Lil Durk Says He Wants To Get At Game's "Wife," Explains Tyga Beef

Lil Durk says answers to his beef with Tyga will come the upcoming "Signed To The Streets 2" mixtape.

In a recent interview with This Is 50, Lil Durk explains his beef with Tyga. 

He says the feud started when they were recording together in Los Angeles. Tyga became upset at something and the issue escalated.

“I got all the questions [answered] on the mixtape, though,” Lil Durk says, referring to his forthcoming Signed to the Streets 2.

The dispute resulted in a lyrical battle. Lil Durk dissed Tyga on Meek Mill’s “Chiraq Freestyle.” Tyga responded with “Chiraq to LA” that featured Game. 

Lil Durk says he heard that Tyga paid Game to appear on the response track. 

“Niggas can’t hold they own weight,” Lil Durk says of the rumor. “That’s why.” 

During the This Is 50 interview, Lil Durk says he’d like to get at “Tiffney,” whom he refers to as Game’s wife. Game has been engaged to Tiffney Cambridge, though the two did not wed.

Elsewhere in the interview, Lil Durk also expresses his concern over the violence in Chicago. 

“Put the guns down,” he says. “That’s all I’m saying. Chicago fucked up. Every city has they time on the violence, but that shit overboard over there.”

In May, Lil Durk announced his forthcoming album via Twitter and said it will be called Remember My Name

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  • Drake runs rap

    i admit it i'm a delusional fag and drake is a poser

  • TheRealness

    He say she say dude sound like a female. Somebody end this and the rest of Chicago artists careers.

  • Anonymous

    pretty sure that lil durk isn't gonna live too much longer...

  • t

    wow wtf is a lil durk? stay in the Chicago with the rest of the worlds worst rappers lil bitch

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  • kdogg

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  • 300 for life

    dude didnt know who was tiffaney, his brother is the one that told him to say that, durk will have game and tyga killed he had a concert last week in LA and tyga went to paris lol, same shit when Gconut flamed game ass lol, gayme is a former stripper and stealing other rich nigga pics on instagram .... game aint no blood spider loc exposed you as big fase

    • Anonymous

      how old are you? durk is not going to have anybody killed hes too busy watching his rappers get killed n locked up... what like 5-6 in the past year?

  • Anonymous

    Game should drop a 2 bar diss song to lil durk that goes like this I just googled your baby momma. Have a nice day.

  • The real me Again

    GAME STR8 BEASTIN ON THESE NICCAS lol at the dude quoting me below. Im flattered nicca, really.

  • Anonymous

    Love to see this little fag get up in Games face and say some of the shit he saying. Hiding like a little queer, at least 40 cock took his beating, even if he did squirm and run like a bitch,lol.

  • Anonymous

    who d fuck is ds lil fuck boy???i dont even know any of his songs???heard one song recently,ds nigga cant rap to save his life...lmao @ lyrical battle!!!!!!!!!

  • V-Nasty is God

    I want to get at Durk's baby mama.... said no one ever

  • Kay-R

    DAMN Durk... This ain't what you want. Nigga done made a big mistake. Game will either record his ass getting beat down on worldstar, diss him until he has no career anymore (if he had one), or get the nigga shot down just like he did wit the nigga who "knocked him out". Game done did those things, one nigga you don't go at in the industry is Game #Fact

  • Anonymous

    durk is a shit ass black

  • Anonymous

    Lil Durk look like Mario Chalmers little brother

  • Anonymous

    Black culture is a beautiful thing; hip-hop should be proud!!!

  • Anonymous

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    • SJ

      "durks "squad" has no pull outside of the 3 block radius theyre from...why do you think these rappers are connected made men? especially a 20 year old who looks like hes scared or crying all the time?" You got it fucked up if you think squads are immobile. Dudes and not just Durk got niggas on them. Durk's amicability with niggas from his hood shows what they'll be willing to do for him. If you took a look at dude's rap sheet I doubt you would be acting as if he's just putting on a front.

    • Anonymous

      "First off, Durk could call in a squad and rape the shit out of that bitch if he wanted to I'm pretty sure." durks "squad" has no pull outside of the 3 block radius theyre from...why do you think these rappers are connected made men? especially a 20 year old who looks like hes scared or crying all the time?

    • Yo, Lil Dick. U

      Co-sign. Durk looks about 12, is small,scrawny wimpy lookin nigga. Tiff wants a man to fuck her good, not some little kid who looks like he broke out of elementary.

    • @Butthurt durk stans

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    • Anonymous

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    • SJ

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    • Anonymous

      i cant believe she fucks with a former male stripper who lies on instagram weekly, had a sisqo tattoo on his chest, a tongue ring, a butterfly face tat and appeared on dating reality show Change Of Heart. Not to mention Game beat the shit out of her, broke her nose, busted her eye socket all in front of their kids. He even told his kids if they called the cops mommy and daddy would have to go to jail.

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  • theantagonisth

    Game has already stated that Durk wasn't even on his radar when he recorded that track with Tyga - Durk is making a mistake going after Game over it!

    • Anonymous

      lil homie. the nigga is a fraud and everyone including game knows tyga is soft as cotton and not from compton. he pays for a hood pass.

    • @anon

      Difference is that as annoying as Tyga is, he's Games lil homie and he kinda stuck up for him like on some big brother type shit. 50 on the other hand is a user and Game seen that shit and decided not to shit all over his own career by beefing with all those niggas 50 had a problem with. Look what happened to buck,banks etc.

    • Anonymous

      so Game dissed a nigga that he didnt even know because Tyga asked him too? Fuck thats some bitch nigga shit. What did Tyga ever do for Game? This is the same guy that wouldn't ride for 50 in the beef after he gave him his first hits, made him a rich famous star!

  • yeahererer

    Lil Durk says answers to his beef with Tyga will come the upcoming "Signed To The Streets 2" mixtape.

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  • OTF Ain't Shit

    Run with Durk u get flatlined, ask NuNu about that LMAO This nigga gonna lose

  • Anonymous

    oh no he di int. Oh no he di int

  • smh

    He looks like a scared lil boy. Can hardly speak on his own. He's a lil yes boy. Weeeeak

  • DX Is Dead

    LOL at "lyrical battle".

  • Anonymous

    oh no he didnt!

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