Common Says He Disagrees With Lord Jamar's White Rapper Comments

Common speaks on Justin Bieber's past use of the n-word, says he doesn't think the singer was being demeaning.

While speaking on his character on the AMC television show “Hell On Wheels,” Chicago rapper Common, who plays newly-freed slave Elam Ferguson on the show, discussed matters of race in today’s society.

The Chi-Town lyricist even addressed comments Lord Jamar made last year about white artists being guests in Hip Hop. Common revealed that he disagrees with the comments Lord Jamar made and added that although Hip Hop was started by blacks and Latinos, it now serves as a bridge that connects people from different nationalities.

“I don’t agree with that…Obviously it’s a culture that started with black and Latinos,” he said. “We know where it came from. And we know the heart and soul of it is really about the struggle and like you don’t have to be from the ghetto or from a poor place to express Hip Hop. I always looked at Hip Hop as like ‘Man, this is how we express ourselves.’ In fact, I actually think it’s a bridge for people from different walks of life or different nationalities to come together…And Hip Hop has been a bridge for me to like connect with and really learn people from a different culture. White, some of my Latino friends. When I first went to New York I was hanging out with The Beatnuts. I’m like—‘I didn’t know that you could be Latino and look like me.’ You know what I’m saying? So, it’s like I got educated because of Hip Hop. And it’s been like a connecting force more than anything. I wouldn’t oust white culture or any other nationality saying that they not a part of Hip Hop or they guests in it.”

Common addressed another hot topic during his interview with Vlad TV as he commented on Canadian crooner Justin Bieber using the n-word in a past video. He says he hasn’t seen the video for himself, but feels that due to Bieber’s respect for black culture he likely wasn’t being demeaning with his use of the word.

“I was a little bit because I think that—I know how much Justin Bieber is—like he respects black culture,” Common said. “He surrounds himself with black people. So, I don’t think it was something that—To be honest I never even seen the tapes, but I got the feedback of it. But I don’t think it’s something that he was saying wholeheartedly to demean a black person. From what I—I didn’t see the tape, but from what I pick up I don’t think he—And if he did, he was in a place where he just didn’t know. Like he must have been raised in a place where he just didn’t know. Cause he obviously gravitated towards black culture. So, he has to have a certain amount of respect for it. For you to be a part of it and want to be a part of it.”

Ironically, Justin Bieber was one of a handful of artists Lord Jamar targeted in one of his conversations on black music. He stated that the singer was “leeching off black music” during an interview with Vlad TV in April.

“He’s leeching off black music,” Lord Jamar said while speaking on Bieber. “Like a lot of other white artists are doing. But listen to his whole sound. Listen to who he’s trying to appeal to and influence. He got that white fan base, but he’s making essentially black music.”


  • Michael

    My only question is WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP ASKING LORD JAMAR QUESTIONS LOL! He's like your old senile racist grandma, he'll say the craziest stuff for attention just to let you know he's still alive and I swear VLAD does this just to laugh at him. He just keeps going back to him for no other reason. Jamar is just happy to be on camera, every interview I've seen him in he just comes off like an old ignorant moron. He's too old to be that stupid, its like a young know-it-all trying to sound philosophical, that is what he sounds like. Its one thing to have unpopular thoughts, its another to speak on them as if you have no brain-mouth filter, this is not the guy to go to for advice lol! He's a smart dumb ass.

  • SadDay4HH

    Dam Com, the list of light-skinned rappers I respect just got one-emcee shorter. Well if anyone still doubts the power of the dollar, just take a brief look at the history of Com's career from the beginning till the day this interview came out. Cats are scared shitless of losing their white massas approval and financial support. But at least now we know how to smoke em out.

    • Tyrone

      Who actually wants to live in an area where most of the residents are unemployed or living below the poverty line. Why would he jeopardize his livelihood by spewing some racist nonsense? Jamar is an idiot who only has bad things to say about white people. It's okay for him to do it but, when Bill O'reilly and his ilk do it you have a problem with it.

  • Anonymous

    Lol Common got embraced by Hollywood and is scared of losing his white audience, therefore he'll say some flatout sellout shit like that

  • Anonymous

    A white rapper discovered Nas... MC Serch

  • anonymous

    White people are guests??? I love brand nubians first album but for him to say that shows he is a bitter old man now or just bitter LL COOL J said the beastie boys were one of the main reasons why rap became so popular in the mid 80's Paul's boutique was so ahead of its time - that was by beastie boys Paul C - who i imagine 95 % of so called rap heads wont even know about was white - was a mentor to large professor (who was a mentor to Dj premier), worked with Rakim, gandmaster caz, Ultramagnetic MC's. He did so much for hip hop in a short space time . Large professor's publishing company is called Paul sea productions. There is no space for racism in hip hop. Justin beiber isnt hip hop he maybe associated with pop rap but e aint hip hop.

    • Serbia

      "Hip-hop is the voice of this generation. Even if you didn't grow up in the Bronx in the '70s, hip-hop is there for you. It has become a powerful force. Hip-hop binds all of these people, all of these nationalities, all over the world together." DJ Kool Herc

    • Anonymous

      That still doesn't change that Hip Hop is another item that white America had tried to steal from the African American community. I might as well start doing Origami and say blacks run it and invented it lol

  • Klone Killa

    Whatever Com. Anyone (especially black) who thinks white people aren't pro white in anything they touch is fucking blind or an uncle tom (common).

  • Dntgve2

    Common is in that lane now. Of course he's going to sit comfortably and say things to ease his patrons' guilt. As for the Lord Jamar backlash, I don't think there is any. If you look at the places the critiques are coming from, these are either folks who are on the same ish as Common, or folks who can't understand what Jamar is saying. The message Jamar is saying is true and should always be true. If you have no understanding of culture and history, fine. But you will know that you speak English because of the same sentiments that Lord Jamar has, being put into force by the same folks everyone's trying to keep from feeling uncomfortable. Now go get your shinebox.

    • Anonymous

      "Common is in that lane now. Of course he's going to sit comfortably and say things to ease his patrons' guilt. As for the Lord Jamar backlash, I don't think there is any. If you look at the places the critiques are coming from, these are either folks who are on the same ish as Common, or folks who can't understand what Jamar is saying." THIS.

    • The cLAP

      No, the lane of the scared black man.

    • Anonymous

      the lane of having a relevant career?

    • gr

      Ok... we get it...

  • Anonymous

    Meanwhile Fat Trel's baby moma is airing the shit outta him on twitter, DX should write a piece on her

  • Either U Pro Black Or U Not, Son

    "i dont watch the bulls as much, they got too many white boyz" "It's a Jungle out there but I'm never Fever-in for them white hos" "I'm a ho but not a ho nigga" (LMAO nah son u just a faggot) And now he's pushing that Kumbaya agenda, while trying to white wash black/brown people away of hip hop smh

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      He said that shit 20 years ago man. People can grow and evolve, you should try it. Getting older and wiser doesn't mean you 'sold out', it means you grew up asshole.

  • Man of Ice

    What's jacked up in the case of the whole "hood-acting suburbanite kid" is, when they enter into a relationship with some 'hood folk, the 'hood types don't expose them to "black culture" via anything balanced, like a black history museum, or black culture biography books and dramatic films. They take them to the g-damn strip club, teach them to say "ghetto" phrases and jokes, and that becomes the equivalent of a cross-cultural exchange. They only expose them to the most egregiously ratchet aspects of the culture. Ridiculous!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with OP

    • Anonymous

      stop it with the f#ckboy tactics. Been reported usher sat justin down and showed him slavery news and videos. Most, and I aint saying all, just wanna be down and they just fronting on the internet. Those who actually have experience and been thru the checkpoints know the deal.

  • Anonymous

    Bitch ass nigga get ya money and do ya best to make white folks feel comfy.

  • LORDEharderthanLORD-J

    Lord J burning down that bridge common mentions. HHDX if this isnt enough proof to stop running Lord Fail articles than I dont know what is...

  • TRE

    Hell On Wheels is a good ass show i recommend it. AMC always holds it down

  • zzz

    drake killed your career who cares what you say

  • Anonymous

    Jamar just got bodied by a dude who never went platinum.

  • Anonymous

    dude, Common... do something with that bald dome of yours. shit is ugly son!! daaamn. he was cool during that "can i borrow a dollar" and "resurrection" days.. matter of fact dude would always wear a hat. looked way better than this bald dome of yours man. shit makes you look ugly.. just sayin same with LL cool J

    • Hoodgrown

      I never understood dudes who comment on the looks of other man. If you think some dudes are "ugly"... then you probably think other men are "good looking"... If that's how you get down do you... but if not.. stop making comments like that.

    • Anonymous

      You gay if you care how another dude looks lol

    • Anonymous

      You are entirely too caught up in the way other dudes look.....

    • Lord Jabba

      jabba order u to face rancor monster in my basement!

  • WHo farted

    Who the hell is Lord Jamar?

  • !

    Common is saying that because he don't want to fuck up his paper lol

  • Anonymous

    yall dont understand jamar is being set up as a strawman puppet boogeyman to purposefully make his views look ignorant. they just settin him up so ppl can shoot him down and feel superior. it's all a destabilization tactic to further the gay agenda

  • Anonymous

    Yo lost respect of Common, let a video any black singer, rapper, wild they were younger saying stuff like justin said they will never sell another album on a mainstream level period.

  • darren

    yeah ok bein as we are guests in hip hop then why is the best a white rapper lol yeah start hatin but all of ya know this to be true he don't just say n this n that, he is more a lyricist then anyone out jamar is what I call him cuz he isn't lord of anything and yeah I thought he was on that pro black f white thing talib and kanye west he was around now tell me if he really likes whites

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Common, one the last reasonable and mature rappers that actually has a handle on his ego. We need more grownups in Hip-Hop to speak up and be a voice of reason instead of cosigning all the bullshit in fear that they might be blackballed out of the 'lil' and 'yung' crowd.

  • box

    brothas started it the latino man was there and participated as well as a couple of whites,but dont get it fucked up,this is the black man's creation! common ain't trying to fuck up his money,but trust me he'd be mad as fuck if those whites who give him them movies roles tried to change the history of our shit. and you ny fuckers need to be more smart and on point. Everyone knows it started in ny but everytime y'all say that and ny this ny that, those lil culture vultures elitist whites from ny join that party and side with that commentary strickly to cut out other blacks from different parts of the country,but you fucks don't realize it,wake up yell

    • Anonymous

      No we aint cool with it why ross has problems. Dont even talk about jay & nas because they doing business. We done seen a nas kick it with shyne flick before we seen a nas/ross looking like they friends photo. We have always shown good white rappers love wtf is it about that you clowns dont understand? End of the day jamar said some real sh#t you cant see because he's talking about you. If you was good you would see the truth and keep it moving.

    • Truth

      What does it matter where hip hop started if no one is questioning it or claiming otherwise? It doesn't matter, Lord Jamar made a fool of himself for even bringing up anything about white rappers being guests because he made a problem where I never seen one and that's the Origin of Hip-Hop. Plus white rappers have been in Hip-Hop for years and a lot of them make better music currently than some black artists.... so is Jamar's comment really about them being guest or is it because some white rappers are more about HIP-HOP than some black rappers?

    • Anonymous

      "We never claimed ownership of baseball, you may of forgot there was a Negro League sir, it was about equality. Check beastie boys, eminem, paul wall, we dealt with equality. Just be good at it and respect the culture." But yet y'all cool with these black rappers who suck & disrespect the culture just because they are 'black' lol. GTFOH with all that racist shit.

    • Anonymous

      You dont get it, it has turned from jungle, ghetto music rap trash to we were there in the beginning We never claimed ownership of baseball, you may of forgot there was a Negro League sir, it was about equality. Check beastie boys, eminem, paul wall, we dealt with equality. Just be good at it and respect the culture. They trying to tell a different story right now, suggestive marketing and control of resources will have it 30 years from now looking like lyor cohen was russell and eminem was the best of all, jay & nas were "successful" and the heist was the best rap album ever Kool herc doesnt matter because that was then and gloop-14 is that new guy tearing up the entertainment scene now

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      So should blacks not be allowed to play Baseball? or eat Lasagna? Or make techno music? or participate in anything not created by blacks? I understand that people feel threatened by the integration of Hip-Hop, but it's not the integration that is corrupting Hip-Hop, it's the lack of accountability from rappers to hold themselves and each other to a moral standard and a standard of quality. This is not because white people got involved with Hip-Hop, this is because rappers, whether black, white, or Latino, are all so scared they might lose a buck that they won't take a stand for or against anything. It's also because listeners have gotten lazy and they settle for whatever the radio plays for them, which is basically like eating McDonalds every day. After a while, your sense of taste is so fucked up that you don't even like healthy shit any more. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar criticizes white rappers/singers for "leeching off black music". People hate. Another black rapper disagrees with Lord Jamar. People still hate. Nobody wins.

  • TYBO2020


  • Anonymous

    Vlad the instigator causing problems among the black community through his Glaadtv platform of fuckery

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't this nigga on some super pro black shit in the 90's? And now he's acting like Jesse Jackson smh

  • Anonymous

    "Obviously its a culture that started with black and Latinos," And white acts like Beastie Boys. There were more white people involved in hip hop culture than Latinos.

    • Anonymous

      On paper it looks like they were there. Let them explain it, they actually were. Let them rewrite it, civil rights movement was an uprising that the weak catered to and bo was a mistake of it, thats why they cleaned up rap And your greatgreatgrandkids wont know, you left old drake & migos mp3 files

    • Anonymous

      Even the Beastie Boys would tell you to shut the fuck up. Quit trying to rewrite history.

    • TYBO2020


  • Anonymous

    "obviously the culture was started by blacks and latinos" ^ from there I stopped reading Common performs in coffee shops where he see white dudes, at least he aint shade the brother with this sterile interview but the truth is the truth

  • Anonymous

    Common is a damn sellout. And the only reason DX promotes this Ho ass nigga is becuz he's a sellout... Someone got an album coming out so you know he ain't gonna speak the truth. Fuck these FAKE conscious rapperz.

    • JamesTheNiggaHatinDolphin

      Jamar wants to blame everyone else for being a piece of shit instead of looking in the mirror. Anybody with some common sense realizes the only way to move forward in life is to think positive, work hard, and take accountability for your actions. Every time Jamar opens his mouth, it sets us back. People that share Jamar's mentality are the same ones keeping racism alive.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody with common sense agrees with lord jamar. Only support he gets is from a small misguided group of people who are just as angry and bitter at the world for moving on without them as he is.

  • Anonymous

    A few months too late, ain't you, bro? And by the way, never shave your entire face again.

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