Nicki Minaj Earnings For Appearing At Floyd Mayweather's Daughter's Party Revealed

The rapper reportedly made $50,000 for her appearance at the birthday party.

Nicki Minaj reportedly earned $50,000 for appearing at Floyd Mayweather's daughter's birthday party, according to TMZ

The event, which celebrated Iyanna Mayweather's 14th birthday, was held at the MGM in Las Vegas. 

The report says Nicki Minaj was at the party for approximately an hour and that she took photographs with Iyanna. 

The site also says the birthday party "essentially what set off the brawl between T.I. and Floyd after T.I.'s wife Tiny posted a photo of herself with Iyanna." 

According to the site, Tiny was not a paid guest. 

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  • SN-K

    yup, very cool.. nicki minaj is a super star known all other the world, selling millions of records, i would have love to have jay-z or a dmx or ja rule back in the days coming to my birthday, not to pretend that they were my friends but because they were and still are my idols.. 50.000 IS NOTHING FOR THAT!!!

  • Anonymous

    That's stupid!!! "Hey kid. I paid someone to pretend she likes you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" SMH

  • beat it

    That's Crazy, $50K? Floyd tricks more than that off at the strip clubs. Damn Nik.

  • rideonemjixxer

    My mom used to pay people to come hang out with me too....

  • real talk

    $50,000 is for her handlers to SECURE her way thru LV NOT FOR AN APPEARANCE FEE SHE is LUCKY TO have Been INVITED MS. T.B.E HAPPY BDAY

  • Anonymous

    Wow thats more than Gunplay has earned in his 10 year career as Ricky Rozays weed carrier!

  • Anonymous

    that's a cheap price, and it's been reported so she has to pay taxes on it no love between nicki & floyd, strictly business

  • Anonymous

    TI's wife... Old hag tryna act like she is still in her prime...GTFOH Old flap-bacon-looking-like pu%&*y

  • kristinacblass

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  • dentaldamboy

    Wayne and Drake get $250k each for an appearance...$750k each to perform.

    • Anonymous

      And Birdman takes most of that money.

    • Anonymous

      heard busta rhymes owes 750k to the IRS! YMCMBroke

    • Anonymous

      and they regulate their star accountant, teeth-boy, to sit on HipHopDx every day and post over 400 comments to justify how great they are, what a winning team! no wonder wayne and busta owe taxes, yo bitchass is online

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