HipHopDX Readers Rank Best Albums: Week Ending 06/08/2014

50 Cent's "Animal Ambition" ranks at the top, followed by Michael Jackson's "Xscape."

HipHopDX users were recently asked to rate the week's top charting Hip Hop albums

The Ranker list, which HipHopDX uses to assess reader responses below, calculates the votes based on a "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" system and it creates a list with the data users input. Ranker lists the albums from top to bottom, based on the total number of votes and regardless of how many thumbs up a particular album gets. The order of the albums featured on the lists fluctuates as votes are cast. 

50 Cent's Animal Ambition earned the top spot. The album earned 703 thumbs up and 106 thumbs down. An anonymous reader commented on the effort, saying, "Shit album sales from 50 but this album done what he set out for it to do, get him back in position being talked about in hip hop. Lets see how SKI does in September if that doesn't sell at least 80k its over. At this stage of his career 50 Cent is bigger than rap though." 

Other readers were less optimistic about 50 Cent's album sales. A reader named "50 fell off" said: "Wow.I just got through listening to the entire 11 track album that 50 calls Animal Ambition.I am disappointed and there is no doubt a lot of Hiphop fans are disappointed too.Too much singing.Too many slow beats.You would think you are listening to another R&B artist instead of the gangster rapper with several hard hits we all used to bump our heads to.No hating here but 50 fell way off especially when you consider how BIG he once was in the game & also the fact that...this is a COMEBACK album. Smh." 

Michael Jackson's Xscape earned the second place spot with 159 thumbs up and 140 thumbs down. Pharrell came in third place with G  I  R  Lwhich earned the rapper-producer-singer 152 thumbs up and 152 thumbs down. 

Iggy Azalea's The New Classic lands in the #4 spot this week with 80 thumbs up and 214 thumbs down. Mariah Carey's album, Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse, arrived in last place with 70 thumbs up and 211 thumbs down. 

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  • yumi

    50 stans are the worst by far. This nigga makes shitty music since day one but you love his cock because of street credibily.

  • Anonymous

    Im getting sick of seeing ur pop list everyweek dx..

  • eleanorawbaker

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  • TheMiddleFinger

    Let us be honest about 50 album. Stan or not! This shit sucks period! It is Okay for us to say it. I love 50 but this album is completely garbage. And...furthermore the dude called out JaRule about the same singing shit and the R&B futures and now he is doing the same exact thing! Shame on you 50! I am calling it like it is bruh! A Spade is a Spade! Shit is garbage and this shit is not better than MJ. Everyone is listening to this shit right now! I have been to 14 cookouts so far and each one had MJ playing! Sorry but no 50! Sorry 50 but your rap career is done. And...the sad part 50 killed! His name is still household or a brand. Rapping, done deal!

  • Anonymous

    kai4oundz- Neuro August 22nd

  • PC Thug

    50 cent stans are the worst in hip hop.

  • Mr Drumz

    50 Cent keeps winnig

  • Anonymous

    Canibus album best

  • Brad

    50 over MJ? LOL! Seems legit.

  • Anonymous

    men lie, women lie, HHDX readers don't lie.

  • Anonymous

    Ratings speak for themselves. Sheldon gave AA a wack ass review like he's done so many other times.

  • Anonymous

    When Ice Cube, Rakim, Snoop, KRS, LL, etc. come out and don't sell records nobody bats an eye, because it will never change their legendary status. 50 in that boat whether niggas like it or not.

    • Anonymous

      top 10 lists are completely subjective. no ones list will be the same so you cant dismiss someone elses opinion.

    • PC Thug

      Rapper/MC... talk about semantics. If that's all you have to pick out of that I must've done a good job. Top 10 of all time. lol. As I said, only people who got into the game around the time 50 was popping and can't see past the their nostalgic POV would say that. Album discog is terrible, he is one-dimensional and isn't a great rapper or lyricist. Top 10 of all. Sorry I had to laugh at that. Like it or not you're wrong.

    • Anonymous

      co-sign. like it or not, 50 is in the top 10 of all time.

    • Anonymous

      too long didnt read pc thug, tone your pc thuggin down a notch

    • Anonymous

      Rakim is actually a good rapper? Son, you must be new to this, Rakim ain't no rapper, he is an MC, Money, you ain't schooling no one here.

    • PC Thug

      Comparing 50 to those guys... As I said above, 50 stans are the worst. 50 promoted this album 10x more than those guys have their most recent albums, not to mention do anything to get his name in the media from childish videos on twitter to getting back with people he has shitted on. Rakim is an actually good rapper, one of the most respected and influential in the genre, did nothing for 10 years up to the 7th seal and doesn't go pop making songs with Trey Songz. Ice Cube came in the game with classic after classic after classic with content, not dropping one album with eminem and dre's help that people cared about then released the same crap after crap one dimensional music. Snoop released a truly iconic album then stayed at the top of the game for well over a decade, not for 3-4 years like fif. KRS-basically ditto for what I wrote for Cube. And LL had about 10x the influence on hip hop as what 50 had. Get a grip and educate yourself. Just because you like his music and probably got into music when 50 was big doesn't mean he on any kind of a pedestal when ranked against the real legends of the genre.

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