Yung Joc Says Topping Forbes List Was "The Worst Thing Ever"

Yung Joc recalls backlash he received from family and friends following the release of a Forbes list he was featured on.

While topping Forbes’ Richest Rappers list might seem like quite the feat, Atlanta rapper Yung Joc says topping that particular list in 2006 turned out to be “the worst thing that could have ever happened” to him.

The former Bad Boy South artist made it to the #20 spot on the list and says that the publication revealing that he made $10 million in one year put him on bad terms with a lot of people, including family members.

Joc even went on to compare his issues with friends and family following the release of the list to a skit on “Chappelle's Show.”

“That was the worst thing that could have ever happened for me,” Yung Joc said. “That Forbes list shit. You had people who may have come to me and asked to borrow $1,000. And where I was able to give them $1,000. After that shit came out niggas was hitting me like ‘Damn, my nigga, I asked you for a stack. You could have gave me 10.’ What? You know what I’m saying? People was looking at it like ‘Damn, you been short changing me all this time. Damn, my nigga, you asking for deals and shit. You asking for me to show you some love and give you the hookup. And you made 10 million?’ It made people really upset with me, dog. I never seen no shit like this in my life.

“It’s almost like when Dave Chappelle did that skit on the show of his self,” he added. “And he went in to get a haircut and it was like $1,000 for a haircut. Everybody was overcharging em because they knew he had did that 40, 50-million-dollar deal…Even family started looking at me differently. Like ‘Damn, you ain’t did nothing for me and you made $10 million?’ It was just the worst thing ever, Vlad.”

Yung Joc later detailed how he was able to earn $10 million in the span of one year. According to the College Park, Georgia rapper, touring provided a great deal of income.

“By the time ‘It’s Going Down’ had took off I was on like two, three tours at one time,” Joc said. “Going to a city and you do a daytime show for some kids and these people pay you 20, 25,000. And then at night you do the arena for the adults…And you talking about you look up and I’m getting 30,000. It’s like 50,000 in one day. You do the math. It really wasn’t hard. But just as fast as the money was coming, the money was going because you still had to promote yourself. I feel like that’s why I was successful the way I was. I ate a very long time. I’m still eating. I get publishing checks monthly, quarterly. You know what I’m saying? So, it wasn’t hard.”

Yung Joc’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.




  • Spencer

    He is such a low life. Gives a bad name to all black men. Men like him are the reason people feel the way they do about black men. Then he thinks its cute? To have 8 kids??? 5 baby mothers??? Sick twisted loser. Poor kids.... How can he raise them when HE's a child himself

  • mixtapes

    I love that song its going down. I dont thing yung joc had a hit since then except that coffee track and that was trash

  • Trick Trick

    Ill see some of that 10 million if you ever come here.

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  • Anonymous

    Cheap nigga you eating let other nigga eat too pay up for the beat and hook man

  • Puff Already Fucked This Nigga Over

    Well, he ain't gotta worry about being rich no more.

  • Anonymous

    damn. he good for life off that money. him and his family. good for him. 20 million. damn. you really only need 4 million to retire for life and live a good life wit kids yo

    • fry305

      Lol!! @ "You only need 4 Million to retire for life"...Man, you're really bad at spending money aren't you? You don't even need one million. I guess that statement is true if you live in the wealthiest part of your state. I'm in Miami...a very expensive city. 4 million is waaaay more than enough to retire with your family. Are you wearing $300 Jordans and listening to your $100 rip-off headphones while typing this?

  • Anonymous

    Like that horrible movie I watched with Bow Wow & Ice Cube.

  • Anonymous

    grow up and grow out

  • Anonymous

    and with the way the government is today. i dont think anyone would want to be apart of something like that.

    • Anonymous

      Selfish is looking at other people and asking, what can they do for me?

    • Anonymous

      niggas like you are why rich people hate you... never wanna work just ask for handouts from the next nigga gettin it.. pussy

  • gnigga_pleeze

    any grown man who asks another grown man for a thousand dollars and feels entitled to compensation based on what they think he made, does not deserve any free handouts. black people need to stop looking for easy ways out and be self accountable. and what's shocking is that joc seems to accept these bums as equals, he should not have felt obligated to give them free shit when he earned his own living.

  • Lawrence

    50 BEEN saying this !.

    • JB Cool

      Word 50 been saying this but you got niggahs like Smurf saying you got to keep ya niggahs right and shit. And Oh you got it!!! Hammer was handing out money until that shit almost bankrupt his ass!!!

  • Anonymous

    Music aside, Joc is saying some true shit on here. Nobody cares about you until you start making some money, then everyone starts asking for money like you owe them something. That crab mentality. Get yours, nigga!

  • Anonymous

    Problem was he didn't physically have 10 million dollars. The govn't took half, and then he still owed everything the label provided him.

  • Crabs

    See this the problem why there so much hate. NIggas always be asking for handouts when they know a nigga got paper. Too many of these thirsty ass niggas and chickens begging for a handout rather then working for it. Biggie said it best mo money mo problems.

  • Anonymous

    Glad that Joc has his publishing and not broke or bankrupt like Craig Mack and Young Buck.

  • greg

    This nigga look handsome !!#Kiss #Kiss

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