Young Thug Details "A Million" Lil Wayne Collaborations, Young Money, 300 Label Deal

Young Thug also says he plans to release music with Nicki Minaj.

Following reports of him signing with 300 and given his affiliation with Young Money, Young Thug was recently asked whether he is signed to 300 or Young Money. 

"We signed forever," he said in an interview with MTV. "It’s not no 300, it’s not no 100, 250 — whatever you call it, it’s a lifetime warranty, you dig? It’s in and out. Blood in, blood out."

During the interview, Thug also promised new music with Nicki Minaj. 

“I’m gonna do something for my project and [Nicki’s] project because we’re family and it wouldn’t be right if I just did hers, and it won’t be right if she just did mine,” he said. 

Beyond Nicki, Thug says he's recorded "a million" collaborations with Lil Wayne. 

Birdman, who is with Thug during this interview, also says that Young Money is planning to release a lot of new music soon. 

More from this interview is below.

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  • Anonymous

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