Jim Jones Addresses G-Unit, Dipset Tension, Says A$AP Mob Not From Streets

Jim Jones also compares Dipset to N.W.A.

During a recent interview with XXL, Jim Jones addressed tensions between Dipset and G-Unit

"Ain’t no tensions," Jones says. "Nah, it’s a good time to jump back in the game. They got a lot of momentum. There are a lot of things that occurred in these past few weeks that kinda gave them a comeback. Shout out to the G-Unit."

Another Rap group the emcee addresses in the interview is A$AP Mob, a group he says is unlike Dipset. 

"They weren’t from the street," Jim Jones says. "They’re a good group of kids and they’re artistic, but they’re not from the street and their style is way different than what we do. It’s a little bit far out there for me. We got bonafide swag and the definition of get fly, ya dig? I’m not trying to disrespect them—A$AP Mob is doing it, they got their numbers and they’re doing what they like to do—but they’re nothing like the Diplomats. They didn’t come up hanging and banging and hustling and really touching the pavement, ya dig? It’s a big difference. We don’t wear kilts and we don’t wear tight sweatpants and funny sneakers. That’s not our style. Price point and high fashion don’t really make it cool. I’ll still go in Wal-Mart and come out and niggas will still think it’s Versace." 

Beyond G-Unit and A$AP Mob, Jim Jones also addressed Dipset's influence, referencing N.W.A

"Maybe the most influential—besides N.W.A—when it comes to everything," he says. "When it comes to style, we’re probably the most influential. I don’t recall no other group giving it to the world the way we was giving it to them. If you can recall or if you know some people, let me know. It’s good. I take it as a compliment. A lot of people was watching."

For more on Dipset, view the DX Daily below.



  • sadiki akil

    He is wrong about being the only group giving it to the world like that because you have Bone,who comes from that NWA tree and of course Wu Tang.

  • Theven

    yall failed to mention No Limit although not a "group" they had the game in a vice grip for a minute. The Ruff Ryders, HotBoyz, Roc-A-Fella/State Property they were game changers. But all this tight shirt n skinny jeans wearin shit got to go.

  • Lawrence

    ""When it comes to style, were probably the most influential." "dont recall no other group giving it to the world the way we was giving it to them." Sorry, Jimmy... But, in Dipset's time you were always at best a distant second to G-Unit with that... Just saying... Thank you for telling it like it is with the G.A.Y.S.A.P Mobb, though...

  • Anonymous

    exactly - if you read what jim jones said he talks about nwa a group which started in 1986 - damn connor - you need to get your facts together. jimmy is not only talking about groups from today he is including acts from 28 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    connor you are truly dense. clearly your ability to read and comprehend is lost. your response if flawed because you focus on fashion. if you read the post to which you comment, the purpose is about lyrical content. don't confuse lyrics with fashion. cam and jr writer can spit. if you think about collectives - ah but you have limits you are 32 - let me englighten you - juice crew (all spitters) you disagree - you would BCC - you don't know - Boot Camp Click - learn your music - WU-TANG CLAN - need I go on - Hit Squad - I can go on - enough for you? stay in your lane, son.

  • Anonymous

    We Usually Take Another Nigga Gear is more prolific than Dipset

  • Anonymous

    vampire life is an emo look.

  • Edubb

    While I agree and disagree disagree with some things Jim Jones said but some of you are way to hard on dipset. Were they the greatest group ever? NO! But when it was their time they held it down like it or not! Some of you take shit waaaaaay to personal. They asked Jim Jones a question and he gave his answer, all you have to is agree or disagree with it!! SMH

  • ghost bars

    harlem niggas obsession with fashion n lookin flyer than they bitch is embarrassing. Freeky zeeky the only rapper in dipset really put in work

  • Anonymous

    Wu-Tang has had more influence on the culture overall than any group in Hip Hop history. WTF is Jimmy talking about?

  • world dominator

    DIPSH*T is 'N.W.A' alright - with them it stands for 'NICCAS WITHOUT A THOUGHT'! Brainless bullsh*t, from reality show has beens gettin' on their knees beggin' an ugly broad to 'marry' them..... GTFOH! These guys are the MOST OVERATED 'rappers' ever! Go BACK to the streets, cause you are NOBODIES in the entertainment industry! NOBODY CARES!

  • whispaaah

    The next big thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxa0sPtybXY

  • wait


  • Lol

    I knew A$AP Rocky would have never been banging with his fashionista ass

    • BIG RICH

      ^ It's not all about radio plays you searching in the wrong place for your hiphop

    • Anonymous

      yeah well asap rocky used to be homeless and lived in the streets with his mom. His older brother got shot over some drug issues and his father was heavy connected. asap rocky may not be "streets" as jim jones said, but i guarantee you his social backgrounds is way more chaotic than jim jones shittiest day. plus i don't remember the last time jim jones ever drop a hit played on the radio

  • Anonymous

    dont know why niggas get it twisted. there's plenty of niggas uptown that not street niggas

  • OnkelMichael

    Mob$tyle bow down Jim Jones. lol NWA You are married to a Rich Porter jumpoff. You ain't street. You are food.

  • Connor

    I'm white and old 32 . Whats happened to hip hop back in the day you had groups/soloists like Ghetto Boys,NWA,Black Moon,Tribe,Dipset,Nas,AZ,D12, ... The generation after doesn't seem to have added anything to the game I cant think of any groups or solo artists who match up to the above in regards to influencing the game .. I know that times move on but really minus Kendrick,Cole,and a few underground rappers the new dudes haven't pushed the game forward or really influenced hiphop as a whole I blame the trolls and short sighted record labels who pander to the keyboard warriors/weirdos online .

    • Anonymous

      This generation is living off the accolades of their predecessors with no knowledge of the past yet expect a bright future with no guides to help them. Add in a demographic with a disconnect that is being catered to and you have a recipe for disaster...Thats why im glad i still got my turns, albums, cassettes and got 20gbs of music because when this mainstream rap falls off and people gotta go their separate ways, I'll be good They'll be waiting for "whats trending"

    • Anonymous

      Only females and fashion bloggers should really care about WHATS HOT dats a real female trait right there !!!

    • Connor

      @ 2nd anonymous.. How many popular collectives "these days" are all super lyricists maybe Slaugher House ,The 4 horseman,Wu Tang . The point should also be did any of the above groups as a collective start a movement was they original or did they just jump on the latest fad i.e rapping all over southern beats because it's popular . Like I said i'm old 32 so i'm not the target demographic of the labels which are mainly run by record label bosses 60 plus . But more importantly in all honesty I don't "think" like you i.e "Whats Hot" that normally implies passing fads . The original "Whats Hot" was a statement used by the fashion houses/press to push a new seasons clothing lines ... Not to be condescending Hopefully you young in your early mid "20s" so will probably see past the smoke and mirrors within time .

    • Anonymous

      gucci mane thats thats the realest rapper

    • Anonymous

      dipset as a collective is not hot. only cam and jr writer can really spit. like any collective, they put out joints that were hot. most hip-hop collectives have done that at some point. the issue is sustainability. dip set lacks that - w/o cam ron dipset would be nothing

    • Rip Hip Hop

      Agreed with all the above . Not sure why everyone is dissing Dipset . I cant think of one memorable track from A$AP Mob in all honesty . Anyway each to their own this isn't really hiphop anymore it's rap . P.S I'm 28 so i'm probably to old to have a genuine or relatable experience of rap music these days

    • Anonymous

      I'm 31 years old and I agree with you completely just last night I was download a ton of my old school joints from the 90's the best era for hiphop.

  • Anonymous

    I aint knocking Dipset, but really the only one who still making moves is Camron. all because he been out the music spotlight don't mean he aint making money. Hes got like a 5 movie deal with Netflix, production companies owns like multiples Taco Bells and McDonalds.

  • Anonymous

    Why is hiphop the only genre of music that has a perceived sell by date . Rock doesn't,Country Music doesn't,Reggae Doesn't,

    • Anonymous

      Cause unlike most genres, tastes change. Hip Hop is very specific in its sound throughout the years. What sounded good 10-15 years ago sounds dated today, especially when the lyrical content of most hasn't changed and the same boring shit is being said.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this old salty ass nigga should team up with lord lamar

  • Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure public enemy, run dmc and tribe called quest were much more influential when it came to hip hop culture. Clothes, style, attitude etc. if were older then 14 in the late 80s or early 90s you were dressing like one of those 3 groups.

  • Anonymous

    Faggots remember Camron rocking a cape like a superhero. lol

  • Anonymous

    Dipshit aint gangsta and aint a classic rapcrew. They are just mediocre like G-Unit. Classic rapcrews are: juice crew, geto boys. Dipshit and G-Unit are the downfall for hiphop.

    • Anonymous

      Classic rap group are: NWA Bone Thugs OutKast Wu Tang 3-6 Mafia ones who actually changed the game

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    remember when cam'ron and dipset used to dress purple ? nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    "Thats not our style. Price point and high fashion dont really make it cool. Ill still go in Wal-Mart and come out and niggas will still think its Versace." LMAO this fake ass blood is sounding like the old ass man that hang out at the project park trying to be 16 again

  • Anonymous

    Jim Jones a fake blood anyway

  • fuccya

    Looks like a bum and talks a lotta shit, but hes right about a$ap.

  • Mike rob

    WuTang had way more influence on hip hop, style, culture, etc than diplomats

  • bigfoot

    LMAO Jim is right, ASAP Mob have turned Harlem into Soho

  • I'm sorry

    A$AP Mob > Dipset

  • 132_135

    I'm from Harlem(Lincoln) and this nigga Jim Jones and them dip set niggas wasn't no street niggas either. Them niggas ain't start acting hard until they got on and had the money to pay real niggas from Harlem to run with them. I ain't saying they soft but they dam sure wasn't no gangster niggas. With that said niggas in Taft and foster ain't look at Jim Jones like he was a G. So why he hating on Asap Mob when I remember Juelz not to long ago was wearing women sneakers.

  • Anonymous

    lolololol mannnn I swear I hate people from Harlem

  • Datfiggahaz

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha as influential as n.w.a ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah jim jones couldn't more full of his own shit constipated conversation

  • Arty Farty

    I done seen dis clown on da block once. Stepped up to him and slapped him on tha dzznick... thug lyfe ya dig!

  • mirrormirror

    Funny thing is Dipset were the forefathers of the funny ass looking cross dressing homothug era we are currently in along with any and all people who cooment negatively on this post when its simply the TRUTH LIVE WITH IT!

  • Hoodgrown

    "We dont wear kilts and we dont wear tight sweatpants and funny sneakers. Thats not our style. Price point and high fashion dont really make it cool." RIGHTTTTTT

  • da Mayor of MN

    aint bro girl alpo old bitch?

  • YaRight

    "We got bonafide swag and the definition of get fly, ya dig? Im not trying to disrespect themA$AP Mob is doing it, they got their numbers and theyre doing what they like to dobut theyre nothing like the Diplomats" Hahaha. He's right. A$AP Mob aint nothing like the Diplomats. A$AP Mob is relevant and nobody but the biggest Stan from the mid-late 90's, early 00's knows or gives a fuck about Dipset. And why does Jim Jones always look like a fuckin bum? Nigga look like he showers at the Y.

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe HHDX didn't report about Jim Jones begging Tyrese to be his apprentice!! Jimmy was beggin to do store runs for Tyrese to get his foot in the movie biz.

  • Anonymous

    who remembers when triple OG T. Rodgers came out saying jim jones is fake and was never a blood? plus his music is garbage. why anybody even care about this washed up phony still?

  • Anonymous

    this nigga need to shut up he lucky Ra digg is Jail because niggas was getting ready to murder that nigga Jim Jones but he got scare and run little chick

  • a$ap rocky

    I am from the streets nigga!!! I sell my ass every night on these harlem streets. Ask my hoe Yams.

  • POPE

    Yall down wear kilts but your boss wears pink furs, tees, sweats and kicks right? stop it 5

  • Jim Jones

    i'm a clown, ya dig? you can tell my man cam from harlem by his pink fur coats, ya smell me?

  • Anonymous

    everyone knows asap not from the streets, just look at them and listen to their music. dipset & g-unit = the 2 best crews ever, they need to do a project

  • Damn JJ

    Damn Jim Jones been in the game for what 15 years and nigga still looks like he ain't never stepped into a shower.

  • Anonymous

    Vampire life is the hottest shit in these streets from coast to coast.

  • Anonymous

    jim jones is not from the street

  • Belize

    Dear Jim: Do you remember your post Cam "Im wearing scarfs and tight pants" era? I do.

  • My2CentsPlyr

    "Ill still go in Wal-Mart and come out and niggas will still think its Versace." Quote of the season!!!!

    • Anonymous

      This quote is amazing.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it's official. I need to rethink the way I do everything. Jim Jones got the blueprint and the keys to the castle. I need to follow in his footsteps. 1st up on the list, need to hit them rollback licks up, ya dig? Great Value Gucci and LV's all day... OWWW!

  • Anonymous

    Won't be any tension unless Juelz wants it. Hes still hanging and touring with snitches who hold press conferences and run to the law when it gets too hot in the kitchen. Can't blame him he just released the Juelz Santana Slowbucks collection a week before their brand got ruined! Now he's on IG liking posts by Sha Money when hes going at 50 and he even deleted some fuckboy real quick after he posted it about 50 and them robbing his homie at SJ14.

    • Anonymous

      your a 50 cent dick rider in denial if you think that restraining order was fake. GTFOH... 50 snitched on murder inc. fuckboy shit right there.

    • Anonymous

      lets not act like that "restraining" order was proven fake years ago

    • Anonymous

      G-Unit cut slow out years ago so it was no surprise to see him rubbing shoulders with Ross and Khaled and being great friends with Meek Mill even after he went to the law and held a fugazi press conference.

    • Anonymous

      'Slo is a product of G Unit so he is what we thought he was or else STFU" real shit!! lets not act like 50 aint pull no restrainin orders in his day

    • Anonymous

      ^ Dafuq is this guy talkin' bout?

    • Anonymous

      Slo is a product of G Unit so he is what we thought he was or else STFU

    • Anonymous

      I follow Juelz on the gram and he posted and deleted some sideways shit about G-Unit robbing his man slow at Summer Jam. He chose his side now he gotta face the consequences of rolling with rats.

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