Bishop Brigante Discusses Math Hoffa, Dizaster Battle

Bishop Brigante says nobody should be afraid to battle anywhere in Battle Rap.

In an exclusive interview with, Bishop Brigante spoke on the upcoming matchup between Math Hoffa and Dizaster, a battle that is set to take place at King Of The Dot’s “Battle Of LA 5” June 27-28. Speaking particularly about Dizaster’s comments that Math Hoffa is scared to battle him in California, Bishop Brigante calls such remarks corny and questions the worth of such threats. 

“I can’t even answer for Math Hoffa because I’m not him,” Bishop Brigante says. “But if somebody has made him afraid to come and battle in California, I think that’s corny. Why? What’s it worth? It’s battle rap, man. Everybody says all this mean stuff to each other. Save it for the ring. 

“I don’t know why Dizaster said that, if there’s a behind-the-scenes story why he said that.” Bishop Brigante continues regarding Dizaster’s comments. “I don’t know if Math Hoffa is [scared]. I don’t think he should be. I don’t think anybody should be afraid to battle anywhere ‘cause your life shouldn’t be on the line with this shit. This is Hip Hop. This is Battle Rap. It doesn’t have to be some shoot ‘em up shit or violent shit. It don’t have to be that. Have fun. Let’s hear some bars. Lyricism.”

To watch the interview, visit Battle Rap.


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