BET Lists "10 Trends That Tupac Started (Sort Of)"

BET acknowledges Tupac didn't invent these trends, but it says he still made you want to imitate them.

BET has published a list titled "10 Trends That 2Pac Started (Sort Of)."

The publication explains its headline with the following statement: "[Tupac] may not have invented these trademark styles, but he sure as heck made you want to imitate them. We decided to review 10 trends that 'Pac (sort of) made popular." 

The trends BET lists are as follows: Tying Bandanas Backwards, Stomach Tattoos, Making Songs About Mom, Starting Off With A Crew, Rocking Leather Vests, Pursuing Acting, Snapback Hats, Rocking Jerseys, Throwing Up Westside and Double Disc Albums. 

Throughout its list, BET notes Tupac wasn't the first to participate in many of these trends. It also notes some of the trends were popular before Tupac began participating in them. For instance, when it discusses snapback hats, the site says: "Actually, these were just popular at the time, but 'Pac's penchant for rocking them backwards did have some pull. The iconic pic above was taken from the movie Poetic Justice and may have very well inspired you to wear your snapback backwards."

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  • Anonymous

    thug shit and war songs

  • Anonymous

    out selling every rapper in the game

  • Anonymous

    taking bullets and going to jail 2 days later

  • Anonymous

    shoot outs with the cops

  • Jr

    How about that getting money Signs with his hands.. The one that Johnny Manziel does.. And espn thinks Johnny did it first..

  • memo

    shirt off man shirt off thats what all rapper did after pac ja rule 50 dmx ....

  • Anonymous

    PAC came up with "Yay Yayee" and not Ice Cube. Also Pac said "Bling, Bling" first and not the Cash Money rejects

  • Misaila

    I've been reading DX articles and user comments for years. But this year the comments have reached an all-time-high of STUPIDITY. Y'all cocksuckers have no relevance. Y'all illiterate Internet users don't even read the whole article and start writing comments. DX commentators be the most inapt, with no fucking rationalism 'hip-hop fans'. Here's something that can relate to this post 'FUCK Y'ALL' !

  • Anonymous

    The person who wrote this must be a 90s baby. PAC didnt start any of that shit, what the fuck?

    • LOL

      Clearly the person who didn't read it. STUPID MOTHAFUCKA

    • Anonymous

      Did you read the article? Almost everything they listed they went on to say hes not the one that started it but the one that made it popular

    • Den

      Read the article dummy. It clearly states 2Pac did not start any of these just really influenced others a lot more to do these things.(Sort of, do you know what that means???) READ before commenting

    • Anonymous

      For real. Lol at this list.And the sad things is things like this has been kept their legacy and made it into something completely different than what it is ever since they died. Lol at snapback hats, throwing up W, bandana backwards, jerseys though..lmao. This is why i cant rock with 2pac or Biggie like that. The kids raised after they were dead actually go by by shit like this and it becomes facts to them.

  • mediocre rapper and worst actor ever

    Blablabla. These nigga made hating eachother popular and was an overrated rapper and never mentioned the GOAT when he was alive untill they killed him.

  • real

    BET forgot to list that he started wearing Versace, cartirt frames. Camo jackets first

    • Anonymous

      waering leather vest is for faggots. do i all need to remind you that pac was bi-sexual. check his early days as back up dancer and you know enough

  • Anonymous

    -Dissing other rappers in a harsh way like talking about murdering or fuckin the other rapper's bitch not innocently like BDP and 3rd Bass did things. -posthumous albums -making albums in jail -Getting arrested and/or shot is cool

  • EWAY

    They forgot..."He got all these niggas thinking they Thugs and killing each other" and he wasn't none of that!

    • Quez

      Pac was a revolutionary artist and y'all mustve forgotten Thug Life stood for The Hate U Give Little Infants Fuck Everybody the ones saying he was a wanna be "thug" or "gangsta" know nothing bout Pac

    • Anonymous

      "He got all these niggas thinking they Thugs and killing each other" word...

  • kato5209

    How could they not say M.O.B.?! When he started saying that, everybody was saying that.

  • Anonymous

    snapback hats? Yeah right we was wearing them long before Pac

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