14 Of "The Most Iconic Hip Hop Cover Art Of All Time"

Green Label has compiled a list of "The Most Iconic Hip Hop Cover Art Of All Time" that features album art from OutKast, Lauryn Hill and DMX, among others.

Cover art has long been a discussion point for albums. That’s one of the reasons Green Label has compiled a list of “The Most Iconic Hip Hop Cover Art Of All Time.” 

“When cover art is done well, it can ensnare and engross a potential listener,” the Green Label story says, "and often times can act as a companion piece to the music itself."

DMX’s cover art for Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood is one of the 14 album covers that made the list.

"Never one for subtlety, DMX took it to the next level on Flesh of My Flesh Blood of My Blood,” the Green Label story says. "Against an all-white background, DMX literally took a bath in pig’s blood to create one of Hip Hop’s most shocking and enduring images. The image is an example of DMX’s tendency to play the sacred and profane against one another.”

To view the full list of “The Most Iconic Hip Hop Cover Art Of All Time,” visit Green Label.



  • You Know It

    No Makaveli !!!! Green Label always on some West Coast Hating Shit!!!!

  • insanemacbeth

    RAKIM's "PAID IN FULL" cover artwork was defo iconic! that sh*t was different, back inna 1986.

  • Anonymous

    Let's face it, lists don't please everyone. This list isn't all that bad, although, in my opinion, DMX does't belong on it.

  • Nachoman

    Is this list serious? The B.I.G. and Tribe Called Quest albums fair enough. But they were missing essentials, namely Public Enemy & Big Daddy Kane in my opinion. And ATLiens shouldn't be on there either...

  • MS

    SSLP, MMLP, ILLMATIC, and DK7DT need to be on here wtf

    • Anonymous

      Eminem, nas and tupac fans are the worse fans. Lol. Seriously it's like they have never heard anyone else. I'm still waiting for a Eminem stan to mention JERU the damaja or AZ when having hip hop conversations. Lol. All 3 emcees are some of the greatest of all time. But get off there nuts. Especially Eminem.

  • Makdee

    Why IN Theee FUCK did MAKAVELI THE DON Kilimunati: The 7 day theory not make the list????? Or me against the world??? Bullshit!!!!!

  • imho

    ive listened to that dmx album so many times idk if I couldn't stomach another spin


    This list is bullshit. Over half of those covers are not even close to being iconic. No Doggystyle, no The Chronic?? It's Dark and Hell is Hot is a more iconic cover than Flesh of my Flesh.

  • charlesokennedy@rhyta.com

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  • insanemacbeth

    i'd say even the first B.D.P. album cover, 'CRIMINAL MINDED', was more iconic...than the list presented by GREEN LABEL.

  • Anonymous

    This list sucks. It's just this artist was influential and overrate the album cover. Graduation? That cover sucks so does all of Kanye's album covers. A picture of Lauren Hill. Okay?

  • one

    I think Eminem's SSLP or MMLP should have made the list. SSLP cover has Em and his daughter at the lake with his wife's body in the trunk.

  • El

    Terrible list. I can't take a list of iconic hip hop cover art seriously if it doesn't include Marshall Mathers LP and Beastie Boys Ill Communication.

  • Pharaoh

    Horrible list, No Doggystyle, No Radio, No Great Adventures all they did was try to include a specific list of names...

  • Anonymous

    Get Rick or Die Trying cover is way more iconic than Good Kid Mad City or Graduation!

  • insanemacbeth

    i defo think that RAKIM' "FOLLOW THE LEADER" cover should have been on that list. also, B.D.P.'s "BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY", and PUBLIC ENEMY's "FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET" cover artworks should have been on that list, too.

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