T.I. Addresses Justin Bieber's Racist Remarks, Azealia Banks Dissing Wife Tiny

T.I. says Bieber is set to be held accountable for his words and that Azealia Banks is like a person who is drowning.

T.I. recently addressed Justin Bieber and the singer's unearthed recordings, which feature the star as a teenager using the n-word and making racist remarks. 

“Every man is held accountable for his actions and his words spoken,” T.I. says in an interview with MTV. “However, I also think we should take into account the time in which this happened and the age of the person when it happened...I think that he definitely has to answer to it. He definitely has some explaining to do. But I think everybody that heard it has to allow him that opportunity. You can’t already convict somebody before they come forth with their rebuttal or their explanation. I think that is pivotal.”

Beyond Bieber, T.I. also addressed Azalea Banks, who he's been feuding with because the rapper mocked T.I.'s wife's appearance. 

In the clip, T.I. compares Azalea Banks to a person that is drowning. "It's just like when you see a person out in the middle fo the ocean driving," he says. "They have no real strategy, no real application of skill to get them through this situation...until they eventually drown."  

On June 17, T.I. said the following about Banks

"U musty-mouthed-thot-bot-bad-body-syphilis-lipped-rectum-vomit-unimportant-ugggggly-monstrosity-of-a-maggot-ass BIIIIIIIITCCHHHH!!!!!! If u speak ill of my family again..... I WILL END YOU!!!!!! #OnPHIL #OnDOE #NoBuuulllshit people fall down stairs daily.... U better watch yo step,u ungly-ass Gremlin-baby #nerveofdisCretin #fuckouttahea," T.I. said in an Instagram post.

Banks responded by saying T.I.'s wife has "meth mouth" and is a "busted bumpkin."  

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  • Eb

    How do you guys feel about his track No Mediocre with Iggy Azealia? I love it!

  • Omega

    RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Just like we all let Donald Sterling come forth and state his case first? Nah man fuck that, Bieber may have the ghetto pass for WHATEVER reason but the shit he said was whack beyond leagues and pretty much way worse than Sterling's comments. Unacceptable no matter what. Fuck you TI for dick riding Biebs.

  • knock

    Yea even if was a minute ago you know he gonna give a answer for what he said in the video It's been a minute but SOMEONE still chose to release it. In this day and age of the net people gonna comment and some think they deserve an answer, but he did try to run from it almost as fast as he did from Titty Gate with janet Jackson at the superbowl.

  • bankhead bricks

    that instagram post tho LMAO TIP sounded heated

  • Anonymous

    lol can't this nigga sound like a normal person? talkin bout "pivotal" lmao nigga u and Curtis should quit that smart talk

    • DUFF

      What is pivotal? For him to explain himself? Well, with the majority of his fans being teenage white girls I don't think his career will be affected too much lol...pivotal, gtfoh. T.I. be sounding like ya boy Oswald Bates from In Living Color...for those that don't know that's the skit where Damon Wayans played a dude in prison who put words together that didn't make since.

  • 901DATSME


  • Alesha

    Lol people are so ignorant...braids aint just for black people nor his hip hop or rap...we all say shit we shouldnt people need to get over themselves...people acting like they aint do shit wrong...it was wrong for beiber to say what he dis but it aint no different than the black rappers who talk shit about white people...gtfoh

    • Anonymous

      How I read that comment was it's a fad to them, whatever the blacks are doing do that instead of being yourself, and that is true in the industry. And since we agree justin was wrong, my wrongs and your wrongs don't make his wrong easier to digest, let justin handle his wrong like he do us, ok?

  • Anonymous

    Azalea Banks maybe right in her comments...she should be allowed to express her self....

    • fuccya

      What ever happened to expressin yourself outside or face to face instead of writin shit on twitter.

  • Lara

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  • zachos

    Someone needs to lend hhdx their spell check. If i saw someone driving in the middle of the ocean i'd be extremely impressed. lol "It's just like when you see a person out in the middle fo the ocean driving"

  • Anonymous

    Tiny is so cute


    Niggas are the ones givin bieber a pass with that shit by still working n hangin with him.White folks already been tired of him and want him deported.

  • Anonymous

    Damn he called Lloyd Banks a bitch! thats fucked up my nigga!

  • TheRealness

    Dam black people don't care no more smfh

  • Anonymous

    t.i. is selling out hard this year

  • Anonymous

    back then he didn't like hip hip and didn't want to be apart of it now his at the awkward age of i wanna be black and do hip hop and rnb then in a fews years he will grow up justin timberlake was the same at that age walking round with fucking braids and wearing hip hop gear thinking he was black but then he grew up and turned into a dope fucking artist

  • Anonymous

    Another uncle Tom who doesnt want to lose some white fans. SMH

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