MC Ren Announces Ice Cube Reunion, Disses This Era Of Rap

MC Ren says these are times of "bullshit and simple concepts."

MC Ren announced today (May 30) that he and Ice Cube have reunited for a song, a remix to Ren's "Rebel Music" selection.

Ren confirmed the collaboration, which he had discussed last month, on Instagram with the following post: "Tell somebody you know that villain and don mega back together again!!!!!!!" 

On Twitter, the N.W.A emcee also addressed why this era of Hip Hop needs "Rebel Music."

"We need artist to make #rebelmusic in these times of bullshit and simple concepts," he says. "Stop makin a million bullshit mixtapes that don't nobody care about but yo fake azz homies.this is a art form." 

Ren's Twitter and Instagram posts are as follows: 

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  • Cubehater

    And Rebel Music track is not hard enough. If he would name names and diss all these corny sell-outs like Snoop, Black Eyed Peas and hypocrite Cube, I would buy the album.

  • Anonymous

    how to be a modern day rapper: get a bunch of gay ass tattoos, start drinking prescription cough syrup, worry more about how you look than the quality of your raps, buy a bunch of shit you cant afford, pretend you can skateboard, put out a garbage mixtape every 2 weeks. Just do these few things and you'll be all set to go in this wack ass era of bullshit rap.

  • Lord Jamar

    Lol bitter ass nigga, you holding black people back, let the youngins eat

    • Iggy Fresh

      Ironic that you would post that and your name is "Lord Jamar." He's the #1 old bitter nigga right now... but it ain't about being bitter... it's about telling the truth. A lot of niggas is wack and they need to be checked on that.

  • Anonymous

    political rap is dead

  • Drake was Nelson Mandela's favourite MC

    Yeah, because NWA dealt with such complex concepts/issues. Get the fuck out of here.

    • Iggy Fresh

      "F*ck the Police" was very political... plus, they pushed the limits of free speech, took a political spin on the N-word, and represented the frustrations of young black teenagers who were dissed and dismissed by the system. Then Cube took it even a step further with his first two solo joints.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Rap is the only genre where a vast majority of it's veterans are disgusted with current state of the art form. Believe me, it's not the beats they're mad at either.

    • Anonymous

      You know what? You're right. I can't say much about rock as I'm not an avid listener. Like it but I'm more of an r&b and hip hop head. I gotta say this about jazz though. It just had it's time. Jazz guys weren't mad about the content of jazz, just that it was phased out for the rock & roll and blues era. But I definitely agree with you on the r & b tip. Sexually aggressive acts with only two octave ranges definitely killed the heart of the genre.

    • Iggy Fresh

      No, it isn't... rock vets and jazz vets are pissed off, too... and definitely soul vets. These R&B cats today can't write a memorable melody to save their lives. Electronics and synth killed real music.

  • Cubehater

    Ren should diss Cube cuz Cube a sellout. Always in Hollywood making the corniest kid movies.

  • Anonymous

    they ain't ready to converse, just more misinformed jargon but if you look at their elders in the political forum, the same misinformed jargon arises real life troll "rabble rousers" using the evil tool of deception because they cannot have a genuine, factual conversation, they need to trick people to believe them because they're lame pay attention brothers & sisters

  • Anonymous

    Shit your old ass down. You have no sales, no hits no dope albums since your 1991 EP kizz my black azz. Its 2014. And we get it you dont like the rappers nowadays.

  • Anonymus

    Because Just Don't Bite It parts 1 and 2 and Kiss My Black Azz had so much more depth Hey Ren, you guys inspired the guys making these wack songs. And before anyone says Shock of the Hour, I know but not many others did You just compared a handful of wack songs to a whole industry currently full of bullshit music. Are you supposed to get a pass for making an entire album full of garbage? There were wack songs back then sure but they were outnumbered by the good ones. This era rappers think selling out is cool, they need to see the Wiz because they lack heart, brain and courage.

  • Anonymous

    lol if mc ren was just such a complex mc back n the day. MC Ren was Always the Sheek Loch from NWA. Even The DOC used to write rhymes for him. (not evry rhyme of ren)

  • d mac

    exactly what I thought, they ain't got enough knowledge to really run through an era versus era conversation just more evidence that many of y'all are popular personality followers and not lovers of the music, some of the most fake, fickle and disgusting people on the face of the planet

  • Anonymous

    90's is/was/will forever be the best era for hip-hop- B.I.G, N.W.A,2pac and Tha Outlawz, Eminem's early career , and not quite sure but lil waynes early days? (possibly)

  • Pacotux

    Agree!!!! N.W.A Rules 4 ever......

  • Anonymous

    Not saying anything that isn't true. And to the dumbass who said Tech N9ne is part of this era, he's been on his shit since the early 90's. Do your homework

    • Anonymous

      lol, wait until they figure out they can't use wayne, or macklemore (he was around 1999), NOR rozay (he was running with EpMd's erick sermon in early 2000's) link from 90s to now=not of this era to claim as new rozay's music is FILLED with 90s style rap, that's why we be laughing at y'all acting like there's some "evolution".....with your straight leg Lee's in colors, 2-3 finger rings, flattops, and hi-tops and say the old heads are "stuck in the 90s" while you "turn up" to an 808 kick

  • Verbal Tim

    This era is the best. Ren can kiss my black azz.

  • Anonymous

    this era is the best...kanye west, j. cole, and wale are killen it

    • Anonymous

      tech n9ne don't count son, stick to YOUR era krs1-kendrick guru>joey badass big l>childish gambino az>chance chino xl>atmosphere nine>hopsin heavy d>wale nas>j cole who else you wanna put up? don't come here with that bullsh-t sales and fecebook likes f-ckboy talk either, say this is your era and you have your faves but if you REALLY wanna have this convo I can run down the line, with rappers some of you may not know exist too

    • lol

      dont forget kendrick lamar, hopsin, tech n9ne, joey badass, chance the rapper, atmosphere, childish gambino and many more

    • Anonymous

      but to someone who watched the 90s MTV2 marathon here and there this weekend and then compared it to Tuesday's back to reality videos....... that era has much more good music than now, and btw Kanye is a link to that era so you don't get to claim him

  • Totalstranga

    Because Just Don't Bite It parts 1 and 2 and Kiss My Black Azz had so much more depth Hey Ren, you guys inspired the guys making these wack songs. And before anyone says Shock of the Hour, I know but not many others did

  • Anonymous

    this era is wack i miss the 90s they would have never let a correctional officer in da game then. nigga would have got his brains blown for even fronting.

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