Lil Keke Calls Lean Use "The Saddest Thing In The Game"

Lil Keke says "the worst is yet to come" when it concerns lean, criticizes those who glorify the substance.

During an interview with BET, Houston, Texas rapper Lil Keke had a lot to say in regards to the increase in the use of lean and its recent glorification in the Hip Hop community.

Before offering an ominous warning about lean, which combines promethazine and soda, Lil Keke spoke on the ramifications that come with using such a substance, ramifications he says are both legal and at times lethal.

“It’s the saddest thing in the game right now,” Lil Keke said. “Because I’m really from it. And I really know about it. And I really know what it do, where it come from. And what they’re glorifying it’s sad because they don’t know the ramifications that’s gonna come with it…It’s really out of control. Because where we from I know people that got 20, 30 years behind it. I know people that dying behind it. People get killed. It’s very serious. And away from our home it’s a mockery. You know what I’m saying? Like the two cup thing. People is using this two cup thing to [symbolize] drink and they think that’s what it’s for…We used to use two cups because the first cup was sweating, right? We used to drink out the cup and the ice used to make it sweat so we used to put two cups on it…It’s sad. Like where I’m from we really some OGs and we kinda like laughing at ‘em.”

In regards to his warning, Lil Keke stated that “the worst is yet to come” when it concerns lean since those who use and glorify it have yet to see the deaths, the families that have been destroyed and so on.

“We really invented syrup and soda, and now to see how sacred and secret it was and what it was and where it’s at now, it’s crazy,” he said. “And this is what I want to say to end it: the worst is yet to come. 'Cause see we’ve already seen the worst. That y’all haven’t seen. That ain’t documented about it. Deaths, the deaths y’all seeing about it that’s not really bothering us because it’s not really from drinking. We’ve seen the real deaths. The real people losing their lives. The real families. The real robberies. We really seen it behind this drug. Cause this is like cocaine or heroin, but it’s not respected like that because it’s all over TV. You know what I’m saying? You not gonna see nobody glorifying powder in their nose all over TV.”

In addition to his discussion on lean with BET, Lil Keke also appeared in a newly-published interview with Vlad TV. In the interview, Lil Keke shared his thoughts on the former feud between Southern rappers T.I. and Lil’ Flip.

The rapper revealed that he wasn’t going to take sides in the past beef, but did state that Lil’ Flip’s music career possibly took a hit because of it.

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  • Nas

    "I don't lean, no codeine, promethazine All I do is blow green, pick which bitch to bless a king"

  • Anonymous

    [DMX] The industry; man its not the same The industry; its not a fucking game The industry; real niggaz is dying to get in The industry; just define they don't fit in The industry; ain't what it used to be The industry; trying to control the way you MC They want you to dress like that (women clothes, mascara, skinny jeans) this and talk like that( feminine 'turn up') But I'm gon' dress like this and talk with the gat The industry; got y'all word meaning nothing The industry; fuck what you heard cause he's bluffing The industry; money, bitches, hate But I dare you to try to take a fucking thing off my plate

    • Anonymous

      Nah, dumb bitch, this is DMX doing dub poetry on some show a few years back, the parentheses were added. Fucking fruit, learn about this culture of ours before you comment (a culture that ain't yours).

    • Anonymous

      Dumb fruity Young Fag/Gayne fan, this is DMX doing dub poetry, dumb fuck, the only things I added where in the parentheses. i Swear these fags up on here, and oh yeah don't go and claim you were trolling or (as if you had an ounce of brain) you were being sarcastic.

    • Anonymous

      terrible you wasted all that time to make up a dmx verse and you didnt rhyme light with night.... and you didnt mention anything about dogs....

  • fuccya

    Opiates suck. Period.

  • Anonymous

    Tell these idiots, bro.

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    this is important and people really need to start listening. glorifying drug use like this aint right, its going to kil you.

  • lil keke the don

    lil keke the don screwed up cliq...more game he givin away but yall aint listening...the double cup shit is gettin crazy corny..people not even drinking lean outta two styrofoam cups anymore wtf..but still some lean ok in my book

    • Anonymous

      actavis just stopped production of their prometh so hopefully we'll see a change in six months

    • Hip Hop Intellekts

      Yeah some lean ok in my book too. People gonna do what people gonna do behind closed doors. The problem is that the industry and these puppet rappers promote lean use (and other terrible values) like it's cool to do. Let people experience things on their own, but when it becomes a publicity stunt to promote an addictive and destructive drug, then you have a problem.

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