Aspect One Says Dizaster & Math Hoffa Fight Caused $80,000 Worth Of Damage

"This ain't dope," Aspect One says of Dizaster's actions. "You didn't get no love from us. You broke our hearts as a man, as a friend."

After a number of battlers have come out with reactions to Dizaster’s punching Math Hoffa over the weekend, President of the West Coast arm of the KOTD battle league spoke exclusively with Battle Rap to provide a different perspective. Claiming that the fight caused as much as $80,000 worth of damage, Aspect One also suggested that the incident has tainted the public image of the West Coast Battle Rap scene.

“We look like a bunch of pussy-ass fools jumping somebody who came out here by himself,” Aspect One said of the fight footage. “Came to the venue with one person. You guys didn’t even fucking let it be fair, like, let him get down on his own. Let Diz fight him by himself outside of the venue, outside of King of the Dot shit without fucking up our equipment. You don’t give a fuck about $80,000 you motherfuckers just fucked up. But you probably wanna fight me over this interview. This is real shit because it’s stupid bullshit. You think we safe if we go to fucking New York? You think we safe if I go out to New York and chill? What the fuck is ya’ll doing this for? How am I gonna book you for battles? How is anybody from New York gonna respect what the fuck what ya’ll did?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Aspect One said that the battle wasn’t the right setting for the fight.

“Diz I’ve known for 15 years,” he said. “I thought that was the most pussy move you could have ever done. If you was really about that fight and being about that fight, you would have fought him in New York when Total Slaughter was in the house. You feel me? It was only other battle rappers, it wasn’t your goons there with you. And I fuck with his goons. But your goons fucked up that night. Ya’ll fucked up. No matter how you look at it. I don’t care.”

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  • SilentMurder

    Who is this guy talking shit? Fuck if I know. WestCoast fucks with Dizaster.

  • Anonymous

    All these battle rap dudes are pussies, crying about dumb shit. Fights aren't planned. They happen on emotional, plus I'm sure a few broken chairs can be replaced.

  • jimjim

    this dude shoulda been eliminated always causing trouble faggot ass nigg

  • Anonymous

    This guy talks and acts like a clown and then expects the entertainers to be some polite upstanding business men? The guys running things shouldn't come off like less mature Justin Beiber mated with Vanilla Ice.

  • Anonymous

    this guy always tries to feel important he is just a wannabe. taking credit for others work.

  • Anonymous

    "Fair one" y'all actin' dumb again...

  • Anonymous

    where im from niggas never heard of a fair one. your man get in some shit? you get in some shit. period. but that rule strictly applies to the streets, and it's not to be enforced at a business function where niggas is supposed to be professionals. if the shit popped off somewhere else and a nigga ends up getting stomped out, well, it is what is.

  • Anonymous

    I'm just starting to see these rap niggas are a bunch of suckas. How are you going to talk this fair fight and jump shit when this nigga Math always punching niggas. As soon as he get punched now everybody got simpathy. Them the same suckas that's scared of the bully so they join them. Hoe ass niggas. In a fight chairs get thrown niggas get stabbed and a bunch of shit that aint fair, Its a fight. Math should learn not to threaten niggas before he come to their backyard

    • RIPDizasterSucksRIP

      Lol all of y'all on here who loves Dizaster didn't know 6 months later he would be murdered by Cassidy, but he was already murked after the Math battle, keep it a buck, the only reason Diz swung at Math was those personals Hoffa brought on his ass.

    • Anonymous

      ^^The part you leaving out is that the whole time Math is saying "do it, do it" and watching the guy get ready. If you telling someone to hit you and they hit you then what are you expecting?

    • Anonymous

      It's sucka shit when Math sucker punches people, and it was a sucka move when Dizaster did it to Math. Now if they decided to square up after the battle and settle it like men and Dizaster punches Math then that's one thing. But I watched what happened. Dizaster acted like he was walking away, moved towards a blind spot, looked at him, and then swung. No ifs, ands, or buts about was a sucker punch and it was wack. Not saying that Math didn't deserve it for all of the times where he pulled that shit...but it was still wack. Makes Battle Rap look like a fucking joke.

  • Nice Read

    smh at most of the lames here. Aspect One said some real shit. The whole fight looked stupid especially since Diz took a cheap shot and all those dudes wouldn't let go of Math while Diz continued with the pussy punches. Df was he thinking? This is battle rap, not some WWE shit. Keep it lyrical and settle your disputes somewhere else. And $80,000 in damage? That's insane. Honestly someone should bring Dizaster and his "goons" to a real hood like Compton and see how tough they are.

    • Will

      That was a pussy move by Diz... That nigga gon get stomped when he go to NY, he aint built like that! That bitch is from the suburbs. I'm from L.A and I don't vouch for his pussy ass move. He betta watch where he go even here LA!!

    • Anonymous

      for the record where I'm from if you swing on my friend I'm jumping in that shit. The only how you are getting a fair one is if we are all friends. Them LA niggas aint Math homie. They did what they were supposed to do. Math lucky he left alive. Them niggas wasn't really trying to jump him like that either. I can tell ya'll a bunch a suckas who never been in those situations. I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. In that situation Math would have never left the club conscious and his pockets would have been emptied.

    • Anonymous

      It wasn't sucka shit when Math punched dose, serius, and a few other people in a battle? You a sucka. Now when he get punched the other dude a punk for hitting him when he dared Diz to do it? You a hoe ass nigga!

  • Anonymous

    One of these battle rap niggas is gonna get snuffed then lose it and innocent people might get blasted. Trust me there are a lot of unstable motherfuckers out there who will take it that far.

  • Anonymous


  • fuccya

    A "friend" did a right thing but he fucked the money up. Lmao, right, "heart"breaking, greedy bastards.


    What? Math started a fight TWICE, during a freestyle battle. They should've banned Math a long time ago and told him to chill out but nahh... they let him continue battle even though he started a huge fight TWICE. This is all BS, Dizaster did the right thing. Fuck these niggaz. Dizaster didnt even jump nobody, it was just him who was fucking him up. This fool wants Dizaster to go to New York and fight with "his goons" are you fucking serious? Fucking envy assHater

    • Anonymous

      ^^The key is they were not in NY. Diz was in his backyard and we all know if it was in NY it would have been different. They were not so that's besides the point. Of course a few of his guys jumped in. They were suppose to. If you attack a friend of mine or if my friend attack you I'm jumping in too no questions on some street shit and we mobbing on anyone trying to break it up too unless they are our people. It was people trying to break it up. He should be grateful to be unhurt after the situation.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^That's not true though. After you see Diz punch Math, you can clearly see Diz's boys going after Math. For part of it, you don't even see Diz, and you see Math fighting Diz's boys. Again...not that Math didn't deserve it...but this wouldn't have happened in NY.

    • Anonymous

      Talk to them hoe ass niggas. Math is the common denominator at every rap battle fight. Now they are claiming it's not his fault. The Kdot people know that so it's their fault for booking him. They said they knew this would happen so they are hoe ass niggas too because they are messing up their own money. If y'all were expecting a fight, then don't complain about your equipment getting messed up.

  • ntrx

    i think the word "goons" is overused these days... white battle rappers with goons, come on, smh (and i'm white too in case anybody wonders)

    • Anonymous

      I was hearing this radio ad everyday for weeks leading up to the last provincial election in Ontario calling the Progressive Conservatives (rich white guys) goons!

    • Anonymous

      Goons is a pretty common word not just reserved for black hood niggas. They use it in hockey. They use it in political campaigns against the other parties as well. Plus that white boy look like hes not no bitch, he really out there with the GOONies

    • Anonymous

      Anybody could have ggons, shit the white got the biggest goon squad out here (army, police)

  • Anonymous

    "We look like a bunch of pussy-ass fools jumping somebody who came out here by himself, Aspect One said of the fight footage. Came to the venue with one person. You guys didnt even fucking let it be fair, like, let him get down on his own. Let Diz fight him by himself outside of the venue, outside of King of the Dot shit without fucking up our equipment." I dont follow this battle rap shit too close but that was super lame to jump a guy who came to battle all by himself.

    • Anonymous

      It wasn't lame if the guy wasn't talking shit and being known for punching people at his battles, he would have never got punched himself.

  • Westcoasttrill

    Aspect1 should really watch his mouth...or next venue might get worse..jus here ain't playin

    • Anonymous

      Did you really just threaten him through a DX comment? Like he's coming on here to read your opinion...

  • eswjdpbfgsc3

    lush one is a real nigguh but aspect is a try hard and a lame.

  • Anonymous

    which one is the white guy and which one is the black guy so i can blame their whole race for behaving like animals.

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