Daylyt On Young Thug: "If He Wore A Dress, He Wore A Dress. Just Know That People Watching You"

Daylyt also discusses the rise of "colorful" and "girl" clothing in Hip Hop, references A$AP Rocky, Young Thug and Wiz Khalifa.

VladTV spoke exclusively with battle rapper Daylyt about Young Thug’s feminine attire and the emergence of men wearing female clothing in Hip Hop. In the interview, the Watts, California native says that people can wear what they like, but states that they are influential and that they should know the world is following them. 

“Young Thug, I don’t know, bro…if he wore a dress, he wore a dress,” Daylyt said. “Just know that people watching you, man. So when you go to your next hood event and all your lil’ homies got on dresses, they following you. People following you, man. The world following you.”

“For you new niggas that is coming into this game, the A$AP Rockys, the Young Thugs, all these muthafucka’s that’s wearing this girl stuff—I seen Wiz Khalifa with some girl shit on, Adrien Broner had on the girl colorful shit, I don’t know, man," he continued. "I told you, by 2017 somebody gon’ have a hit single ‘Fuck You In Yo Ass Like A Real Nigga,’ bout that life.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Daylyt discusses why scientists need to figure out a way for gay people to reproduce and how the gay community could lead to extinction among the human race. To read the full story and to watch the interview, visit Battle Rap


  • crg601

    the tatoo is obviously spawn to signify he been to hell. Nigga can spit tho

  • Anonymous


  • 614grind

    Nothing wrong with being gay. If you never sucked a nigga off at least once then stfu

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what this guy says.. that tattoo on his face pretty much lets us know that his judgement opinion doesn't deserve an article

  • fucking fags

    Fuck all these faggot's Hip Hop is turning gay yall. Thanks skinny jean generation.

  • Belize

    "I told you, by 2017 somebody gon have a hit single Fuck You In Yo Ass Like A Real Nigga, bout that life. ^ hahahahahahahahaaaa

  • lol

    is it just me or is black peple just coming out the closet by the dozens.

  • Anonymous

    being gay is like being crazy, we dont choose it, but it is still BAD

  • @doubl

    feel the same way about skin & weed they cry like weed is the devil but they popping oxy's and vic's turning to heroin, this outbreak is in the suburbs (they could afford the healthcare prescriptions), but they were waiting for the jamaican posses to invade & poison their town while their doctors got them hooked on opiates so while their community is ravaged with heroin, meth, theft, dilapidation and own lives have been affected by addiction.....that black man or woman who is nowhere to be found or to blame in their society still a major threat to them to clutch their purse once seen

  • Anonymous

    Face tattoo is trash BUT 2017 may very well have a hit single titled that

  • bonjolan

    im half white and half south american, this nigga is a disgrace to educated black people...btw, your face tattoo is fuckn trash homie

  • bonjolan

    this kid is a fucking idiot. People are born gay, they can't help it! It's called science!!!! This fool is so ignorant! People have been gay since time existed. I'm 400% sure Daylyt is a homo.

    • Anonymous

      Lol niggas still thinking u are born gay, fuck outta here with that shit, u CHOOSE to be a faggot (not saying anything's wrong with it tho)

    • j

      To all of you who blindly follow what scientist say about a gay gene you need to read this article. The majority of you may not understand it but its worth a shot. Search Gays not born that way DailyCaller. You will see a article titled "Nobody is "born that way" gay histroians say." Also note that The majority of the historians in this are also gay.

    • Hassan

      To every pseudo-scientist in this thread: 1. You know animals exhibit homosexual tendencies in the wild. 2. When did you choose to be straight?

    • Anonymus

      Color isn't chosen, sexuality is. Your body isn't your mind. Although everyone should be equal no matter there choice, within reason obviously.

    • para

      yes ppl are born gay. And thats why hating on gay is stupid. If its ok to hate on gay its ok to hate on blacks. You dont chose to be born black, you dont chose to be born gay. We use to say the exact same shit about blacks: they will lead humanity to shreds, they shouldnt reproduce with normal ppl, their culture is weak etc.. And it is oh so funny that now black ppl are using the same rethoric to hate on gay. I might assume that if it is ok to leave such comments on this site, it wd be ok to leave comments such as "blacks need a special treatment" fck all the politically correct assholes who workship black rights? Just sayin

    • J

      Its called how you're raised. theres a lot of different factors that play into it. Dont believe what science tells you just because it makes gays feel good. There have also been positive studies that show homosexuality is a learned condition. Those got shot down though because it made some people cry.

    • Doubl Negative

      Every normal person is born straight and a non-smoker. Due the miliu and influences around you, some people deviate and partake in un-natural habits such as homosexuality and smoking. Although most people find both acts unpleasant, disgusting, revolting, anti-social and nefarious, people who enjoy and partake in these egregious trends shouldn't be made to feel like a pariah. I acknowledge these thoughts are contentious, but I'm exonerated by belonging to the latter group - smokers. The difference between smokers and the gays is we don't ask for special treatment and use ridiculous terms like "smokophobic" to make people who hold opinions on us being filthy, sinful or any other slur personal. People with non-tradional sexual proclivities are not vermin or criminals. To all the politically correct assholes who worship gay rights, please extend the same curtesy to us smokers.

    • Sincere

      You gay n****, you stupid, you can't choose to be gay youy are born gay or you are born straight like bonjolan said. Nobody wants to be gay, they just are and a lot of them don't have a problem with that but they don't want it.

    • Anonymous

      yes, they are born degenerated. somebody is born sociopath, somebody is born gay.

    • You gay nigga

      Pretty sure people choose to be gay, you aren't both a homo, it's a pattern of behavior or a product of the way a person is raised. Fags choose to like penis.

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