype75

    He may be High ass fuck but he is telling the truth.... But his father was Bi sexual or straight homosexual..Dont act like he did not show us signs... "she looked so good i would suck on her daddy's dick"... That alone, made me aware... Jay Z too... why you think he keep paying Foxy Brown off, every few years she brings up some info on Jay Z, she gets paid off til next time.....I think Rick Ross is too, Maybe Dr. Dre,

    • Anonymous

      Y'all ma bunch of flamin' faggots and white, I may add,, your comments prove it.

    • Anonymous

      Biggies rhymes were peppered with sodomy references and his BFF was a cross dresser but he liked cootchie too, his first Baby Moms looks like a Gorilla or maybe an orangoutang. JayZ is slightly effeminate and can't grow facial hair but he is not gay. Ricky Rozay has Pre-pubescent breasts like a 8th grade girl from Nigeria but he is not gay. Dr Dre used to wear makeup and questionable attire and rumors have swirled about his preference but he seems to be straight.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Who cares if he is gay or not? That is his business. Half of these comments are retarded. Went from talking about the boy being gay to Biggie being called into question. Big made some good music, if he was bi, so what who the fuck care. We all knew him through his music, why do we care what the man did in his bedroom or what his son do (whom isn't famous). Get a life

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous "souljaent" by @LyriqMusic #souljaent #releaseme2thestreetz #retweet listen and view!! DMV!!

  • ITO

    That's very suspect. Very very suspect. I dont know if you knew this but Master P has a song that is SUPER GAY, his name is Vito or some shit. My friend he's a model and he was invited to Vito's B-Day party through his Manager... and when he got there it was all Transvestites and Gays up at the party, and his son is gay as fuck! My friend told his manager if they dont leave right now he's going to punch everybody in the fucking face!

  • lindaehoffman

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  • Anonymous

    So when Biggies son comes out the closet and tells the world that he is indeed gay will you still be mad at Chico for stating the obvious?

    • Anonymous

      its not of his business if he gay or not. he should show some respect for BIG

    • Anonymous

      I don't think people are mad if he's stating a fact about the kid being gay. People are mad about him caring so much for no reason and not behaving like an adult.

  • Anonymous

    Biggie was a homosexual. Biggies DJ was Mister C a notorious Tranny smasher who has a fetish for fondling ladyboys. Biggies best friend was Mann a notorious flaming homosexual who blew on Biggies dice during crap games. Biggies mentor was Sean Combs a down low Bi-sexual who once took Xzibit to a gay club and ordered a Strawberry Margarita. Biggie once rapped about a female who looked so gooooood that he could perform oral sex on her father, on another song he rapped about sodomizing a man with a broom up the anus.....Biggies most notorious homosexual reference was a rhyme were he boasted of having a friend who kidnaps and anally rapes children and then hurls them over bridges. DJ Premier has a video on YT were he tells a story about about how Biggie was butt-booty-ball naked in a hotel room with a bunch of men eating out of a bucket of chicken placed between his legs and on his groin, Premier wept bitterly at this incident and was emotionally damaged afterwards.

    • Anonymous

      best post ever

    • Anonymous

      Biggie had a cruel streak in him, in the LiL Kim documentary LiL KIm and her friends detail the beatings and mauling that he gave her at the slightest provocation, he beat her unconscious on numerous occasions. The heartbreaking video about the bucket of chicken is in the link posted above or just Google the video "Preimer on Nas and biggie". The cruelty that Biggie subjected DJ Premeir to was heartless and you can see the pain of the experience in Priemers eyes but he laughed to keep himself from crying.

    • stereotype75

      There are alot more suspects out there, this is all true; one of the acts by themselves should be enough. Cmon man in the lyrics.. Mister Cee dry snitched on him when he got caught, talking bout "Big would be okay with me having my fetish".. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      "Gimmi a sec to find the link to the Preemo interview about the nude sunbathing with the bucket of fried chicken." LMAO da fuuuuck?!?!?

    • Anonymous

    • Anonymous

      Here is the confession DJ Premier gave about the horror he experienced in that dark hotel room with the 350 lb fully nude naked Chistopher Wallace.

    • Anonymous

      @DefBoy3 Mister C has mugshots and rapsheets for being arrested for Tranny hunting, and he confessed in a radio interview with Hot 97. The ironically named "Mann" and his homosexuality was validated by Dream Hampton who was a friend of the shethang and Biggie, there is a picture of Biggie and "Mann" shooting dice online. Xzibit exposed Diddy and the audio should still be online unless Diddy had it removed. The lyrics speak for themselves. Gimmi a sec to find the link to the Preemo interview about the nude sunbathing with the bucket of fried chicken.

    • Truth

      You didnt lie about anything! This man speaks the truth. Even Katt William exposed these niggas! The Devil is real, son!

    • DefBoy3

      Lmaooo, how the hell you know this stuff??? Like where did you get your info?? Im sorry, I doubt this til you show me legit proof.

  • Anonymous

    This little guy is lucky Biggie threw him some scraps. Otherwise, No one (instead of maybe a handful of people) would care about what he says at all. And most people with IQs over room temperature would think there is something seriously wrong with this guy, not Biggie's son.

  • Anonymous

    You sensitive bitches make me sick, that faggit is a few months from 18 years old and considered a man by society so stop calling him a fuckin kid. He is old enough to join the US military and slaughter non white people abroad. If this was DMX saying Drake looks gay you bitches would be laughing untill your pink cheeks turned red but just because its a dead niggas son you act like the gay guy is off limits. That "teen" is gay as a bird

    • Anonymous

      ^^ You just described Lil Wayne.

    • Anonymous

      He is gay because he hugged his boyfriend from behind and kissed his cheek, plus he wears leopard jeggings and kisses Birdman in the mouth.

    • Anonymous

      Is he gay because he graduated from high school? I realize that's something this guy probably doesn't have experience with.

  • Anonymous

    this some stupid ass shit i dont even know where to begin..the term grown man shit is turning into a synonym for some insecure ass homophobic nga who aint got shit to do wit his life. god damn.

  • Anonymous

    nigga what the fuck do you care if the kid is gay? how does that affect your life at the end of the day? maybe you should have stepped up and looked out for him after his daddy died if you're so concerned about how manly he is.

  • Obvious

    Just waiting for the inevitable commenter to show up with "Not surprised. Biggie did spit the line, 'You look so good I'll suck on your daddy dick..." ...Wait, I guess I'm that guy...

  • Anonymous

    you sound like a fuckin crackhead

  • Burmy

    This proves why he's completely IRRELEVANT now...actually, he never was relevant. And thanks to this continued homophobia, he never will be.

  • anon514

    This eeeediat bwoy wanna come talk bout mans son... WHO CARES.. did this old head support the kid, help him with homework... make some music if u want attention.. dont put the kid down cause U think hes GAY... so what if he is. IGNORANT UNEDUCATED FUCK. on top of that BIGGIE basically put ur name out there, and he really didnt cause aint nobody heard of you... and U wanna put down his child... Nigga go back in time id say about 500 yrs ago, cause ur ass shoulda been thrown off the ship. Sorry your great great great great great grandmoms and dad. SMH

  • Anonymous

    "Oh shit yeah I remember Junior M.A.F.I.A" - Nobody

  • Anonymous

    the cut off the last part of hte vid he said that nigga gay... .AND I WANT A PIECE!!!!!!!!!!

  • brollya

    jus cuz its biggie son dont mean he cant get called out on his gaynest.... he dont get a pass.... dat pic do look gay too

    • Anonymous

      but why is anyone calling out a kid on his sexual preference? hes not a rapper or actor let him live.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga without Biggie you would be probably in jail with your wackass.

  • Dick Buttz

    Just cause Biggie fucked women doesnt mean he never shoved a dildo up his ass.

  • Anonymous

    we need lord jamar on this case!

  • royemonet

    You talking down on the son of the man who put food in your plate. That's less manly than anything.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign. If Biggie were still around Chico wouldn't dare to say a word. BTW am I the only one who noticed how strange his behaviour? Take a look at the beginning and the end of the video, is he on some shit?

  • Anonymous

    If that were my kid I'd buy him feminine hygiene products for his birthday.

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