Eminem Called Jadakiss About "Time's Up" Rhyme

Jadakiss says he knew his "parallel park" line "was a great one" when Slim Shady called him to talk about it.

Jadakiss says he knew he had a great line on "Time's Up" when he received a phone call from a fellow emcee. 

"I knew that was a great one when Em[inem] called me to talk about that line," Jadakiss says in an interview with XXL. "That’s when I knew that was a good one. He felt that line just as well as you felt it. This is when I was thinkin’ about it. That was a pat on the back for me. I felt good getting a call from one of my colleagues that I got a lot of respect for to feel that bar right there. That probably helped to get him on there, liking that joint." 

The line Jadakiss is referencing is: "Don't make me put your heart in your lap / Fuck riding the beat, nigga, I parallel park on the track."

Jadakiss says Eminem reaching out to him about the line made him analyze the state of Rap. 

"That’s how you gotta be in the Rap game," he says. "Back then—not to take [away] nothing that’s going on now—you had to have lyrics to even get into a certain realm. To get Big’s attention and be recognized by [Jay Z], to Nas, to Wu[-Tang Clan], to Redman, Eminem, all of these dudes. Snoop [Dogg]. You had to have some lyrics. You can swag your way into the winner’s circle now. It’s nothing wrong with that. I am glad I came into the game at the time that I came in. It made me respect it more. If you didn’t have no firepower, they wouldn’t let you in at the time when we got in the show." 

Eminem has expressed his appreciation for Jadakiss on "'Till I Collapse," where Eminem names 'Kiss among other rappers he respects in the industry, including Tupac, Jay Z, Kurupt and Nas. 

In 2011, Jadakiss listed Eminem as one of his favorite emcees.

“Biggie, Tupac, Jay Z, Nas, Eminem, [and] Styles P,” Jada said at the time. 

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  • Ciggie

    When an ill emcee comments about other ill emcees respect it. No one wants to hear half your opinions here. You all bums who cares what u think even ur mama dont

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

    It's the same song and dance for who's everyone's favorite rapper(s). It's always the same dudes... Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas Eminem etc etc, yada, yada, yada. To some people, it's like no other great rappers exist. Your favorite rapper doesn't always have to be either Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas or Eminem. LMAO! What about Kool G Rap, Ras Kass, Buckshot, Canibus, GZA, Big Pun, Prodigy (in his prime) etc, I could go on and on.

  • Anonymous

    that one eminem song till i collapse better than his last couple albums lol

  • Anonymous

    jada lyrically is top 5

  • Anonymous

    Lot of eminem fans here who have no idea about rap Surprising?

  • MS

    When are peopl goin to learn and accept how good eminem is? rappers (black btw) say shit like this... "oh when EM called ME thats when I KNEW i had something" and being another rapper out of god knows how many more that put em in their top 5

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Jada with one hot line, now make a hot album because since 1998 all your shit was so so

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  • RR

    Why is there no mention of what album "Time's Up" appears on? The year it came out? Is this a Jadakiss solo track? And Eminem track that Jada appeared on? A mixtape cut? Who produced it? Etc... There seems to be a direct correlation between the expansion of the DX writing staff and the quality of the journalism.

  • Anonymous

    Of course we gotta get confirmation from the white man before we can feel good about ourselves. This is a disgrace.

  • all bald heads

    Isn't this man Jadakiss in the Turtles movie ? with Ne-Yo, Jeezy, and Charlamagne tha god.

  • Man fuck a top 5

    That shit is so lame! Theres way too many ill MCs to round them all into 5. And how does 2pac get into everyones list i think thats overrated 2pac was defintely a great story teller rapper but as far as lyricists hes nowhere near wu tang, lox, nas, kool g rap, big pun, az,...

    • Naw the west got lyrics too

      Kurupt is better than paz

    • ELI

      Go listen to Me Against The World (Album) if u think tupac aint lyrical DumbFuck, ever heard the song "If I Die 2nite" ??

    • ^ please

      everyone thinkin they know shit cuz they have dead celebrity syndrome when it comes to tupac. yes in terms of lyrics and skills he is right, tupac is nowhere near the top

    • Man STFU

      nigga shut the fuck up and stop hatin on Pac. He better than Big pun looks like yo dumbass think hip hop revolves around NY. fuck that shit

  • Never heard a wack Jada verse

    jada got so many classic quotables from his d-block lox tracks to solo and features freestyles the track record is crazy. His beat choices aint always been the best but bar for bar not many fuckin wit kiss

  • Ballin Balls

    dmx xzibit eminem ice cube nas

  • Anonymous

    kiss is dope but i cant see him on top 5 next to BIG,Pac,Nas,Em ect he's more in the lane of like Fab,Cassidy,Papoose,banks, he only had 2 great albums imo 3rd was ok had couple good tracks on there, he a type of artist that try stay relevant in the game thats why im not to sure about his new album TOP5, he bout to have wayne, ross, wiz, smh

  • Top 5 Dead or Alive

    1 - Jadakiss 2 - Fabolous 3 - Andre 3000 4 - MC Breed 5 - Xzibit

  • raw rhymes

    Nigga please, I drive wit only my knees, Drinking n smoking, Gas cap left open.

  • Anonymous

    The line is too complicated to figure out BECAUSE YOU EXPECTING SOMETHING BETTER THAN WHAT THE ACTUAL MEANING IS. when you do finally figure it out it's just such a let down and so boring that you feel mad at the effort you put in for such a BS payoff

  • Anonymous

    this line requires an extra step mentally that is too obtuse for non-rap-nerd normal ppl.

  • WTF

    I also suck huge cocks, so you should probably ignore my faggy opinion - sorry eminem.

  • Anonymous

    The line is easy to understand, 'riding the beat' as an emcee is easy, just keep up with it, "parallel parking" is a metaphor for the complexity of his flows, parallel parking is more of a task when driving or 'riding', the fact that it went over your heads is probably why fellow emcees appreciate it so much, its simple yet complex, a dope line

    • Anoni

      maybe Im reading too deep into it but "heart" "beat" and "parallel park" made me think he couldve been talkin bout how when someone dies, the two lines go flat on the life support machine. i cant remember if there are actually two lines on it but it would make sense and be mad clever if there are.

    • Anonymous

      Negro please. Stop acting like a professor, anyone with half a brain could understand that line.

  • Will $teel

    LOL da fuck this "journalist" smokin? Em NEVER mentioned Jada on Til I Collapse

  • Kramer

    I dont understand the line

  • Anonymous

    that line is so corny and it took me a second to even understand what it meant. i dont know what em was thinking if that story is true

  • Original

    jadakiss got them jordan retro 23s on his wall, them ho's rare

  • m

    thats a dope line but the opener is one of my all time favorites. "im the nigga with the perpetual oyster bars, mother of pearl delivery, the voice of god." so sick.

  • WTF

    come on kiss I recognized your skills and your bars but are you gonna be another one of these niggas who suck up to the white boy so you can get record sales. Come on people stop selling out to the white man.

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