Ray J Lampooned On Marlon Wayans' "Funniest Wins" TBS Reality Show; Episode Released

UPDATE: Video of Marlon Wayans' "Funniest Wins" comedy reality show roasting Ray J premieres today.

Marlon Wayans says that Ray J is the target of several jokes during an episode of his new comedy reality show, Funniest Wins, which premieres on TBS today (June 20) at 10 pm EST.

“We roast him and his penis a lot,” Wayans said of Ray J after an exclusive screening of the first episode of Funniest Wins in Los Angeles yesterday (June 19). “Jenny [Zigrino, one of the contestants] said that his dick was so crooked, she saw it on Sesame Street trying to teach little kids the letter ’S.’ That shit made me laugh."

Ray J starred in a sex tape with Kanye West's now-wife, Kim Kardashian, which was released seven years ago.

Wayans, who appears in and executive produced Funniest Wins, serves as a mentor of the comedians who are vying for a $100,000 prize and the opportunity to star in a show on Wayans’ WhatTheFunny.com.

The comedians — Zigrino, Billy Sorrells, Christina Pazsitzky, Jason Nash, Key Lewis, Manon Matthews, Matt McManus, Ryan “Rydoon” Muldoon, Sydney Castillo and Tiffany Haddish — are tasked with delivering a variety of styles of comedy, from skits to standup.

In the first episode, the comedians reference Jay Z and other pop culture figures.

(June 20, 2014)

UPDATE: The episode of Funniest Wins that features a roast of Ray J is slated to air on TBS today (July 18) at 10 pm EST.

The episode is also available to view as follows:

For more Ray J coverage, watch the following DX Daily:




  • Toletha

    FINALLY Marlon, you got the right audience for the black comedians on Funniest Wins -- the Biker Club! Billy Sorrells has been at the bottom because the right audience (or even a good mix) has not been there. Even the comedian who went home understood and admitted that she just didn't have the right audience. Timing, along with the right material, is everything. Granted, a good comedian should be able to make any audience laugh. But let's keep it real. That's not how it goes for the most part. A majority black audience can relate more to a black comedian's material just as a majority white audience is going to relate more to a white comedian's material. That's just the way it goes. George Carlin comes to mind as one of those rare comedians who was able to cross over and make ANY audience laugh out loud. But not every comedian can do that.

  • Toletha

    Marlon, I'm wondering how you are selecting your viewing/voting audiences. It ain't my show, but I think it needs to be more racially diverse. Comedians (for the most part)do comedic exaggerations about their environment and upbringing. And let's just face it -- Black comedy and white comedy is quite different for the most part. What will have blacks rolling in the aisle may not affect a white person the same way and vice versa. That's why we see more blacks at black comedian shows and more whites at white comedian shows. They can relate more to what is being joked about. I just think it's unfair for you to have predominantly white audiences for your new show when the comedians are both black and white. Even when the comedians played "the dozens," we all know that the winners would have turned out quite differently had the audience been more evenly divided racially. I hope a change is coming.

  • Anonymous

    Marlon's the corniest in the family Damon da Gawd tho

  • Anonymous

    Ray J beat up Fabolous and will now introduce some curb to Marlon Wayan's diet.

  • Anonymous

    He is gay. us black people don't like faggots, funny boys, queers, or burrito fights

  • Money First

    That comment Marlon could have saved....If you joking about Ray J just say that but to add in his private parts thats suspect as hell!!


    I thought Shawn was the gay one?

  • YMH

    High and tight. Jeans Unit!!!

  • Drett

    Marlon Wayans is suspect, that nigga a closet fag. He stay promoting homosexuality through his improves, standups, n movies smh. A matter of time till this nigga come out the closet. when as this nigga ever had a girlfriend or been photographed with a girl smh. jokin about another man's private parts wtf?!?

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