50 Cent Tells Floyd Mayweather To Leave T.I.'s Wife Tiny Alone

50 Cent says Floyd Mayweather is going to get himself shot over the T.I. and Tiny feud.

50 Cent has addressed the ongoing feud between T.I. and Floyd Mayweather following news that T.I.'s wife, Tiny, rebuffed the boxer at a recent red carpet event.  

"Champ, what the fuck are you doin'?" 50 Cent says in an Instagram video. "You better make this shit make sense. You must think this nigga a bitch. You don't play with a man wife like that, man. Man, you gon' get shot over this shit, man. Man, even a bitch-ass nigga will shoot you for some shit like that." 

The video message followed a picture of Tiny ignoring Mayweather. The photograph had the following caption: 

"Now what the fuck is champ doing with TI woman again. He think shit sweet man DAMN. Leave the man lady alone floyd. I'm call you to talk."

Earlier this year, T.I. and Mayweather were reportedly involved in a fight over issues regarding Tiny. Following the alleged altercation, 50 Cent weighed in on the matter, warning Mayweather to leave T.I.'s wife alone. "Your uppercut ain't gon' mean shit when niggas start shootin'," he said to Mayweather in the clip. 

In May, Mayweather explained his feud with T.I..

"My mother had a big, big party for me,” Mayweather said at the time. "They [Tiny and her friend Shekinah] came over and showed love. They came over to my house all cool, all respect. Hang out with The Money Team, my crew. Everybody was cordial. No disrespecting type. After that, I guess she put a picture up on Instagram of her at the fight so I guess he [T.I.] was feeling some type of way...I been knowing Tiny before T.I. I’ve never slept with her. I never kissed her, never touched her in no inappropriate way. Her friend Shekinah wanted to come to the [May 4th] fight. She brought Tiny with her. They came to the fight."


  • Anonymous

    "Man, even a bitch-ass nigga will shoot you for some shit like that." Putting TIP on the spot to look like a bitch? You're never completely sure of Bi-Polar 50's true intentions.

  • Anonymous

    Inspectah fiddy

  • Anonymous

    Who's gonna do the shooting? You Curtis? lol T.I.? lol Mayweather is a grown ass man who would kick both these sensitive niggaz asses.

    • Got Rich & Stopped Tryin'

      "Who's gonna do the shooting? You Curtis?" His goons. Godfather 50 got Far Rockaway niggas on deck.

  • Anonymous


  • Hustle Gang 4 Life

    Lmao Floyd taking L's. First T.I. whooped his ass, then the Tip exposed him for starting rumors about a black eye, and then Tiny swerves on him in public. LMAO #HustleGang #Winning #RIPDoeB

  • rob

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  • Hustle Gang

    Shout out to 50 Cent for letting Floyd Mayweather know the reality of his situation. He has no choice but to apologize at this point. Hustle Gang needs a well written apology letter to the king of the South and 3.5 mil.

  • Anonymous

    lol niggas fighting over one ugly ass bitch

  • On some real shit

    If Floyd wanna take his hoe then he can if he wants. Same goes for Jay, he better watch Beyonce ass cus Floyd will swoop down and take his bitch if he lets her off her leash too far.

  • kennyken

    I agree with 50 on this, but damn 50 this ain't your fight!

  • GetShotSoon

    50 better shut his a** up.

  • Not Impressed

    3 monkeys arguing over a beautiful black queen wow im not impressed.

  • Anonymous

    50 said it... i guess he better listen... lol at how hard this dude is trying to stay relevant.

  • rozaaaaaaay

    50 got more hits on his insta than AA

    • yeayea

      u a damn lie...dont make the city look like a bunch of homo thugs. u know damn well u dont live anywhere near livingston!

    • 614grind

      50 Cent is a fag niggas in Columbus, OH would hold this nigga down and fuck him in the ass. real Bloods on 22nd and Livingston

  • Anonymous

    50 once again baiting T.I. He don't like him, but don't have a valid reason to go at him So he just continuously baits him, T.I. won't bite tho it seems I think when he went at him on the snitch tip and had to let it go after they spoke, he didn't like it but had to becuz on some real nigga shit he knew he was in the wrong. If he still believed what he did after the convo he wouldn't had stopped.

  • Anonymous

    50 instigating shit as usual. Fucking cornball.

  • 420kid

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  • Anonymous

    If Tiny interacts, that is T.I.'s clue to get the fuck out of the marriage. He can get much hotter bitches from the ATL

  • AR

    Fitty stay makin a fool of himself and shaming the black community.

  • Edubb

    First off TINY WANTED TO TAKE THE PIC WITH FLOYD AT FIRST. Like i said before after the stupid shit T.I. must have beat Tinys ass or something. 50 wrong on this Floyds people would mop the floor with that bitch nigga T.I. Anyway on to better news besides this nigga bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      You aiiight edubb? You aint sounding like you usually do

    • Anonymous

      50 Cent knows Floyd very well. I'm sure he knows if his people can do shit or not. Floyd is a boxer and is just a poser hanging with big name rappers. T.I. is more about that life than floyd and i'm sure he knows more people that can go at him. T.I. ain't the hardest motherfucker either. But i bet he has more contacts than floyd if he wants to get someone fukd up.

  • Anonymous

    whats the big deal tiny is an ugly dog rough cunt

    • Anonymous

      @Me She is ugly in every kind of way sorry man your standards are either too low or you just want to defend an ugly girl

    • Anonymous

      ^Cosign Lets see yo bitch homie, IF you have one, lol, bunch of weirdos you are

    • JMG

      SMH @ random people calling another man's wife "an ugly hoe". Coward ass, girl ass, Internet nerd shit. It's TI's wife! HIS wife. HIS family. He has CHILDREN with her! Why is it anyone's concern what she LOOKS like? Just like 50 said, it's easy to look cool from a distance, but I BET none of you toddlers would say that to TI's face.

    • Me

      Fam, many of these pretty chicks is dumb as hell or either lack attention.. My girl isn't from America so I don't have to deal with the dumb chicks who know nothing about nothing and only want a man because of what he has because that's the American culture, so my point is Tiny might be not what you like but she was successful before T.I and she wasn't chasing him because of what he had because she had way more than him.. @Ref respect but the new school don't have a clue and they don't come from respect or you can't give it to them because they don't know what to do with it..

    • Anonymous

      ^ You have very low standards. She an ugly ass bitch. I mean i can't believe T.I. would date such an ugly hoe. even a broke ass like me wouldn't fuckin date that ugly hoe

    • Ref

      @Me, while it is true that Anonymous showed feminine characteristics in his post. you also showed a lack of testosterone by displaying your sensitive side in your post by calling him a clown. I'm calling this one a draw 1-1.

    • Me

      Cmon she ain't ugly like your saying, when she was in the group nobody was saying that, she might not be fine as hell but she ain't ugly you Ugly mofkr.. You sound like a chick calling another chick ugly you fkn clown..

  • Anonymous

    Chump, I mean Champs stays taking Ls, he got the cold shoulder (IN PUBLIC)from two chicks in the same week.

  • fuck lameass 50 cent

    I hope that someone will beat 50 cent the attentionwhore down. This guy is so immature and annoying.

  • me

    50 ain't getting at Floyd, he really gettin at T.I and as soon as T.I responds he's going to sic Buck on him, just watch..

    • Anonymous

      Wooooo, lol

    • @theFAKEme

      Those words that just came out your mouth only came out because that's how you get down.. Real men don't do that you fkbwoy, learn how to articulate yourself you dumb motherfkr, speak you coward, you sound like a kid you broke fk..

    • Me

      I just like saying bullshit. All i really want to say is i would like a taste of 50 Cent's dick.

    • Me

      @anonymous (Don't understand your response Homie) wtf fuck you cant read getting a t.i?

    • Anonymous

      wtf fuck you cant read getting a t.i?

    • Me

      Dude, T.I.P don't have no competition where he is, but Buck is equipped with that Tennessee soul, that shit that remind you of 2Pac when he spit from the gut.. Think about it, T.I raps about the street and Buck raps about everything, he can spit on anything with anybody.. Not to many southern cats could rock with NY rappers, let's not get it twisted, your speaking to a Pac fan first, you acting like T.I on that level.. lol, I speak from an O.G perspective youngin.. @anonymous Don't ever think that 50 is trying to help T.I, trust me, I come from where he comes from and the environment don't allow you to rock like that..

    • Chris+

      And T.I.P. will murk them both at the same time lyrically. Lol. You seriously think Buck is on T.I.P.'s level with bars? Lol, Lol man.

    • Anonymous

      naw it seems like hes taking up for t.i. here.

  • Anonymous

    I'm guessing if 50 told Floyd to eat pancakes instead of waffles that would be news too.

  • Anonymous

    he's right though. TI ain't scared of Floyd and he wont be fighting fair.

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