Insane Clown Posse's FBI "Gang" Lawsuit Dismissed

"This is not the end," ICP's Violent J says. "We'll keep fighting to clear the Juggalo family name."

A judge has ruled that the federal government is not to blame for fallout from a 2011 FBI report that placed the gang labeled Insane Clown Posse fans, according to Billboard

Insane Clown Posse (ICP) and fans filed a lawsuit saying fans were targeted by police because of their affiliation with the Insane Clown Posse group. They say they are identified because of jewelry or tattoos that showcase the ICP logo.

The judge says the government isn't responsible for how law enforcement officials use the report on gangs. 

The judge says the report "does not recommend any particular course of action for local law enforcement to follow, and instead operates as a descriptive, rather than prescriptive, assessment of nationwide gang trends."

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, which filed the lawsuit on behalf of ICP and their fans, who refer to themselves as Juggalos, says its fight against Juggalos being targeted is not over. They have said they will appeal the decision. 

Meanwhile, ICP's Joseph Bruce, who goes by Violent J, addressed the ruling, also. 

"This is not the end," Violent J says. "We'll keep fighting to clear the Juggalo family name...While it is easy to fear what one does not understand, discrimination and bigotry against any group of people is just plain wrong and un-American." 

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  • Anon

    For anyone slightly interested at all heres a way better report on it lol dx is whack http://www.avclub(dot)com/article/insane-clown-posses-fbi-lawsuit-thrown-out-juggalo-206657

  • AG

    I think people hate on ICP just because its the popular thing to do, not because they actually heard any of their music. Their newer shit is not very good, but their old stuff is classic and is what got me into hip hop. Peace!

    • Anonymous

      not true, i actually took time to listen to some of their tracks. and it was way worse then i expected. i sounded so cheesy and corny i couldnt believe people like this shit.

  • Anonymous

    Hate all you want on ICP. But they are independent millionaires that have collaborated with YOUR favorite rappers rapper!!! HATTTERRRRSSSSSS

    • imho

      ^^ lmao. this guys been at this ja rule thing for fuckin yeaaaaaars..even so icy boi and dental bitch gave up bro ..stop it loll

    • RuleNation

      Anybody tired of these lame 12 yr olds coming here dropping 'hater' because they can't form a fucking opinion WHO GIVES A FUCK IF THEY MAKING MILLIONS THEY COULD BE BILLIONAIRES STILL DONT GIVE A FUCK.....anyway PRAISE TO JA RULE THE MOST HIGHEST RULE TALK!

  • Cealix

    The problem with this is that people assume all juggalos are people that commit crimes and do stupid shit all of the time, when in actuality it's almost the complete opposite. You'd be surprised at how much charity work they've done and how much work is done.

  • Fish

    Can Eminem ether these two dickheads again please?

  • Fish

    Fuck juggalos, simple.

  • Anonymous

    Juggalos = rap fanatics that mindlessly follow two inbred, redneck clowns.

    • Mattik

      if you have ever heard their music, one could easily find that they rap about how they hate Rednecks earlier in their career. BUT Bring the hate because that's what fuels them. Us Juggalos thrive off it nowadays.

  • truth bringer

    if u reppin juggalos gang u failed at life n most likely stink of shit n cock

  • Anonymous

    Hip-hop in general has a history of gang violence. Gang members in general love hip-hop music, y'all clowns wanna be hip-hop artists now take the consequences. Only difference is your dumb ass fans are transparent because they were given the damn name of juggalos. So, it's easy to identify them when they do stupid shit. If Nas gives his fans a name like the Nasirs and then people tattoo his name or logos on their damn arms and call themselves Nasirs then Nas will be blamed for any crime those people commit. Lesson, never give your fans a nickname. They become that much easier to trace and scapegoat. Then again these juggalos behave so douchie and so unlike any other fan of any other kind of music.

  • Anonymous

    They are a gang. There are tons of violent acts that go on in the name of being a juggalo.

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