G-Unit Reportedly Working On New Album

Young Buck says G-Unit have been in the studio, 50 Cent says everyone in G-Unit is ready to work.

Those in the 50 Cent-led G-Unit are continuing to have quite the month. The group, which consists of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck, reunited on stage during the Summer Jam music festival over the weekend. And following their onstage reunion, the group released a new record titled “Nah I’m Talking Bout.”

XXL magazine reports that the group is now in the process of working on a new studio album. While at an after-party for the screening of “Power,” which is executive produced by 50 Cent, the publication caught up with members of G-Unit to discuss the album.

“We got no dates, we working,” Young Buck said. “[We] in the studio. Stay tuned.”

“Work in progress. We just put out the new freestyle today. Check it out,” Lloyd Banks added.

50 Cent also chimed in on talks of a new project from G-Unit and reuniting with his fellow G-Unit members. He revealed that the morale among members is great and added that “they all ready to work.”

“Being able to bring everybody out to actual shows is not difficult for me,” 50 Cent said. “I can do it. I have a compass, a moral compass that comes from my corner on 134th Street. We supposed to behave and respond to each other a certain way. We supposed to hustle to eat. We supposed to get what we supposed to get, not have things handed to us because nobody never gave me nothing. It may be my fault for enabling them at points.

“I expected them to continue to get what they want immediately,” he added. “And then now having everybody back in the circle, the morale is great. They all ready to work. They been on ice long enough. So now you should expect [something]. You already got something new today. It didn’t take but a few hours after the show. Meltdown, it’s on now. It don’t take as much out of me as it takes for me to create a solo song than to create and participate in a G-unit record. We have so many moving parts on it and everybody got to show up.”

50 Cent’s optimistic words for G-Unit serve as a far cry from the commentary he provided on the group earlier this year. On numerous occasions, the Queens rapper spoke on enabling those in G-Unit.

“[I got] to the point where I was writing the music," he said during an interview with HardknockTV in May. "Helping them with their albums, putting the right choruses and production around them so they could make the album right. I think that there are certain things you do where you enable people and they feel like you are supposed to do that. This is how we do it, versus they appreciate you actually doing it. So, I made that mistake also."

Additionally, when questioned about the possibility of a G-Unit reunion during an interview with Sirius Hip Hop Nation in January, 50 Cent responded with a “probably not.”

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  • Anonymous

    "buck loves 50 for all he did for him" All he did? lol Giving him money he earned for being part of G Unit in the first place. Come on now. Let's not pretend Curtis birthed Buck, and taught him about life.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    now all we neeed is a blackhippy album

  • anonymous

    50 Cent. Here for a minute. Gone for an hour. The cycle will repeat itself. No I don't wear skinnies and listen to Drake. Game is better than 50. It's like G-unit think they were GREAT back in the day. Just look at the picture above. I bet 50 told them "I'm the only that can workout and be huge. Rest of you niggas be flabby and skinny and shit, so I can be the Beyonce of G-unit"

  • OG Locc

    Live Loyal, Die Rich!

  • yephislxcbxcb

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  • Anonymous

    So after 50 Cent dissed the shit out of Banks, Yayo and Buck they are goin to do an g unit album with 50 cent. So sad? These niggas always rhyming about being pimps and bosses but they are 50's bitches.

  • nixnox

    now they just need to reconcile with Game...GGGGGGG-----GUNIT.

    • III

      WHy do you all keep bringing up Game?! He was not part of G-unit! He was there for an album that fif help create! G-Unit was already on the map before Game got his chance in and then fuck the Unit over. Then he wants back in. Won't be long till Game says something! SO FUCK GAME!

    • Anonymous

      he said it will NEVER happen

  • Anonymous

    50 wants feed this niggas

  • Anonymous

    LOOOL Old heads tryna advance. Why cant people see when the ship has sailed huh?

    • Driest

      Maybe because the winners are those who never stop trying? I do not know what is their motto but I let them do whatever they want. They definitely do different type of music that is present right now. I like that agresive content.

  • RealTalk

    I thought nothing of 50 as it was (in before people say who cares what I think), but after this reunion after 50 talking shit about the members and being a prick I couldn't think any less of him. I wish Buck told him to go n fuck himself when he got the call. As the sound of his new album shows, he still thinks it's 2003.

    • Anonymous

      Just like that shitty baseball pitch he threw out. He threw that shit horrible on purpose to get everyone looking. Oh watch 50 Cent throw this terrible first pitch..... also he has an album coming out next week. Shit was well planned. Dude is a fuckboy but stupid he is not.

    • dogshit

      I think 50 said all that negative stuff about them , to cause tension just to have them come out at summer jam right before his album to build hype. and it worked. 50's a smart dude he probably had it all planned

  • renegade

    sad to see the pic ... hope buck aint gon get recorded and banks family problem wont get out the closet... lol and they standing next to this niqqa sure aint gon but this album ...

  • South Africa

    50 makes Pussies shake in fear.

  • South Africa

    Just bought AA, waiting for G-Unit album.

  • Not Impressed

    50 Cent thinks people actually care about G-Unit because interviewers keep shoving it in his face, but in reality it's just a vocal minority online. This G-Unit thing reminds me of LLoyd Banks' brief buzz back in 09'. Internet stans made him think LLoyd Banks was actually popular and he stood besides LLoyd Banks because he thought Banks was hot, but when his numbers came in and the record flopped, 50 Cent stopped messing with him completely. It will be the same situation with G-Unit, when this new LP fails, he will blame the group members for not working hard enough, and stop talking to them again. I'm not impressed

    • Anonymous

      Yo it's funny how you say no one cares about 50 but i see your bitch ass on EVERY 50 story or song writing longer comments than his stans! Bro do you even realize that you're a 50 Cent groupie? I'm kind of impressed!

    • hey goofball

      you're saying the internet ain't sh-t because you can't believe what they say but your on the internet telling us about someone else's business you don't know about in real life take a bow fruitball

    • markus

      you know nothing. That is not what happened with banks at all or even remotely close.

  • Drizzaveli

    2015 OVO #gunitsovergrowupandgetagirlfriend

  • Anonymous


  • WatchedUp

    These guys are done! Neither one of those dudes are lyrical monsters. Alright...Banks is okay! The Punchline King with no hits, no albums, nobody but boring old Fiddy! A guy that talks more than rap. A Wet CornDog! They are only good in the fall! They are done!


    Im glad these niggas is back. Weak,bird ass niggas is whats ruling the rap game right now.Its time for the unit to take this shit back

  • Anonymous

    If it were 10 years ago I would give a fuck. Animal Ambition is complete garbage so why would I expect better from a G-Unit album?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Other that 50, they must be all be broke as fuck to subject themselves to this again.

  • Anonymous

    if you read then and now he was saying the same thing, muthafukas just twist sh-t and homie, you can stop re-pasting that 5 hour old hdd article, people know animal ambition is a mixtape for sale, you'd figure your trolling ass would know street king immortal is the feature studio album cosign this is good for hip hop, we need more diversity in the music output

  • Lambo Shawty

    I'm glad to see buck back doing his thang, i'm from TN so i want him to be back in spotlight, cuz he still got it.... and who keep talking about triple C's lol, they was wayyyyyyy wacker than G-Unit. And hell I'd be a relevant rapper if I made up my whole rap story, cant believe yall still feeling Ross

  • Tech

    Many people talking smack on behalf of Buck and what 50 did to him but none of them people overstand during that time when Buck was barking on 50 he was on drugs and he admitted that so these dudes worked there problems out and the fans gotta respect the game and let these G's do what they do, not being so negative.. 50 is the shit for this and I'm back in his corner for this move.. I've always been a Buck fan out of all of the Unit but it is what it is and it's back right so Fk a hater..

    • Anonymous

      forgive but don't forget..

    • Anonymous

      if buck can move past shit you should too. imagine how much of the story you dont know about. buck loves 50 for all he did for him.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      08-2011 he was on drugs the whole time? 50 used bucks contract to hold him back... he had to declare bankruptcy to get out of it and 50 sued him for 10m when he figured out he might get out "Young Bucks woes seem to be far greater than his impending prison sentence. According to The Tennessean, G-Unit has filed a $10 million claim against their former artist in anticipation that hell breach his contract with the label in his ongoing bankruptcy case."

    • Anonymous

      They're all fucking wack. Buck is a sellout in particular.

  • Anonymous

    We heard that at MMG, Meek's artist, Louie, turned out to be a gunit spy. He tried raping meek mill and tried stealing his money.

    • Anonymous

      Nah I heard Meek was defending his bitch friend who got robbed on stage by 50's goons and got mad when his former nigga said it was karma.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I think these boys are about to create a epic album. Go and check out thegrandreport(dot)com, they have good videos on there too!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    According to hitsdailydouble RCA Nashvilles Miranda Lambert should easily take the top spot next week. Early, early reads suggest 130-150k. Rhinos three Led Zeppelin reissues could potentially all wind up in next weeks Top 10; each looks headed to the 25-30k range. Other debuts include 50 Cent (G-Unit/Caroline) at 30-35k and Lucy Hale (DMG Nashville) with 18-22k. HAHA. And you all said 50 will outsell ross. LOLOL!!! Truth is 50 is irrelevant despite the 10 dickriders on hhdx. No one's checking for 50. At least Ross is able to generate buzz with his albums.

    • Anonymous

      I guess mothafkkas can tell the future because the album just came out today! lol At least wait till thursday or friday to make predictions

    • jay

      this shit you said aint there on hdd... "Streeting at presstime are RCA Nashvilles Miranda Lambert (whos looking like a danged ol shoo-in for #1), G-Unit/Carolines 50 Cent, Disney Nashvilles Lucy Hale, NOWs Now Country 7 (whats the story on that label?), Rhinos yummy Led Zeppelin reissues and UMes 20th reissue of Soundgardens gigantic Superunknown, among others. "

  • Anonymous

    G UNOT!!!!!!!!!!! Triple C's will release their album first before g unit releases another. 50 is playing an act, starting beefs with yayo and banks and buck on purpose to get publicity. Game saw right through 50 and is now a true artist at YMCMB!! Oh and G Unit albums sell less than 50's own efforts. According to Hitdailydouble, its on track for 30k. That means g unit would be lucky to make half that opening week.

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