Lupe Fiasco, Dizaster Diss Each Other On Twitter

Lupe Fiasco and Dizaster go back on forth on Twitter.

Battle rapper Dizaster took aim at Lupe Fiasco yesterday on Twitter for his recent opinion on Kendrick Lamar.

After Dizaster followed up with a second Tweet, Lupe Fiasco responded directly to the L.A. battler.

Last week, Lupe Fiasco said that while "Kendrick is ill," he'd place other rappers like King Los, Logic, and Cassidy above the TDE spitter lyrically. 

After the initial back-and-forth, the two rappers continued on with Fiasco dissecting some of Dizaster’s comments.

After Tweeting a series of lyrics presumably meant for Dizaster, Fiasco publicly passed on Dizaster’s offer to attend Total Slaughter with a comment of support for Smack White and URL

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  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Those bars though...I had to come back and read 'em again. Score one on the board for the real MCs. Lupe hit that prick with a laser beam. Now go back to the minor leagues and write some more metaphors and insults. Nigga never wrote a rhyme that mattered. He's butterbean. A toughman contest hooligan tryin' to spar with a polished pro.

  • Fuckeverbody

    Diz couldn't make a dope song if he tried everything he's dropped stayed there, stick to yelling ya lines battlin, an Lupe even though light years ahead of Diz at makin tracks should be a politician Kendricks dope but a bit overrated Drakes like the kid in school who never lived in the hood but cuz all his friends did so he thinks he's gangsta, the new Canadian version of Mase ASAP mob seem like space filler

  • Glen J

    Who is this Dizaster person? I've never heard of him.

  • drake runs rap

    lupe trash and irrelevent. I should tell drake to back up dizazter so they can go on to end this hasbins carreer

    • Your comment is

      Is irrelevant Drake make radio records not albums get outta here with that bs....C'mon son!!!

  • Sniper

    Dizaster is a mediocre rapper at best. Whenever he gets stuck during a battle, he starts spazzing out at the audience blaming them for making him forget his "freestyles". Lupe Fiasco's throw away rhymes on his twitter account are better than anything Dizaster ever said in his whole career... Even though Canibus choked during his battle with Dizaster, name one lyric Dizaster has spit that matches anything from Canibus' catalogue.

  • Mars

    Everybody go buy Animal Ambition so Curtis can crack 50K LOL #HelpCurtisGoHalfGold

  • Anonymous

    Lupe shouldn't of even responded to him, you're feeding into these childish games.

  • Anonymous

    why would lupe respond to dis. he gets nothing outa it. trash ass battle rapper. make good music loser

  • by design

    Hip hop fans have to be the dumbest people on the planet. Don't believe in a higher power, siding with idiots, drugged and drinked up. No grown ups in sight. Just kids who think they know it all. Have fun getting old complaining.

    • Sluggo

      Generalizing an enormous subset of people isn't dumb? This comment is extremely ignorant carries no merit. The pot should not be calling millions of kettles black.



  • Anonymous

    Lupe is crawling to the bawse for his album.

  • Anonymous

    i like how lupe replied professionally,Diz just made a fool out of himself and try to calm shit down by talking about how he doesnt believe in God,fuck him for that,..he has been very bitter since he lost his battle against pat stay,saying he is quitting battle rap and coming back to battle on at Total slaughter ,battle is his lane,he cant make a song to save his life...lupe said logic,los was better lyrically..he didnt say they were overall better than like dis..he is one of d best battler or all time..i like what lupe said about smack..i think he shud av been on total slaughter,they av been taking all his rappers out of url

  • Anonymous

    Dizaster a fool

  • VividSci

    I know I'm in the minority here, but Lupe aint trying to see Dizaster.

  • kevin anthony

    I respect where Lupe coming from, Dizaster buggin. That's how I see it. Kevin Anthony-21 soundcloud tell a friend

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahaha now Lupe knows what it would be like to be white and get into a twitter war with Lord Jamar. "U FAGGOT LOL"


    Both, yes both, these morons are so stupid or hypocritical on so many levels. First off what does Lupe think of his own religion's treatment of gays? Especially overseas. But all religions are called upon to pretty much chastise, berate, or even kill homosexuals, and here he is getting on some guy for merely using a word. FOH. And I don't even know that other idiot Dizaster, all I've gathered from previous articles on here is that he's a battle rapper. Never heard a song, don't care to hear one. His claim to fame is much the same as Lord Jamar nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe makes music, Dizaster is a bullshit battle rapper, end of discussion

  • Anonymous

    lol about dissing los

  • triPAUD

    Dizaster is mediocre at best.

  • Anonymous

    #iGotTheKids #itsTooHardForSomePeopleToKeepIt100 #MyOldestSonsFavoritePlayer #WhyWouldILieAboutSomethingThatsForTheKids #WhatDidiHaveToGain #PeopleHeardWhatWasSaid #AintImportantTho #NoLoveLost #illTellThemTheShoesCameFromYouAnyway #TheyWontKnowTheDifference #SadThingIsTheyreYourShoesAndItWouldntveCostYouADimeToGetThemForTheKids

  • canibus

    dizaster looking stupid as fuck with these dumb comments, looks like he don't even know what lyrical is

  • Anonymous

    Na no g my nigga, Lu is lyrically beyond any of these niggas. Go listen to the Fahrenheit mixtapes, most niggas only know Lasers Lu..go back my g. K Dot a fuckin monster tho and u can't take that from him. I don't think he a lyrical cat but he got crazy word play

  • Anonymous

    Dizaster is out of his league with this one...

  • fuccya

    Hahaha Got not much respect for a battle rapper, even less for Kendrick, but then again lupe IS a soft mothafucka. And his battle rapping on twitter is just embarassing. Special olympics champion.

  • Anonymous

    Dizaster makes himself look like a idiot, which he has always been of course. But now it's all fucked up.

  • Ghostly

    Man this Diz guy is a fuckin faggot. He sounded like a 12 year old arguing against lupe

  • LOL

    LOL Whoopi should have stayed off Twitter instead of arguing with Battle Rappers .. Lupe lost all his mystery, respect and credibility the day he signed up for Twitter and started actually speaking

  • sirj

    the question doesnt rely in lyrics, sometimes you gotta let a person be a person, why they dont let lupe say what he say is he wrong. if he is its only his opinion who can take that from him

  • yugang

    lol at dizaster calling lupe an irrelevant bum. hes the irrevelant bum compared to lupe. no one knows diz outside of the battle rap scene

  • RealTalk

    the hypocrisy of that first tweet from dizaster.. he is doing the exact same thing. and kendrick isn't lightyears above lupe. lupe is more talented, just lost his ability to craft great songs.

  • Anonymous


    • yugang

      exactly. you don't need to believe in god in order to have morals or know right from wrong. im saying it this way cause im trying not to be an asshole mocking and making fun of ppl who believe in something with no proof of existing

    • Anonymous

      having morals have to do with common sense, not a belief in god

    • Anonymous

      passive aggressive and soft spoken maybe, but not soft. hes speaking with reason. hes not the type of dude to engage ppl with a stupid machismo attitude like dizaster's punkass is

  • 3rdstreets

    lol...disaster(wwe) the idiot,he ran..kid got schoold

  • Anonymous

    Ok. Who is this dude? And does he has any songs out. Never heard of him and the rap name he chose sounds like the name of a wrestler.

    • Dirty

      Cuz battle rap hasnt been around since Hip hop started....Its definitly not been a huge part of the culture since the early 90s and before...Any 12 year old lil ass kid thats seen 8 mile can tell u that shit son

    • RDCJ

      He's a battle rapper he couldn't make a song to save his life. He makes a living putting people down and spreading negative energy!

  • banye

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  • Thomas

    Twitter has brought out a lot of pussies in the hip-hop game. I guess it's not cool to air out your grievances in person anymore.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Yo..Lupe's opinions are his opinions, at least he's thoughtful and actually thinks about things. As far as an MC, he's still deadly and swift as shit. I'm not a fan of those corny ass battles. I'm a fan of lyrics. And those lyrics Lupe just hit him with spun his top.

  • Cealix

    Dizaster is doing what he does best: he's poking his stick at people he knows will fire back and will get upset. Put Lupe in the same ring as Dizaster and Lupe will get ate up from all colors of the spectrum. Don't give me that bullshit "Lupe is a god and he can destroy everybody" because even Canibus got destroyed.

    • rdcj

      Canibus was washed up by then he needed the money for hid coke habit! He lucky he din't battle 96 Canibus!!

    • Rob C

      Most care about real songs not some written battle shit! Real heads respect off the dome so go back to your battle site and talk shit there.

  • Anonymous

    Lol so Lupe just keep sonning niggas? First it was Chief Keef, now this no name dude? LMAO

  • Anonymous

    Grown men arguing on twitter is the lamest shit in the world.

  • Anonymous

    people have to stop siding with the weaker person just to attack the better person...lupe is A LOT smarter than this guy...every comment should read "disaster just got outsmarted by lupe"'re completely full of shit if you say otherwise

  • Anonymous

    LUPE JUST SCHOOLED HIM! Hahaha I like how Lupe kept it professional. Dizaster just made a fool of himself and just further re-itirrated what a complete baboon he is. That's what's wrong with hip-hop.

  • Anonymous

    Both guys can't make a song that actually sounds good, fuck lyrics/emceeing just make something that actually sounds good

    • Anonymous

      you've obviously never heard lupe's first 2 albums. their both critically acclaimed and considered classics by many heads for a reason, dope song writting is one of them.

    • Gabriel

      Lupe does make good music, plenty of it, he just doesn't cater to the generic bullshit you probably love.. like 2 chainz or mr ice cream cone on his face gucci...

  • Justin Legion Chance

    Lupe killed em.....lets see diz git back at em now...he knows he got sonned....I wanna see them battle now hah...that would be sick..

  • da Mayor of MN

    I started reading think there lupe reclusive self go again hatin on twitter like when he was giving chief keef advice BUT... then I read the tweets..those lyrics..I remember when touch the sky came out I thought lupe would be the next kanye. Lupe really wit the shits he's a spitter y'all remember that shout out lupe the bars was nice

  • Anonymous

    Dizaster just lost to a battle of wits against Lupe. Not surprising. He's a smart dude.

  • Anonymous

    Dude has to learn how to argue. Lupe did what most people who can't win an argument do. They focus on one thing you said and not everything. Lupe turned it all about calling someone gay. He shouldn't have fell for that.

    • Anonymous

      the majority of what dizaster said is not really worth addressing. he didn't really bring any argument that's worth deconstructing. he just expressed a disagreement with lupe's opinion, followed by a bunch of ad-hominem attacks. the irony is, dizaster's first tweet is claiming he always give his opinions on dudes who are light years ahead of him, yet thats exactly what dizaster just did and have done.

    • Anonymous

      "Lupe did what most people who can't win an argument do. They focus on one thing you said and not everything. " One person on HHDX does that, and he goes by Quote-Man.

    • Lol

      Hey a$$hole I guess you did the same thing Lupe did to get his point across; U left out how he destroyed Dizaster with those bars for him; Then he told him see him on smack/URL; well he implied that. You simp lol But furthermore it's basically human nature for one to focus on one point to win a argument: as you so eloquently demonstrated.

  • Dr. Z

    Dizaster just made himself look like an asshole. Again.

  • Packie

    Lupe will always be better than a battle rapper. Those bars were incredible

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