Horseshoe Gang "Cobzilla: Mixtape Monthly Vol. 8" Cover Art, Tracklist & Mixtape Stream

Horseshoe Gang has released "Cobzilla: Mixtape Monthly Vol. 8."

Horseshoe Gang has released Cobzilla: Mixtape Monthly Vol. 8

The effort features Iceman, Supa Bean and Tim West, among others. It was hosted by DJ Far. 

During a 2013 interview with HipHopDX, Crooked I said the following regarding Horseshoe Gang

"They got the metaphors," Crooked I said. "They got the punchlines. They got the rhyme flow, the patterns. They really understand Hip Hop. They're hungry and humble. I mean, they got the ingredients man. Those dudes are stars." 

Cobzilla: Mixtape Monthly Vol. 8's mixtape cover art, tracklist and stream are below.

1.MMV8 Iceman Intro
2.We Started This B.R.O 1
3.Don't Know How To Chill ft Supa Bean
4.Hide & Seek ft KareLezz
5.You Can Get It Then Ft Tim West
6.Looking At Me ft P.W.T
7.Cut That Bitch Off ft Niqle Nut
8.It Goes Down Round Here
9.Hungry ft Tim West
10.Texting Her ft Iceman
11.Put Some Shoes On

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  • HHp

    They can rap for sure And they are waaay better then most

  • Psycho Maestro

    My favorite rap group alive. Unfuckwitable emcees

  • TM


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