Raekwon Reveals Expectations For Wu-Tang Clan Reunion

Raekwon says his daughter graduating from high school is "Like 100 albums dropping in one day."

After saying in April that he was on strike from the Wu-Tang Clan and frustrated over the group's “Keep Watch” single, Raekwon now says he is excited for the group’s forthcoming A Better Tomorrow album.

“I’m happy,” Raekwon says during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. "I love the Wu-Tang fans. I love my crew. But it’s business. When you got babies, nothing don’t count unless it makes sense for them.”

The rapper adds that age is catching up to the group, so for him, it’s now or never to make a last great album.

“At the end of the day,” he says, "I just still know that you’re only as good as your last swing."

In May, the group posted on its website that Raekwon and RZA reached a truce and that Raekwon would go to the studio to record his verses for A Better Tomorrow.

Despite all the hype surrounding Wu-Tang, Raekwon says that his greatest accomplishment of 2014 is that his daughter graduating high school. 

“To see my seeds do that,” he says, "that’s like 100 albums dropping in one day for me."

Raekwon says he is especially proud of her because he dropped out of twelfth grade. He promised to buy her a car once she graduates.

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  • da1

    also ppl stupid rae is the best in the group meth last commercial ass nigga but foreal though they better than everybody. top three in the group rae deck rza sorda he on and off. nigga gonna say he dont say slick shit rae a beast he aint as hard as he was when he was 26 but foreal doe

  • da1

    get the beats. i like the last comment. they need street and real shit. these niggas need to spread knowledge. talk about how the world still fucked and we need to look for a better tomorrow. concept album with tight beats streets and conscience rap. 18 tracks everybody get shine. sunz of man killarmy north star black knights. EVERYBODY LAST WU ALBUM EVERYBODY GET SHINE.

  • sam snead

    I hope they form more of a consensus on the tracks and the album than last time

    • R.Pgh

      by the way the article is written, it doesn't sound like it. It sounds like the songs are done and Rae needs to record verses over them.

  • Anonymous

    If you really think that reunion's gonna happen you just delusional, RZA owns each and everyone of them niggas, he can get rid of them at any time of the day

  • Anonymous

    the Wu has to come with it since all these NY groups are getting back together dropping heat. (Mobb, LOX, G-Unit, Dipset, MOP)

  • ice cream

    Raekwon makes great albums tracks and picks dope beats but are you really gon miss his verses on a wu album? He don't really be saying much lot of reitive stuff with a lot of slang n shit he never has any great punchlines or humour in there. Ghostface method inspectah are the main 3 to me. Shit I prefer u-god random shit talk over raekwon lmao Yo, box talk sequence, powerhouse kickout Eyes dusty, wet, butt-naked with my dick out

    • Anonymous

      with out Raekwon WuTang would be lame, he's like the main spiter of the group, he got plenty of punchlines, his flow is just complex but he got bars for days yo, definitely one of the top spiters in hiphop along side Nas, AZ, Mega, MfDoom, Ect

  • Anonymous

    Rae is so cheap he's buying his daughter a used Pinto.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Chef is made cheap, off course why would he buy his daughter the latest Mercedes? Why would he teach her the value of working hard and get what you want on your own? Dumb fuck, that is the reason you got Kneegrow confused fuckers like Kanye, Chris Brown and the likes.

    • Anonymous

      that rusty one outside your house?

  • ...

    So does he still think Keep Watch sucks? Are they going to change it?

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