50 Cent Recalls Ice-Skating With Onyx For "React" Video

50 Cent bets against the Los Angeles Kings as part of a $10,000 Stanley Cup bet with Big Boy.

Prior to placing a $10,000 bet with radio personality Big Boy based on the outcome of this year’s Stanley Cup, Queens rapper 50 Cent recalled hitting the ice while appearing in Onyx’s “React” music video.

The G-Unit rapper spoke on his appearance in the video when asked about the last time he went ice-skating.

“It’s been a long time,” 50 Cent said. “It actually was the Onyx video. I had to learn for the video. I didn’t know why. I was like ‘What the—?’ I asked them to put me in the box. Like an actual [penalty box].”

In addition to his appearance in Onyx’s “React” video, 50 Cent also touched on his cooking skills, which he says he learned from those who cook for him.

“I cook baked chicken. And I’ll put mashed potatoes. And broccoli and stuff like that. I had to have them show me how to do it a few times,” he said.

50 Cent’s interview on Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood comes shortly after the rapper accomplished a number of feats this week.

He reunited onstage with G-Unit during his headlining performance at Summer Jam, released his fifth studio album Animal Ambition, and appeared at the premiere of “Power,” a new series on Starz, which he serves as executive producer of.

50 recently spoke on the show’s main character, Ghost during an interview with Rolling Stone.

"People look at Tony Montana, and they think, oh, everybody wants all the stuff he has,” he said. "No, there's an obsession with Scarface because it's about a guy who came up from the bottom and he made it. He came here and he conquered. That's the American dream. That's what Ghost is after. That's what everybody is after.”

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  • Anonymous

    50 has had his time the first cd get rich or die trying classic the second cd sold only because the public was looking for that same type gangsta club bangers and 50 gave us his Ja Rule type sing rap style , its over 50 you not that hungery rapper and you not gangsta you coperate now , Stop hating on everybody thats hot i look at rap as entertainment and Wayne is blazing hot everything he touch!!!!

    • Anonymous

      lol @ hating whoever is hot. when was he hating on wayne last? steve stoute aint hot. diddy aint hot. slowbucks ain't hot.

  • Anonymous

    Was it Ghostface that he brought up?


    Gangsters don't skate. Fucking ballerina ass nergro, twinkle toes mother fucker. Fucking monkey on ice looking ass disgraceful ass nigga.

    • Automatiik

      Talking bout skating ain't gangsta but we got top mob bosses watching the opera GTFOH

    • Anonymous

      im canadian too and i havent been on skates since i was 11

    • wasd

      fuck that,I'm Canadian and we all ice skate are we are all gangster like Drake

    • Anonymous

      according to who? some wifi gangsta? LOL They not figure skating they playing hockey look at the video. Onyx made some of the most gangsta shit to ever come out of NY in the 90s!

  • Stanucci

    Gucci Mane is the realest rapper ever: * He shot a man dead. * He beats up so called fans. * He sold drugs. * While driving throws bitches out of his car. You favorite is afraid to diss Gucci because Gucci easily kills you. FREE GUCCI MANE AND DEATH TO FAKE GANGSTA RAPPERS!

  • Danielle Harling likes 50 cent dick

    Again 50 cent is in DX ASS. fucking dickriders. who's gives a fuck about an old story with no news value

  • Anonymous

    Fredro Starr knocked Curtis out five years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Quick suckin up to Onyx. They dont like Curtis. They are down with Bang Em Smurf and Domination. #cornyassnigguh

  • Danielle Harling

    This week, on the "This Nigga AGAIN?!" series: 50 Cent Recalls Event With Some Irrelevant Ass Nigga

  • Anonymous

    Good to see 50 getting in touch with his actual fanbase through Nascar and Hockey, only thing left is to do a song with Skylar Grey and blame Beibers behavior on his youth.

    • Anonymous

      bruthadee in that house! he loves to watch football to see those tight spandex asses gettin slapped

    • Riley Cooper

      LOL, the confused white kid above just referred to the NFLand NBA as "real black American sports", haha! He must be a Richie Incognito or Donald Sterling fan.

    • Anonymous

      He should stick to real black American sports where you can kiss your white boyfriend when drafted to the NFL or the NBA where you can romantically blow into another mans ear without getting beat down

  • Drizzaveli

    what a fuck boy

    • yor

      Actually i know at least 3 black players in NHL. And i'm sure theres a lot of others in different leagues & countries.

    • Anonymous

      you never saw mighty ducks?

    • Anonymous

      "but you might see a nigga drop his gloves and knock a nigga out!" No you won't, cause ain't no niggas playing that white supremacist savage ass sport

    • Anonymous

      for playing hockey? one of the manliest sports in existence? ain't no ass slapping or skin tight shorts in hockey nigga but you might see a nigga drop his gloves and knock a nigga out!

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