Danny Brown Details Being Cut From A$AP Mob's "Hella Hoes"

Danny Brown says he was left off "Hella Hoes" and was not told about his verse being omitted.

Following last week's release of A$AP Mob's "Hella Hoes," which features A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Nast, and A$AP Twelvyy, Danny Brown says the group left his verse off the selection. 

"if u took time out your busy ass schedule to do a feature for somebody and they cut u off the song without telling you .. would u be hot?? or does that mean my verse was wack? or maybe niggas just don't fuck wit me no more .. fuck it all this rap shit fake anyway," Danny Brown says in a series of Twitter post. 

Brown confirms he is referring to this track when a fan mentions the selection. When another fan also mentions this to the rapper, Brown says that A$AP Mob "made me waist a day off going to the studio i was on the road at the time had to pay for studio."

Listen to "Hella Hoes" here

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  • A$AP

    sorry Danny we only like fags in are crew

  • Anonymous

    hes going to be on the hella hoes remix along with aston mathews, it just so happens that asap mob didnt have a marketable enough single to release other than hella hoes, so they added rockys verse because singles are supposed to feature the album's artists. very rarely features.

  • triPAUD

    like why is he pubically "wondering" instead of simplying pushing two more buttons and asking them directly. He's not alone, many artists from all different sides of hip hop do this, but its wack. its like you ballin and whining. not only is it sneak dissing, its also passive aggressive. Its like standing near the party you have issues with and saying, "Oh i wish ASAP Mob would have let me on their song." and walking away. Its not just danny brown, but everyone from mobb deep to lil wayne.

  • triPAUD

    Once again another example of twitter ruining hip hop. You don't gotta post everything you think. talk to them first.

  • Anonymous

    Meh painfully average rapper and the song was painfully average moving on.....

  • Trevor LeCain

    They did Danny Brown a favor - this song is forgettable form start to finish.

  • fuccya

    While I think it's no coincidence that Danny Brown rhymes with "lameass clown", he still better than that whole A$AP crew.

  • Rozay Bozay

    He's crying Twitter tears

  • ky

    oo danny brown be salty. Love danny brown tho

  • Dick Long

    So what get over it if you know rapppers fake why you complaining on twitter why not call them up man to man, this is why i dont support drug head rappers this guy makes my city look even more pathetic.

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