HotNewHipHop Lists "15 Classic Hip Hop Debuts"

50 Cent's "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'," Jay Z's "Reasonable Doubt" and Nas(TM) "Illmatic" make the list.

HotNewHipHop has published "15 Classic Hip Hop Debuts,” a list of debut albums that the publication deems worthy of the “classic” label.

"50 Cent’s debut album was a hotly anticipated project at the time boasting production from Dr Dre and Eminem,” the site says. "Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ set off a real bomb when it was released, selling around 12 million units. 50 Cent’s thug image, and stories lived up the hype of the record which candidly told the story of defeating a life of crime and violence.”

Kanye West's College Dropout, Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt and Nas’ Illmatic also made the list.

"20 years later, [Nas] continues to draw in crowds performing the album in its entirely at music festivals this past year,” the site says. "Nas’ Illmatic is respected for its poetic flair. Furthermore, the OG was not afraid to talk about some heavy issues prevalent at the time such as violence, drugs and crime-- all with an acute sense of reality."

For more on Illmatic, which celebrated its 20-year anniversary this year, check the clip below, which features several rappers speaking about the debut album’s impact.


  • youngsta

    drake's thank me later slaughters all of those albums on that shit list.

  • PATHH88

    Lauryn Hill album sucks balls, not even considered a top 100 album ever by Hip hop heads, straight garbage, neo soul pop with a touch of rapping, GTFOH... No Way Out is straight doo doo, Puff cant rhyme, a lot of garbage beats on it, again i dont know a Hip hop head that even BOUGHT this garbage from the original shiny suit man... And lets keep this 100, Straight Outta Compton only half a classic album, some of the tracks on it are straight bullshit, other half are classic... A few, off the top of my head, that maybe should have been in there (why in the fuck did they choose 15??) Paid In Full, It's Dark & Hell Is Hot, Strictly Business, Cypress Hill, The Sun Rises In The East, Lifestyles Of The Poor & Dangerous, Livin Like Hustlers..., Dah Shinin', Take A Look Around, Road To The Riches.......

  • Loquiall

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  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA! How you gonna put no way out there? and no ready to die?

  • Anonymous

    As long as the Wu's album is there. Nothing else to really see here...Move along people!!!!

  • JD

    Snoop's album was easily the most anticipated hip hop debut album of all time.

  • fuccya

    For Gods sake section 80 is 2011 and nowhere near the rest of them. How is it a classic? Thats some aggressive hype for sure!

  • nuc

    OBIE TRICE - CHEERS such an overlooked CLASSIC! 3 or 4 Nate Dogg tracks, 3 Em tracks, 50 on there, Dre. Timbo production..... All around a classic.

    • Anonymous

      Word, I woulda liked to see DMX's debut on there as well. It's Dark And Hell Is Hot is a classic and Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood is damn near close. People sleep on X's first 2 albums, the real Dark Man X shit. Most people just know him for his third album: And Then There Was X, the one that went like 6x platinum with songs like Party Up, but X was so much deeper than that and if people listened to the first 2 albums again they would see that.

  • lol

    is 50cent still alive??????????????????????? could of sworn i seen him in planet of the apes

    • Anonymous

      hey ja groupie whats it like to be the only living male ja rule fan in 2014?

    • Anonymous

      nigga you on every 50 cent article hating you know damn well he alive and getting more money than 95% of the rap game.

  • Anonymous

    replace section 80 with the infamous

    • Anonymous

      Sonned!!! Fake ass hip hop heads making comments but don't even know the history of artists.

    • Anonymous

      this is for debut albums (i know some of these could be debated like eminem with infinite) and juvenile hell was Mobb's debut album.

  • Anonymous

    eastcoast allday

  • drake


  • CPTbpt

    Where is The Documentary? Section80 ... to early to be classic..

  • Anonymous

    wherez rik rozz duzs he not has a clazzik?

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