15 Of "The Greatest Hip Hop Comebacks"

Eminem, Nas and Jay Z are among the artists listed as having "The Greatest Hip Hop Comebacks Ever."

Green Label has compiled a list of “The Greatest Hip Hop Comebacks Ever.”

"A decade ago, Jay Z was in the midst of retirement, and today he has risen again to be among rap’s leaders,” the story says. "Meanwhile, his one time combatant Nas was able to reclaim lost glory with Stillmatic, widely considered among his best work. Another elite comeback has been Eminem. A guaranteed platinum seller with each release, his proven star power allows him to take a hiatus whenever he chooses.”

The story also includes MF DOOM. 

"After losing a record deal as a member of old school group KMD, MF DOOM went on to tell stories of street life along with witty punch lines and zany sampling choices,” the Green Label story says. "His album Operation: Doomsday is revered as a classic 15 years after its release.”

To read the full list of “The Greatest Hip Hop Comebacks Ever,” visit Green Label.


  • Anonymous


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  • dx keeps losing

    pointless article with no further info written by the poor journalists of DX or copy and paste from another site.

  • Nope

    My penis had the greatest comeback.

  • DJboutit

    Will Smith greatest comeback in rap

  • Anonymous

    "no one expected a street album from 50 to sell after it was given away for free like a mixtape. maybe if if he had some pop records or features from lil wayne, big sean or kanye he could have put up better numbers." He didn't give it away the songs were for purchase on ITunes as well as the album. Why would he need a Pop record when he has a Dr Dre produced single with Trey Songz on it? Trey Songz is one of the hottest R&B artists out right now with a Top 20 single and video with 28 million views in a few months. LiL Wayne doesn't fuck with 50 he fucks with his BOSS Eminem. Kanye & Big Sean don't fuck with 50 they fuck with his enemy French Montana. If you want better numbers then get better reviews.

    • Anonymous

      French and 50 aren't enemies. His managed had them make up a long time ago because French wasn't prepared to really beef. There's a reason he didn't get touched at Summer Jam, but he also scurried off stage right quick. Theres a reason Rick Ross stayed home while all his friends performed...

  • Lawrence

    Banks in 2010 ?...

  • KS

    Em no question...dead for 5 years and came back and absolutely demolished the charts and lyrical rap game all over again with completely new sound(s)

  • Anonymous

    Dumb ass story with no facts,no jouralism and no storyline. Damn Dummy

  • Anonymous

    Thought you'd kicked the habit DX but you're back posting up other sites' lists, yall need to find a program for this

  • Anonymousnymous

    Nas is the GOAT

    • TheMiddleFinger

      I agree! Nas is the Greatest of all Time. I never understood how an artist rap flow and writing skill is so smooth on not so good beats at time. You can get Nas's worst album and if you just listen to it just for the lyrical part, the spitting just make you want to stop everything that you are doing. How in the "F" the dude come up with that rhyme. Nas shit is just to ill to "F" with period! Dude is the GOAT. Pound for Pound no rapper is not "F" with Nasir Jones!

  • Anonymous

    The greatest comeback is 50Cent going Independant after a 5 year hiatus and doing 40K first week.

    • Anonymous

      no one expected a street album from 50 to sell after it was given away for free like a mixtape. maybe if if he had some pop records or features from lil wayne, big sean or kanye he could have put up better numbers.

    • Anonymous

      Delusional fanboys are hilarious with their denial, poor 50 desperately released song aft sng in a desperate attempt to find a hit single or a hot song but in the end he couldnt even sell as much as Earl Sweatshirt who is on an Indie and had zero hype and promo.

    • Anonymous

      47k but who's counting... pretty good considering he gave the whole thing away for free months before it came out. 47k indie is like 300k on a major label!

  • flah101

    i'd like to sniff nasir's anus.

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