50 Cent On Puff Daddy: "He's A Sucker"

50 Cent also says explains why he doesn't have relationship with his son, why he left Interscope Records and why he feels he's enabled Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

50 Cent recently spoke with GQ regarding his life after reportedly spending a month with the publication's Zach Baron. 

GQ has revealed excerpts of the interview, which is slated to appear in newsstands today (May 27) as part of its June issue. 

Regarding Puff Daddy, 50 Cent reportedly says, "He’s a sucker." 

Beyond Puff Daddy, 50 Cent also speaks about why he decided to leave Interscope Records this year. "When people couldn’t care less about you actually being successful," 50 says. "You can feel it."

50 also details why his relationship with Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks has soured. 

“I enabled these guys," he says. "I wouldn’t have been a friend if I didn’t help them. But helping them hurt them. Maybe I was paying them to be friends." 

His bond with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo isn't the only one that has become strained. 50 Cent says his bond with his son has also suffered. 

“Me and my son, we don’t have a relationship anymore," 50 Cent says. "It’s based on his mom. He’s adopted her way of thinking. I don’t have anything negative around the concept of kids.”

Recently, 50 Cent referred to Puff Daddy’s “Big Homie” single as “garbage.” "Puff’s still out there,” 50 Cent said. "He don’t even need a record. 'Cause he don’t got one. Like you know Puffy ain’t got no music that you wanna hear. That ‘Big Homie’ shit is garbage. I’m a keep it all the way real with you. Because the guy says ‘Don’t worry about if I write my rhymes, I write checks.’ And then sings to you.”

50 Cent also recently addressed Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, saying that "some people…are like milk, they have expiration dates."

The rapper also recently addressed his bond with his son

“I don’t need an explanation,” 50 said at the time. “I don’t really. I think that my personal life, portions of it are actually supposed to be personal. The actual life as an entertainer is a whole other portion of your life. My son—I haven’t received an invitation. When he graduated I was in Budapest on a movie with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, and Jason Statham. I think at some points the reason why it actually comes out is because his mom is going to TMZ. I wish she’d find someone so she could leave me alone.”

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  • Real Spill

    They both (50-puff) snitches both pussies that work with police....And puff gay to.so fuckem both...They wont get me buying anything of theirs music movies vitamin water nada...

  • Bad Boy For Life

    Diddy has a functional relationship with all his children and has never been accused of beating a woman or berating his children. Diddy has six children his son goes to UCLA on a football scholarship, he named his chain of restaurants after his son Justin and gave him a $350,000 Maybach for his 16th birthday. .....and yes despite Misa Hilton and Diddy not being together or getting along they both attended their sons graduation.

    • Anonymous

      "A major Federal investigation into cocaine trafficking raised these side questions and investigations into the 43-year-old Bad Boy Records founders activity with underage boys. The rumors began when Federal investigators interrogating the former hip hop manager Jimmy The Henchman Rosemond. The agents wanted to know about the predilections of Combs, who has 5 children with 3 women. While Combs has long been rumored to be bisexual, nothing had suggested that he was involved in any illegal or non-consensual contact with underage boys. Rosemond, the music manager-turned-cocaine kingpin, says specifically that he was asked about Combs having sexual relationships with under age boys, a claim confirmed according to a U.S. District Court filing."

    • Anonymous

      "But Combs' snippy temper has cost him a bit of bad publicity as he's been accused of attacking a female employee, and also assaulting men in nightclubs who get in the way of his incessant woman-chasing."

  • Anonymous

    "I know plenty of kids with fathers who fucked up pretty hard" That's usually cause the fathers push them to hard. That's not the same as not being there.

  • Time 2 be a father

    Be an Active Father 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "Money can't buy friendship or love. The kid is bitchmade and been spoiled all his life off of his father's hardwork but he's a momma's boy" Money affords 50 the time to be with him, and how would you know the kid is bitch made? He just graduated meaning he's actually doing something with his life.

    • Anonymous

      he graduated from a private high school 50 paid for. you cant fail that shit. he had nothing to worry about in his life but going to school, money was not an issue, part time job to buy things like a normal kid not an issue.

  • Anonymous

    "Because the guy says Dont worry about if I write my rhymes, I write checks. And then sings to you. hahahahahahahaha

  • Rozay

    "I never hate on all these pussy niggaz/I levitate on all these pussy niggaz"

  • Breakdown Of Some Lives Diddy Destroyed

    1991-Nine students at City College of New York killed during stampede from overbooked event 1995-Jake Robles killed in Atlanta at the Platinum House (Allegedly by Anthony Wolf Jones Puffs right hand man) 1996-2Pac allegedly killed by Southside Crips as revenge for a beating that was revenge for a Death Row chain being snatched for a Sean Combs bounty 1997-Notorious B.I.G. killed in Los Angeles as revenge for murders of Pac and Jake Robles 1998-After penning and recording several multi platinum hits attempts to pay The Lox with fresh pairs of matching Air Force 1s 1999-Steve Stoute brutally attacked with champagne bottles and turned from a stand up man into Mr. Scarf Hands 1999-Ma$e leaves label at peak of his popularity after repeated alleged homosexual advances and becomes a bootleg T.D. Jakes 2000-Multiple shooting at Club New York in Manhattan after throwing money in the face of gangsters. Black woman loses eye. 2001-Jamal Shyne Barrow sentenced to 10 years in prison for saving Puffys life. Would later be deported. 2002- MTV Making Da Band. The list of tragedies probably deserve its own thread *see Chopper Suit. 2003-Anthony Wolf Jones finally murdered in an Atlanta club, allegedly by members of BMF on orders from Big Meech for multiple transgressions (including being shot in the azz by Wolf) Forever changing the landscape of one Atlantas most affluent and diverse party districts. 2004-Co-Creates a Rap The Vote campaign to get c000ns to support John Kerry the weakest democratic candidate since Walter Mondale. Loses to George W. Bush. Months later Katrina happens. 2005-Loon departs Bad Boy records in dispute over unpaid royalties. Turns Muslim. 2006-Black Rob forced to turn back into a life of crime and become a jewel thief after being refused royalties for platinum smash Whoa. Sentenced to 7 years in prison. 2007-Partners with Ciroc, causing single mothers to neglect their children and Black men to skip child support p@yments in an endless chase to cop his high-priced Kool Aid 2008-Puffy stars as the lead in Raisin In The Sun, destroying the credibility of co-stars Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald and director Kenny Leon 2010-Broke and addicted to drugs G-Dep confesses to a murder he committed in 1993. sentenced to 15 years to life. 2011-Signs Machine Gun Kelley 2013-Muslim Loon convicted of drug trafficking in Germany. Sentenced to 14 years in prison 2014-One wounded, prominent DJ arrested after shooting at The Velvet Room in Atlanta following a Puffy Combs Rick Ross album release party. 2014 (yeah again)-Two shot and wounded at a crowded hotel party thrown by Sean Puffy Combs in Charlotte, NC following the CIAA Tournament . The shooting occurred in the gated off VIP area. Rumor has it Ciroc was flowing in abundance prior to shootings..

    • Anonymous

      most of those guys were one hit wonders who obviously struggled trying to get themselves away from that styles p even said that their bad boy deal was structured like every other deal low level rappers were getting back then puff wasnt raping rappers any more than any other label owner

    • Anonymous

      It's called the music business for a reason, nave one. Did it ever occur to you that all these artists signed contracts? They knew what was expected, and while some did well for a minute, they got lazy, and stopped putting in the work. Diddy gave them opportunities nobody else would have. He may be a soulless snake, but he's also a businessman who made sure a lot of broke motherfuckers ate well. He can't control their careers, and plot all their moves for them.

    • Anonymous

      wolf was too reckless that wasnt puffs fault neither was loon or making the band g dep and shyne fucked up by themselves steve stoute got what he deserved and you cant blame puffy for broke ppl buying liquor out of their price range

    • Anonymous

      WOW you've been copying and pasting that for months, like you spent so much time studying Puffy that you have nothing else to say

    • Anonymous

      WOW Everyone already knows Diddy a sucka though from how he did LOX. At least 50 had a reason to do Buck dirty, that nigga dissed him on stage after crying and begging him for money when he had already made him a famous millionaire. The Lox never did anything to Diddy and he still fucked them over like no one in the rap industry has ever seen before. 50 just meets aggression with aggression, he learned that in the streets.

  • Anonymous

    Get it right HHDX he called him a Sucka, not a Sucker! And it's true just look at the Bad Boy roster and ask yourself what happened to them all? 75% are broke, in prison or dead!

    • Anonymous

      cuz thats all puffys fault right... of those 75% excluding biggie name one who had any buzz past their first album...

  • Courtesy Curtis

    This dude can't throw a baseball to save his life. But then again this is curtis so he probably threw that baseball like that for publicity. Man this guy was the man back in 03'. People couldn't stop talking about that dude. Now he's caving in from failure. I wonder what he thinks about before he goes to sleep at night. I wonder where he sees himself in 5 years. That man probably don't even have a plan anymore.

    • Anonymous

      who fucking cares if you can throw a baseball, where did that skill get you in life sucka? he worth $100+ million without being able to throw that ball them mlb fields aint your little league diamonds either it's serious shit.

  • truthboutadonkey

    diddy= king 50 = peasant 50 stop hating you a sucker quite dropping name you still got diddy sperm on your donkey lips.. you was his ghostwriter

    • truthaboutatroll

      how is what 50 saying hate when he has directly dealt with diddy for over a decade on a personal and business level he knows how diddy moves...you dont

  • RafaelEds


  • ThisIsJustIn

    Puff Daddy on Curtis Jackson: "He is a Donkey that thinks he is a Monkey"

  • Flossi Butterfly

    50 get a talk show your skits are so funny and I can always count on you to make me laugh.

  • Anonymous

    "And fif put the seed in to plant that baby" So after he watered the secret garden his job was over? lol The laws in this country help women who get stuck with fools like this. Plus the thing that's hilarious is that most baby daddies don't have 200 mill in the bank. 50 could be doing all kinds of things to make the friendship with his son solid instead of making excuses.

    • Anonymous

      "Plus the thing that's hilarious is that most baby daddies don't have 200 mill in the bank. 50 could be doing all kinds of things to make the friendship with his son solid instead of making excuses." Money can't buy friendship or love. The kid is bitchmade and been spoiled all his life off of his father's hardwork but he's a momma's boy so hopefully Godfather cuts him out the will and lets him see what the real world is like for a year or two.

    • Anonymous

      and btw goofy, the laws of this country also say pizza is a vegetable

    • Anonymous

      "could be doing all kinds of things to make the friendship with his son solid instead of making excuses" ^ exactly what people are saying about that Cali boy's dad & mom bet you know if his dad went to his HS graduation or filmed 'Hunger Games' instead too, lol

  • Anonymous

    "I had no relationship with my pops until I was 30, now we cool but that didn't fuck up my head growing up" Then you got issues cause fatherless kids always turn out to be fuck up's.

  • Anonymous

    If Diddy's a sucker, Curtis is a mark busta.

  • Anonymous

    Dude is desperate for media coverage

  • gay proud MAN

    50cent is sexy I want to F-#;K him

  • Anonymous

    Attention seeking ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    yawwnnnn diddys a sucka, lloyd banks and yayo are lazy and they never had to work, his baby moms fucked up his relationship with his son, hes in a good space financially, and hes actually actual. whats more to talk bout?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    50 been in the news a lot lately. Go and check out thegrandreport(dot)com, they have good videos on there too!

  • Ya boi

    P Diddy is terrible, 50 Cent keepin it real. Big Homie is garbage..

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent should send me money

  • Anonymous

    50 won't sell 20k next week.

  • Curtis Jackson

    Q: "So 50, what do you think about Puff?" 50: "Homie ain't sucka-free"

  • BGG

    absolutely no excuse for not having a relationship with his son and using the mom as an excuse will only make your son hate you even more trust me i'm speaking from experience

    • BGG

      i bet it was quite convenient for your pops to re-enter your life at the age of 30 after your mom did all the work raising and supporting you

    • Nah_Son

      50 is a odd dude i mean if we look at it he left the whole g unit in limbo at first game then buck then bank now yayo its like he set up everyones down fall he leave shady an has no relationship with his son. all those things are not a good look on his part

    • Anonymous

      You sound ridiculous, I had no relationship with my pops until I was 30, now we cool but that didn't fuck up my head growing up.

  • Anonymous

    Imagine a plant, he says: "If you spent ten years watering it, it'd f*cking grow." And if it didn't? "Doesn't that tell you you need to get new seeds? F*ck this. New seeds--let's do something different now." He'd made Banks and Yayo famous by letting them stand next to him on stages around the world, given them every opportunity to succeed, and yet they couldn't get there on their own. "I enabled these guys," he says. Now they felt entitled to success they didn't earn.


    He'd had his first son, Marquise, when he was 21. It's what made him start rapping in the first placea way to live to see his son live. Now his son is 17 and they don't speak, because 50 and his son's mother don't speak. They fell out over money. They were together before he was 50 Cent, and, he says, she feels she's owed something for that.

  • Anonymous

    When his debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin', came out in 2003 and sold nearly a million copies the first week and then nearly another million the second week, he moved from his bedroom in his grandmother's house directly into Tyson's old mansion. There was no in-between. He's lived there ever since, a Gatsby with no Daisy.

  • Anonymous

    interview is full of gems but HHDX only puts the part about Diddy and his son LOL. "I think friendship is the strongest form of relationship," 50 Cent says. "Don't ever forget to be friends. And you be conscious. Because there's a point that your friendship would develop that it has so much value that it would become priceless. And at that point, you should consider marriage."

  • Anonymous

    This dude can't maintain a relationship and he blames everyone but himself. He's always the victim and never takes responsibility for his actions like a little kid. How many people has he had beef with that he used to be cool with? Let's see Lloyd Banks Tony Yayo Young Buck Game Shy Money His son His child's mother His other child's mother Puffy Jay-Z Nas Floyd Mayweather Vivica Fox Alicia Keys Master P Domination Bang em Smurf Jimmy Iovine He obviously has some kind of mental issue that makes him behave like this.

    • Anonymous

      yet we don't know if you've ever had a friend in your life, but you're the online relationship professor bunch of weirdos, lol

    • Anonymous

      he was never friends with half of those but you could do the exact same for Jay Z Jaz-O Beanie Nas Prodigy Dame Dash Kanye West Cam'ron 50 Cent Busta Rhymes Big Pun

    • Anonymous

      Em and 50 have never had problems like that but EM has to keep some distance because of Jimmy. Dre and 50 still cool too thats why they let him leave to do his own thing and thats why Dre produced and mixed a song from the new album.

    • Anonymous

      nigga i could pull up a list just as long for Diddy, Jay-Z, Birdman, etc or any other big hip-hop mogul.. it comes with the territory.



  • im a bitter old rapper

    I heard 50 cent son likes Rick ross thats the reason 50 cent has no relationship with his son.

  • I'M a attention whore

    Can somebody give this nigga a hug. 50 Cent is full of hate and a bitter man. He only can talk bad about other people, thats the only reason he gets attion because nobody is talking about his music.

    • Anonymous

      actually when he talks good about people websites like this completely ignore it. you know they only publish the controversial stuff. i think 50 knows this too so he plays it up.

  • big titty woman

    I suckd 50cent D-#;K in 2004

  • 50


    • Anonymous

      for real.... i wonder what he was talkin about in the end of this song... talking about Diddy's baby momma Misa told him something, probably something about Puff's homosexuality. Who shot Biggie Smalls? We dont get em They gonna kill us all Man Puffy know who hit that nigga Man that nigga soft He scared them boys from the Westsidell break him off Dump on his ass So he run to Harlem shake em off Oh I guess this means I won't be invited to the white parties In the Hamptons I dont give a fuck I don't wanna hang out with you punk ass no way Get me motherfucking running around This nigga ma$e Now you wanna play games Don't wanna make the deal nigga Man Ill fuck your shit up nigga Is you crazy nigga Matter fact you know what I don't wanna do the deal no more Fuck the deal nigga You wanna play games You wanna waste my motherfucking time nigga Time is money nigga You wasting the motherfucking money nigga Alright I see what you trying to do But I don't know why you doing what you trying to do Why you want to make me tell everybody what Misa told me (huh??) Now you go on and send me fifty thousand dollars For this niggas travel fees You know air fare, hotel space For that last tour nigga Or Ill really service your ass nigga...

  • Come On

    Does 50 have any friends?

    • Anonymous

      50 u da shit still nigga dont let these other niggaz who think u gotta pay for all these fuck ass lazy muthafuckas around you to put in work... niggaz are lazy nowadays and will do anything but work hard

    • Anonymous

      Haha that's 50 right there,you got it

    • 50 Cent

      Actually, I have many associates who are still down to ride for my cause. We're all conjoined to make considerable marketing dollars provided we get out of our comfort zone and actually make this money. This is the actual plan that we want to execute with the initiative of actually creating an empire.

    • Anonymous

      of course he does, and they all got big guns

  • Ricky Rozay

    Says the nigga takin Ls left and right all day everyday. This nigga got bitches takin his money, the biggest label around dropping his ass cuz he can't make a hit, an album that is 5 years in the making and finally comin out and and havin his crew leave his ass. A sucka is a nigga who's friends who rolled wit him for years leaving his bitchass. A sucka is a nigga who can't get deals done. Curtis talkin out his ass, he the real sucka. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Can't get deals done? LOL like those deals he signed with DISNEY AND Lucasfilms?

    • Anonymous

      At least 50 put his main niggas on and made them millionaires, even Tony Yayo sold over 800k... Meanwhile Gunplay is 35 years old with no release date and no MMG chain. Ross did nothing to defend his honor after that man stood by him for over 10 years. Same goes for Torch... Why Ross ain't put his friends on but he signing Stalley and Rockie Fresh?

    • Anonymous

      You bitch ass niggas gonna swallow bleach very soon and die! You are a waste of space on this earth die motherfuckers die! No matter how much hate you gon post an this nigga 50 u won't stop nothing,,u can't stop him, ppl have tried and failed miserably,,that hate will eat you and eat you and eat until you can't take it no more and jump the cliff or a bridge and die !! And officer William titty man Roberts ain't no boss tha fuck u talkin bout!?? He's an actor a liar a fraud a bitch ass nigga like you 2 morons here ^^^,,!! How did he get street credibility from surviving a car crush?? Cos that what that was,,a minor car crush! Cos street nigga ain't gon miss a big Rolls Royce bet yet his fat ass!! Fuck with yo bullshit niggas are tired of it!! Boss my ass! Bitches!!



  • rapper2freedom

    WOW DX editors out of the whole GQ article this is all you got out of it and no the valuable stuff he taught in that GQ article smh take a ready for yourselves. Always shit stirring http://www.gq.com/entertainment/celebrities/201406/50-cent?currentPage=1

  • Anonymous

    Me and my son, we dont have a relationship anymore damn the kid chose the wrong side. they both gonna be broke in a few years crying and asking for forgiveness.

    • Anonymous

      When Marquise becomes a man he will realize how much of a fool and a momma's boy he was to be taking her side in everything. Not saying 50 is always right but there's a documented history of Shaniqua being a gold digger.

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