ScHoolboy Q Shot At Outside His Colorado Concert With Nas, Flying Lotus; Police Audio Released

UPDATE #2: Police audio regarding the shooting outside of a Nas, ScHoolboy Q and Flying Lotus concert in Colorado has been released.

ScHoolboy Q was apparently detained after a shooting took place in the parking lot of Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheater yesterday (June 19) outside of a Nas, ScHoolboy Q and Flying Lotus concert. Three people were reportedly wounded in the shooting.

The TDE rapper provided an update on his status today.

"im str8...... don’t trip,” ScHoolboy Q wrote in a tweet today (June 20).

After the shooting, the venue was shut down and law enforcement officials searched for the gunman. Authorities said they were looking for a Black male with a rifle. 

Karl Gehring, whose verified Twitter account says he is a reporter for The Denver Post, took a photograph of ScHoolboy Q, saying he was detained by Denver Police. The Denver Post published Gehring's photograph.

ABC's James Dougherty also posted an image of Q, saying the image was of "the man detained.”

ScHoolboy Q’s tweet from today and Dougherty's photo from yesterday are as follows:

(June 20, 2014)

UPDATE: An SUV carrying ScHoolboy Q was fired upon yesterday (June 19) outside of a Colorado concert featuring Nas, Flying Lotus and the TDE rapper, according to The Denver Post.

Three unidentified individuals in the vehicle in which ScHoolboy Q was traveling were struck by the gunfire and were transported to the Denver Health Medical Center, the story says.

One of the victims has been released and the other two sustained injuries not deemed life-threatening.

The shooting took place at approximately 10:25 pm local time.

(June 24, 2014)

UPDATE #2: Police audio surrounding the June 19 shooting of an SUV carrying ScHoolboy Q outside of a Colorado concert featuring Nas, Flying Lotus and the TDE rapper was released by TMZ today (June 24).

“We need to make sure that we have about eight cars going to this call and that they’re rifle-ready," a male caller is heard saying on the audio.

The full audio is as follows:

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  • 7daynikka

    q better leave that nigga bishop time he aint missing


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  • Mitch

    It takes a true coward to pick up a gun.

  • Johnny Blaze

    people talkin a lot of shit about colorado on here...colo is one of the most beautiful states in the country...i lived in colorado springs for 6 months and i wouldnt mind moving back...people on here act like its bad thats its not as run down as LA or have as many fake people as NY.... i aint from here so i aint even being biased

  • Big Guwap

    If you aint getting money then I think you dAnnotateont deserve it You reach for my chain you be another dead person Big Guwap, why they call me Mr. Perfect Then look me in my eyes when you see me cuz youre nervous I murk your homeboy and I smoked a pound of purple Youre talkin to the cops, pussy nigga I know youre worthless Hard top Rolls, smoking kush behind the curtains The word just came in, wutchu wanna purchase?

  • Andre.CO

    Denver has some wannabe's and some real gangs just like any other big city. Obviously nothing as crazy as LA, Chicago, Detroit, etc. But there's gangs and what not. People think Colorado is just ski resorts, rich white people, mountains, and weed.......yet we have a huge Latino community, and sizable black communities in Northeast Denver. Everyone wants to talk about QUIK dissing Denver or whatever. But no one talks about him getting his ass beat in Denver, and having to come back to Denver county to testify about it.

  • Anonymous

    LOL what a fraud. Q got so scared he crashed his car and got shot.

  • Anonymous

    niccas know q can't rap for shit so they decided to cap him

  • Knowledge Born

    A RIFLE!?! Good lord, this rap beef has gotten more depraved as time goes on.

  • Bubba Bexley

    You have some real hogs in Colorado and some suckas in Colorado just like anywhere else man. Cats act like LA don't have any punks that do dumb shit!! This shit happened in Morrison, not Denver by the way. And people act like that DJ Quik reference over 20 years ago tells the whole story about our city...It doesn't!! He got his ass whooped out here and came back to testify in court about it, but no one EVER mentions that part do they??? This was some senseless bullshit no matter how you slice it. I just hope everyone is alright.

    • Anonymous

      Tell em whats up nigga. Muthafuckas dont know shit about our state but talk like they do. Niggas dont know youll get fucked up in areas like 5 points, parkhill, aurora shit niggas can think denvers a "cowtown" if they want to.

    • Bubba Bexley

      And I don't know what this other nigga down here is talkin about that claims... he was "in the streets in Denver, lookin for the boss, hustlin." Who says shit like that?!?!

  • Nat_Turner2020

    Q show hella love and is very humble. Don't seem like his style to get outta pocket or amp for no reason...why they bang on em?

    • Anonymous

      Best reply here Why i never believe these nerds

    • Shyne's Pe'ots

      some citites(most if not all actually)extort rappers for money or songs when they come through so that the rapper doesn't get any sort of problems. Q probably said fuck them niggas and that's what happened.

  • Bucktown

    These celebrity types should know better, they need to have their security right, even if its just the bulletproof truck, the Conquest Knight XV that'd do the trick.

  • Troy Ave

    I wish Azealia Banks would handcuff me to her bed and her and Solange Knowles and take turns farting in my mouth and making me lick and swallow the liquid from their wet farts in the crevice of their asscheeks while spitting in my mouth.

  • Rockaye

    These gangster rap negroes keep putting their lives and everybody else's life in danger with this negative bullshit. If Q doesn't change his lifestyle then he deserves to die..

    • Rockaye

      Your obviously ignorant dude. I went to school with fella's like these. Their bullies and their parasites. They only care about rapping and robbing innocent people. Imagine going to a school where even the principal is scared to talk to these guys. They rob,beat and kill hard working and good people and they have absolutely no remorse about it after.

    • Anonymous

      Cool opinion, who else deserves to die according to to anonymous internet judge of all men?


    There's gangs in every big city. Yes Denver too. Denver has a big Latino community, and a sizeable black community in the Northeast part of the city. Just ask Chauncey Billups about where he grew up. Not saying the hood in Denver is Detroit or Compton, but there's bad hoods in every city. Just watch that gangland about the North Side Mafia. Remember Darrent Williams or whatever, the Bronco football player???? Brandon Marshall pissed off these guys at a club in Denver.....happened to be members of the Tre Tre Crips, a Northeast Denver street gang. Well they shot up his Limo or whatever after he left, and that's how that guy died. People think all Colorado has is mountains, ski resorts, rich white people, and weed. Lol. They have one of the largest Latin communities in the country, and the god damn state name is Spanish. Check out these articles if you think Denver or Colorado has no gang problems.... Gallant Knights Insane are recognized by the damn FBI lol

  • Anonymous

    Them Nazi's masquerading as the police in Denver probably shot at Q and crew so they'd have a reason to tell those white fans they cant have no more Hip Hop out there. These police be taking orders to do lil snake shit and then claim they couldnt or didnt catch nobody. A rifle? really? probably one of their shooters...

    • Anonymous

      lol great conspiracy theory bro. or maybe a black guy in colorado really had a rifle and shot 3 niggas in an SUV after a rap concert. LOL use your brain.

  • Robb

    Mad Maxx probly got hit.

  • Anonymous

    This shows you how Schoolboy Q is the wackest nigga in his camp. This shit wouldn't happen to Kendrick or Jay Rock.

  • hbhjb

    dat tweet by James made me LOL and thank god Nas and Flying Lotus are ok.. idgaf bout Q

  • Isaiah Staples

    Its 2014 and niggas still shootin rappers? Nigga shoot ya self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C

    This was a since-less act. It would be understandable if Denver or Colorado had gang members that made since. You have crips living next-door to bloods. You have gang members that have a mom, and dad at home or know where their mom, and dad are. You don't have a lot of parents in the hood on dope, in jail, or dead. Colorado has never had real gang members. We have people that come from a good homes that just want to be bad for some reason and think they are bad till the real gang member in Colorado come out. Then when they go to jail they start to telling on everyone. DPD, APD, CCPD, JCPD, BPD. They don't play. I know this because I was in the streets growing up in Denver looking for the Boss, hustling and putting people on. It wasn't a crip or a blood either. People sometimes do stupid things for no flipping reason. I can tell you this it wasn't a hood N**** because the ones that have guns are not using a rifle. Not a hood gun, and what the real few gang members do have would not be considered a rifle. yes I said a few like 10, 15 at the most thats in Denver. The others are wanna be just like DJ Quick said. Denver wanna be like Compton.


      You do know that AK's and AR's are rifles right? I'm sure homeboy didn't have a bolt action hunting rifle...Dumbass nigga

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I'm sure everyone in the state of Colorado has a good home. No one in Colorado has ever struggled ever. They just want to pretend to be poor and oppressed like those losers in LA.

    • Blaze it Up

      Dang, you just put me on to a few things I didn't know about Colorado! Leaving on the Zephyr train from Frisco to Denver in 2 weeks! Yeee!

  • youngblaqz

    check out my song called what you know about a niqqa featuring mack shine

    • Anonymous

      2014 and niggas still tryna peddle their shit in comments sections. you that dude on soundcloud whose shit pops up in the comments in the middle of the song. No one giving your shit no clicks, fuckouttahere.

  • Justsayin

    Everybody be getting shot and shi in colorado.. Movies,concerts..

  • Grittie

    If these kinda acts continue on like this hip hop will not have any venues to perform at.

  • Anonymous

    So your album is starting with a song called "Gangsta", and you surprised when you got shot at ... ?

  • 614grind

    DJ Quik told the world about this in 1992. What y'all know about "Jus Lyke Compton"?

  • 614grind

    Q bangs his set all on his Twitter and in his music. It's only a matter time before the G check comes knockin.

    • Anonymous

      Yes their are gangsters in colorado. In the city's not mountains

    • Anonymous

      i hadn't. good lookin out homeslice

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Ever heard "Jus Lyke Compton"? And the people of Colorado, they know it well It was all in the news and if you don't remember I had this show I did in Denver With a punk ass promoter, in a bunk ass skatin rink Bitches was lovin it, but niggas was shovin and shit To the front of the stage to throw their gang signs But I'm getting paid so I didn't pay it no mind Then I poured out my brew onto their face and chest Then they start throwin soda, and fuckin up my Guess When it was over two niggas needed stitches Got cracked in they jaw for being punk ass bitches

    • Anonymous

      but in Colorado? do they have gangsters there

  • what

    Man mad, why it all got to be a nigga messing it up for everybody can go to the show with out some dumb fool start acting up. Black People are savages

    • Anonymous

      how the hell am I being racist I ain't making no laws to hold back whitey asshole like I said, a rifle is suspect and the denver post and associated press don't say the suspect is black, how the hell do YOU know so much?

    • Anonymous

      you're being racist! so a black man can't have or use a rifle now? only black men use 9s and 45? LOL check yourself nigga.

    • Anonymous

      been more blacks graduating from college than in jail since 09 son, they got you self defeated I ain't gonna be like the white man and act like I know exactly what happened, but I do know a blackman with a rifle sounds suspect, not a 9, 40, shottie, a rifle.......

    • So

      Yeap stupid black men like alwasy screwing stuff up for the rest of us who just want to be happy and take a good show

    • Anonymous

      Man it always a nigga, Until black people wake up and see all the other race is happy with them screwing them slef all the time, stuff like this will never change beside most black men are stupid and cant read or write reason one why the jail house are made up of 90% BLACKS

    • lex

      black people got that crab in the bucket thought process. They not happy 'til someone is brought down.

    • Anonymous

      the other article said the suspect was a black man with a rifle.

    • Anonymous

      just says man with rifle at denver post, but I've been around to know a brother running around with a rifle is suspect

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Well he always wanted to be a gangster

  • Anonymous

    damn, i cant wiat to hear what lord jamal says about this

  • Anonymous

    You rap about Gang banging your gonna attract this kind of negativity. The harder you rap, the more lowlifes are gonna want to prove their harder then you. It is what it is.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    So he wasn't shot. He was shot at. Y'all are fucking trash journalistically.

  • Anonymous

    how the fuck did everyone get hit but Q? Thats some 2Pac/Suge Knight type shit.

    • barz


    • Anonymous

      "where does dx say he was shot? " WHERE DID I SAY THAT DX SAID HE WAS SHOT? I said how did EVERYONE BUT Q GET SHOT. As in the 3 passengers in the SUV Q was inside were all hit but he WAS NOT HIT. You're the only one slackin.

    • Anonymous

      cuz suge was the one who had pac killed right? lmao

    • Anonymous

      where does dx say he was shot? comeonson theres plenty of legitimate complaints for dx... dont discredit the real for your slackin ass

  • shakesphere

    You reap what you sow

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