Da Mafia 6ix's DJ Paul Announces "The Triple 6ix Massacre Tour"

Exclusive: DJ Paul also says that he and Da Mafia 6ix have other tours in the works.

Da Mafia 6ix has announced its The Triple 6ix Massacre Tour, which is slated to kick off July 11 at Club XS in Corpus Christi, Texas and conclude August 29 at LVCS in Las Vegas.

"Who will survive?” DJ Paul says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “It's gona be crazy. We are hitting parts of the South that we missed on the [Triple 6ix] Sinners Tour like Texas, which is where a lot of our fans from day one live. We're also hitting up the Gathering of the Juggalos again, which is a perfect event to fall in our Massacre Tour because it’s so crazy on its own.” 

The Triple 6ix Sinners Tour launched in February and the Gathering of the Juggalos is slated for July 23-27 at Legend Valley, a 120-acre, privately owned and fenced-in outdoor music venue in Thornville, Ohio. Tech N9ne, Da Mafia 6ix, Cypress Hill, Dizzy Wright, Hopsin, Yelawolf, Ces Cru and Madchild are among the acts slated to perform at the event.

DJ Paul says that he and Da Mafia 6ix have other tour plans. 

"We're going to finish the rest of the year out with three more tours planned after The Massacre: a Winter European tour, a DJ Paul college DJ tour... and the other is gonna be so nuts that I'm going to wait to surprise y'all with it,” DJ Paul says, "but basically it's gonna involve DM6, rappers and rockers."

The Massacre Tour itinerary is as follows. More dates are TDB.

7/11 - Corpus Christi, TX @ Club XS

7/13 - San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit

7/25 - Thornville, OH @ Legend Valley - Gathering Of The Juggalos

7/26 - Asheville, NC @ New Mountain Theater

8/02 - Dallas, TX @ Club DaDa's

8/03 - Houston, TX @ Numbers

8/07 - San Angelo, TX @ The Beauregard

8/08 - San Leon, TX @ 18th St Bar & Grill

8/09 - Austin, TX @ Red 7

8/16 - Miami, FL @ Grand Central

8/29 - Las Vegas, NV @ LVCS

The Massacre Tour flyer is as follows:

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck these satanic bitches!!

  • Anonymous

    u got Koop fucked up homie Forever ScareCrow

  • arcade69

    R.I.P lord Infamaous, Juicy j you will be missed, Gangsta Boo hardly scratched the surface on 6 commandments. the rest can hold it down. most known unknown was one of their best albums & best selling and they had only 3 members.


    Damn, they losin members quick. You know juicy aint comin back,no mo boo or Lord either.Ship startin to sink.

  • C-Bass

    Hope that surprise tour is that DM6/ICP tour that could go down. They're putting out a collab album in August from what I've heard. Hope it doesn't get shelved/pushed back. Juggalo For Life MAFIA! For Life RIP Lord Infamous

  • Anonymous

    Three 6 Mafia been through more line up changes then any group I can think of. But this gotta be the worst one yet, Just DJ Paul, Koopsta & Crunchy Black?? Boo and Infamous were the only ones that could rap to begin with and Juicy co-produced the beats. This like the Bench warmers squad.

    • TheIVth

      Nigga Koop was one of the hardest and most versatile out the whole group. He and Lord basically made the group when it came to the demonic feel with the lyrics. Koop is an original

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