Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg Responds To Chuck D, Public Enemy Member Fires Back

"Chuck D, no one elected you president of Hip Hop," Peter Rosenberg says. Chuck D responds saying "HipHop doesn't need a President. It needs...Socialism."

After Chuck D condemned Hot 97 for the station’s recent Summer Jam event in a series of Tweets, on-air host Peter Rosenberg responded during a segment of The Realness. Asking the Public Enemy member what he’s doing to support Hip Hop, Rosenberg started out by saying that Chuck D is trolling.

“Listen, Chuck, I respect the hell out of you, but you sir are trolling and you are above that,” he said. “First of all, Chuck D has always hated radio. He hated WBLS and KISS when they were Black owned and now you hate Hot 97. Hip Hop’s doing pretty well. Last time I checked we had some amazing artists out there selling tons of albums. Last time I checked there are two tours selling out football stadiums with Hip Hop. Not too bad. Now is Hip Hop perfect? Absolutely not. But was it perfect when Chuck D was active in the game? Absolutely not.

“Lastly two things and this first one’s gonna upset some people,” he went on. “Chuck D, no one elected you president of Hip Hop. We love you, you’re a father of this game. You contributed. But we did not elect you president of this culture. No one owns Hip Hop. I don’t own Hip Hop. Ebro doesn’t own Hip Hop. Hot 97 doesn’t own Hip Hop. It’s a collective culture and we all do our best to support it. Speaking of which, last thing, Chuck, what are you doing to support this culture besides Tweeting confusing messages in 140 characters or less. Are you going out to shows? ‘Cause we’re all at shows booking new artists every single day. Working with them. Getting them on the festival stage, getting them on the main stage, and building artists. What are you doing? ‘Cause if all you’re doing is trolling on Twitter, you ain’t doing that much.”

Last night and into today, Chuck D responded on Twitter.

Previously, Chuck D invited Peter Rosenberg and the Hot 97 station to an event next month at the Mosque No. 7 in Harlem.

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  • Timothy

    WTF? Who the h*ll is Petey Rosenberg and does he even know where HIP HOP originated? It is a culture which he is a guest of. Spinning a record or two doesn't allow him speaking rights. And the next time he's inclined to speak of Chuck D. make sure you're standing at attention.

  • Emass

    Can't believe Hot 97 is allowing Rosenberg to diss CHUCK D!!!! Chuck D did more for hip hop in the last 20 years than Rosenberg's corny ass will ever do in a lifetime!! Peter Rosenberg?? looool .. it's time to start checking these cats straight up. Chuck D named Busta! and PE is one of the first rap groups who bought rap to the Mainstream! You can't diss CHUCK D.

  • Zone

    He cant respect Chuck D as an elder, because he ain't apart of the culture that invented the culture that he enjoys and makes a living off of. We all know who invented hip-hop as well as other things ppl infused themselves in LMAO Hoodwink,Bamboozled,& Benhad.

  • da1

    Since when is so socialism good?

    • Tito

      Since life expectancy and living conditions in many European countries with socialism governmetns is better than the one in USA.

  • Anonymous

    where was this 9 years ago when hip hop was fucking terrible?? at least theres a bunch of quality hip hop coming out now dont turn on the radio if you dont want to listen to that music its very simple the internet has made it possible to listen to whatever you want to listen to....dont spend your time complaining about music you dont listen to and hot 97 is definetly one of the better radio stations in the US they at least give underground acts a shot and some airplay

    • LoK

      9 years ago it sucked...but NOW its better??? You must be out of your mind...quality Hip-Hop??????? NOW???? LMAO stay away from educated Hip-Hop enthusiasts please son...


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  • what

    Just like a white man when a real Black man stand up and speak the Truth, they try to discredit him, The truth is the truth you do not need to be a president to say it or do it, sorry white boy not every black man can be pimp, the fake nigga tho go for anything stick with them

  • R.Pgh

    Rosenberg's remarks come off incredibly douchey and ill informed. Selling out What does that have to do with Hip hop culture. Hammer and Vanilla Ice sold a lot of records too, does that mean they were good for the culture or they were the fuckboy of the day?

    • Anonymous

      yeah I mean, he has some points, but one year he's in beef w/ nicki minaj, next year its chuck d for what he was in beef w/ nicki for...

  • Mack

    Starting to think that Flava Flav was the smartest in the group...

  • >_

    lmfao why Ebro trying to look like Serpico?

  • Really Yawl

    GENERATION DUMB IS RUNNING THEIR MOUTHS AGAIN IN HERE. Have you heard of the INTERNET?????????? A place that ALLOWS you to choose and listen to WHAT YOU WANT!!! WHEN YOU WANT!!! SMH. You kids today have more freedom than you THINK! WAKE UP!

  • Anonymous

    FU ROSENBERG!!! Go sit down somewhere.

  • Anonymous

    hey Rosenberg. People rapping in stadiums has NOTHING to do with the culture when the people who nurtured and grew it are not involved or interested in the shallow nothingness that is being sold to the masses. You call THAT Hip Hop? Please get a clue.

  • AngryMrBungle

    If you don't get what Chuck D has been layin down all week(and all his life) you never will. Calling Chuck D a troll is fucking ignorant. Enlightened racism all over the nation. We got a black president so everything is cool right? Everyone can just run around and say nigga nigga nigga nigga because the president is colored. Meanwhile the highest concentration of wealthy black men in the USA are in sports(white corporate owned teams) and hip hop/rap/movies(white corporate owned radio stations, record labels and movie studios). Then there's the other highest concentration of black men in America, prison(white corporate owned industrial complex). haha funny funny nigga nigga nigga is hilarious and racism is dead, we got a black president man. Nigga nigga this nigga nigga that. Whites and blacks cash in on disrespect. Whites and blacks cash in on oppression. Whites and blacks cash in on funny niggas steppin and fetchin. Blacks cashin in on themselves getting a crumb from the corporate cake. Just because the chains were broken don't mean the slavery ended. EVERYONE needs to wake up. Not just whites, blacks too. Everyones in a hip hop craze nigga daze over their god almighty the dolla dolla bill yall. And i'm a fuckin white dude and I STILL don't TOTALLY get it because I DONT HAVE TO LIVE IT. I just look and listen and try to put the pieces together of what I see and what I see is a bunch of whites and blacks mesmerised by and infatuated with "black culture". White and blacks buying into "black culture" and it is not even really black culture. Black Culture, music, arts, entertainment, all of it is mostly being produced, packaged and sold with an all white male power structure standing on the highest rung of the ladder. It took me 43 years to kinda start getting it, like completely getting it, that i'll never really get it because I am white. I mean, I ain't gonna apologize for being white because I just am. We are who we are in life and that's that. But between #YesAllWhiteWomen and hearing women of color talk about feminist history just being from a white female privileged narrative and paying attention to people like Chuck D all my life throw down truth bombs about the state of Hip Hop and radio and the state of the world, i'm just kinda like wow dude. White mans world. Which I kinda knew already but I just never thought too deeply on just HOW much of a white world it is but in reality it's the entire foundation and roots of everything we consume. No matter what race, color, creed or religion you are, if you are raised in America you are raised on a white narrative because the power structure, the 1% wealthiest that control the entire US is an all white narrative. Blacks and whites are hypnotized to hip hop lies. Most aren't a part of black culture. They're a part of its genocide, sittin idly by as it dies. PEACE

  • Anonymous

    to all the idiots who do not what socialism is and stands for.. please read a book.. listen to noam choamsky.. I don't know but learn something

  • dazeone

    He speaks on the real....Ebro is a clown ...that is why half of these fools walking around lost following those lost messages by radio....

  • RealTalk100

    You see Chuck D and all that "Fight the Power" shit is BS, because he doesn't want to fight the power, he wants to help the power. "Socialism" is government ownership and management of an industry. So Chuck D I can only assume wants a government legal and regulatory process over hiphop to make sure rappers are saying what they approve of and to make sure companies release government approved music.

    • Anonymous

      Socialism isn't what you think it is. Read a book, get an education before giving your opinion on things you know nothing about. Corporatism versus Socialism is the question Chuck is asking. One creates mental slaves and the other creates mental freedom. Try work out which one is which.

    • Anonymous

      what??? you have no idea what socialism is,, do you.... yes if you listen to u.s gov.. socialism is bad. but read a book or something you just sound ignorant.

  • Submitter90

    Btw Rosenberg Hip Hop may not of been perfect in Chuck D's day but it was damn sure a lot better (which help elevate to 90s golden era) than today's shallow nonsense

  • Submitter90

    Btw Rosenberg Hip Hop may not of been perfect in Chuck D's day but it was damn sure a lot better (which help evelvate to 90s golden era) than today's shallow nonsense

  • Submitter90

    So Rosenberg thinks Hip Hop is in good state because of record sales and concert tickets even though the actual quality of the music is garbage. People are like brainwashed and buy such wack material like a new Kayne West album.. That does not make hip hop healthy by any means, it just benefiting the corporations who run this s*** and making them richer. People who even go to these concerts are prob not even true fans of hip hop but just go because they think its cool and their friends are going out of convenience and are just casual listeners.

    • Submitter90

      I complain because its my right to do so whether it is free or not + I am not going to conform to the masses and buy wack albums because social puppets tell me to do so. Hip Hop (not all hip hop like on a underground/independent level) on a commercial level is just driven by corporate nonsense and radio just play whatever they consider hot and then is forgotten in 3 months. This is ain't real hip hop and does not represent the true culture, its just fast food music which is easily disposable.

    • Anonymous

      Corporations do not tell them to play anything, the market does. A huge market share goes to young white teens, because they buy albums and go to shows. Because of this, they become a target market which is catered to (generally with subpar music). If people actually bought the albums of their favourite artists and went to their shows, this would create new target markets. Most people who complain about the state of hip hop do not exercise their consumer privilege, which is essentially a vote. But complaining is easy and it doesn't cost anything.

    • Submitter90

      Most of the good music in hip hop is underground and never played on the radio but they play wack music which the corporations tell them to do. Btw why should I and others go to a wack brainwashed corporate funded concert like a lil wayne or kayne west which is full of teenage girls screaming. Its a big time con.

    • Anonymous

      There is some great hip hop music out right now. Most folks who bitch about the state of hip hop do not buy albums and do not go to shows.


    "Fuck outta here with that bullshit, fucking fruit, handing out turkey to crackheads is not equivalent to uplifting people's mentality as let say a Maya Angelou. Dumb fuck" ^ but Chuck D aint doung shit, lame ass nigga. Rick Ross donated millions to charity

  • eyekyu

    Dope South African rappers. Check em out

  • NYC

    Jewsenberg is a fucking Zionist Jew. Of course he "supports" Hip Hop by puttin on super wack artists that have ZERO lyricism and ZERO intelligence behind their lyrics. They dont even have a original flow! It's very well known that the "Industry" is run by Zionist Jews and its the same people that put mfs' like Rosenberg in position of influence. They on purposely sign wack artists like Trinidad James and Niki Minaj, Chief Keef etc. Hip Hop is dead and it's dead because we let it happen. BOYCOTT ROSENBERG AND HOT 97

    • Anonymous

      ^....... have you heard real late with rosenberg before? you can say the mainstream game is wack but quality hip hop is coming out everywhere at all times nowadays if you dont like it go get dusted in your stairwell n listen to the infamous for the rest of your life

    • Submitter90

      Of course Rosenberg will support today's hip hop because he is employed by a corporate radio station and will not risk losing his job if he kept saying today's game is wack, he is a yes man like most others..

    • Anonymous

      NYC talks but doesn't think.

    • hahaha

      yo on the real you realize rosenberg hates that wack shit right? They trashed trinidad james when he came on, and he ride kendricks nuts.

  • We are at War

    Corporate radio is made up of Simps.

  • Anonymous

    I can't stand Funk Flex and Hot 97 but Chuck D is full of sh!t also. This dude complained about being sued for sampling for years and years then ended up suing Biggie for sampling his voice... Not to mention he didn't say a word when Flava Flav was trolling on VH1 with his koon show. FOH

    • Anonymous

      Nah, that was just an excuse. He didn't ask them to remove his sample or remove the song. It's still on the album. After he got paid, he didn't care anymore

    • iamNOTpablo

      He said he didn't want Biggie using his voice to promote selling crack. That's why he sued.

  • Anonymous

    never ever ever ever ever liked rosenberg.

  • andreaus13

    we need to Kill The DJ

  • Anonymous

    chuck d is a hiphop warlord pay ur respect fool

  • Anonymous

    im kidnapping rosenbergs wife and ejaculating at her from 4ft distance on 10 June 2014.

  • Gary

    You're right... we elected Eric B President... and Chuck D as Secretary of State. Which means he has authority to bring the pain... Shock and Awe. KRS-One as All World Ambassador and keeper of the flame. Pete, we could do a whole list of Hip Hoppers that have paved the way and have the ability and education to dispute your stations ego... but where are you on this list?? Opps, I think I found it... my bad... your the very well paid man in the bathroom wiping up these amazing artists of our four-fathers piss from the toilets they piss in. Thanks for doing a great job. Stay in your lane, Pete. Even white boy head bangers agree with Chuck... That says it all. Peace goes out.

    • Anonymous

      chuck d said turn off the radio yearrrrs ago but for some reason he turned it back on... and who cares if 35 year old white boy head bangers who bump bring the noise agree with him cuz rock n roll is in much worse shape than hip hop is now

  • Burn

    One thing we have to stop doing as a community (Hip Hop) is invalidating our members by virtue of "Relevance" which isn't really relevance at all; it's really who's popular at the moment. Kool Herc & Bambata aint got to ever put another album out or do a "Reality" show to be relevant. They are Hip Hop and should always have a voice and an audience. Chuck is no different and Rosenberg knows this. Actively booking rappers & singers who sell a lot or none at all is not Hip Hop necessarily either; and Rosenberg knows this too. He should stop hiding behind BS arguments and admit he and Hot 97 try to advance Hip Hop (and make a dollar) but have short comings and that Chuck and others are calling them out because they can. He checked Nikki, now he should check himself.

  • Anonymous

    I use to think Chuck D and them were cool when I was a teenager, all that "Fight the Power" shit and what not. Now, as an adult, I here Chuck D throw around the same phrases Adolf Hitler used like "Socialism" and I see what a parasite he is.

  • Anonymous

    Hitler wanted Socialism too Chuck.......

    • Anonymous

      American talk radio has fried American brains. You people don't even know what socialism is but you mouth off about it so often you you actually changed the paradigm. National Socialism vs Socialism is not the same thing. National Socialism(NaZISM) is Fascism and Fascism is the total opposite to Socialism. Look it up don't let Bill O Reilly tell you how to think.

    • Drake was Nelson Mandela's favorite MC

      Nelson Mandela wanted socialism. What's your point?

    • Anonymous

      Why don't you look up the term "Socialism" before you make such a ridiculous comment.

  • Sober

    Rosenberg ain't shit.

  • Anonymous

    People playing the Jew card though Public Enemy's success comes from Rick Rubin.


    I don't like white people, but Rosenbers is right. Chuck D aint doin shit for hip hop !!! feel me? Rick Ross donates food and toys to poor black kids !! Lil Wayne is giving back to da community too !!! what is yo favorite rapper doing to support dis culture ?? ... nothing! so called "real hip hop fans" are hypocritical ..... smh

  • Anonymous

    saying chuck is 'trolling'... what a 12yr old kid response that is.

  • Anonymous

    man, ja rule need to go to hot97 and shoot they shit up with an AK-47

  • Mujahid

    You guys look at rosenberg and all you see is a white nyc jew; rosenberg truly is hip hop, i know its hard to believe, but he knows his shit, liten to the juan epstein podcast. he is a hip hop head

    • Mujahid

      All I am saying is rosenberg has been listening to hiphop longer than anyone my age (27), he knows more about hiphop in great detail than the vast majority of people, he has a bigger physical/non digital collection of hiphop music than the vast majority of anyone, and he hast met and interviewed more artists and people involved in the industry than any of us. On his pod cast, he talks about the corporate bull shit. People shouldnt hate on him because he is white or a jew, there are many legit white hip hop heads out there that have embraced the culture before many of us were even listening to the music.

    • Anonymous

      sounds like anon should start his own radio station and go against the grain

    • Anonymous

      who is paid by corporate america. he gets paid to tow the company line, even if he is a hip hop head, he knows who signs his checks. he ain't built to go against the grain, look at what happened with that Nicki situation.

  • Anonymous

    Rosenberg is a part of Hip-Hop culture? Since when? Hitler was a part of Jewish culture, too, right?

  • Lol

    Judging by the comments im going to say chuck won, even tho a lot of the comments r racist and ignorant, rosenberg u know u done fucked up dont u

  • OnkelMichael

    Rosenberg du Hurensohn.

  • Hip Hop is dead

    a white boy jew talking to Chuck like that??? in the golden era he would have got beat the fuck down. Straight up!!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck hot 97. Should boycott that bitch ass station after those comments. Disrespecting mother fucker. And to think peter Rosenberg was the last good thing about hot 97. Fuck him. And fuck that sell out radio station.

  • tigerking79

    Surprising, a New York Jew, telling a Hip Hop Icon that he knows more about hip hop than Chuck D does. Why do New York rappers let racist Jews, I mean Jews who are racist against black people not all Jews, run Hip Hop in New York.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign Colestar

    • Colestar

      Thank you anonymous. I hate coming on HipHopDX and seeing dumb racist or anti-Semitic comments. Our people have suffered discrimination. We should never seek to perpetrate it on others.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck hot 97. But don't mention Jews or shit like that. We black people should never speak ill about other peoples who have suffered racism. Fuck peter Rosenberg for those comments.

  • the real

    fuck rosenberg. chuck d all day.

  • Anonymous

    Rosenberg is a turd... But chuck d has not been relevant in decades!!!!

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

    Fuck Hot97 and Rosenberg!

  • Anonymous

    I'll give Rosenberg credit for not backing off from his stance. A lot of people will say shit and then turn puss and retract.


    We don't care how much money hip-hop is making. You're feeding us garbage. Ignorant artists who make it big and think their music is good and they're in a position to comment on quality music because ignorant listeners enjoy their 4 second loop of a beat. MAINSTREAM ROCK WAS NEVER THIS BAD

    • lol


  • Anonymous

    The irony of a culture vulture saying "no one owns Hip Hop".

  • Anonymous

    Bald b jew gets 15 mins on VH1 and now he's gonna speak up to Chuck D like a dickhead. Ebro got a Morgan Freeman beard and Cipha Sounds looks like a fat dike.

  • Anonymous

    Chuck D is the nearest thing to a president in most peoples minds, it may no be on paper but he is responsible for brringing the radicalism and intelligent social commentary which more or less made rap a significant culture to educate from young to grow people on all areas of society

  • Anonymous

    Hot 97 helped killed the culture, it was all about the inner city street kids and we let the outsiders in, nobody owns Hip Hop but the culture was manifested in the streets, now you have mainstream corporate america who put their imprint on it and awarded non-talented artists lucrative contracts to yell about nothing. Now you have all these hurry come ups who want to push the original artform out the window and make new rules, in the name of money. Shits ridiculous, now kids wearing skirts and dresses and were all supposed co-sign on that shit!? This shit needs a major over-haul, starting by not giving whack artists radio play, have some consideration of the artform and not stretch it out all nasty and disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    Hot 97 hasn't been relevant to hip hop in years

  • Frosty

    Fuck Hot 97, fuck Ebro that fucking poser clown and Rosenberg, bunch of pretentious fucks who think they know Rap, fuck outta here. Bunch of dick suckers who got their jobs.

  • SW1's comin for ya head

    hot 97 have flex ebro n Rosenberg the 3 most annoying radio niggas of all time such a trash station no personality's on there at all

  • Dan

    Good for Chuck D. Hot 97 is doing nothing for hip hop except giving terrible rappers airplay.

  • TaZzZ

    Fuck Rosenberg, I thought I respected this guy but he's obviously too paid by Hot 97 to have some integrity If you have seen anything about Rosenberg, he literally hates all the mainstream, content-less nonsense and praises underground and "keeping it real" (Kendrick Lamar Stan to the thousandth degree), yet defends the company he works for against a forefather of hip hop who essentially has the same issues with hip hop as he does, just doesn't get paid by Hot 97 Lets be real, stations like hot 97 have had a huge hand in killing the culture we all love and putting out an image of black people that is totally one-dimensional and outright racist to say the least. This dude is the biggest fuckin hypocrite of all time. Hey Rosenberg, name anyone who gets regular airplay on hot 97 that you actually like as an artist (besides Kendrick) Dude has genuinely good taste in hip hop, yet defends them against a guy who is complaining that they don't play the music and support the artists Rosenberg actually likes! I'll never respect this guy again, but the sad part is i can't help but agree with his taste in music...

  • Shone Jones

    Why doesn't Chuck yell down at those CEO's at Clear Channel, Emmis Communications, and Cummulus Media? He was a DJ at WBAU. He should know how radio works.

    • Shone Jones

      @Burn Chuck has never been a multiplatinum artist and my argument still stands.

    • Burn

      I respect your comment but must ask... where have you been for the last 20 years? Chuck has been one of the only MULTIPLATINUM artist that has consistently bombed on the elite corporate structure. Check out PE's Revolverution etc, and countless past interviews. He's been going in since the 90's.

  • KdotMills

    Rosenberg...the name says it all. Furthermore, hip hop is owned by the kids who created it aka black inner city youth. We welcomed everyone into our culture now they are trying to kick us out and say we dont own it...same thing happened to Rock and Roll and Jazz.

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