Poor Righteous Teachers' Father Shaheed Reportedly Passes Away

Father Shaheed, a member of Poor Righteous Teachers, has passed away after a motorcycle accident, according to Public Enemy.

Poor Righteous Teachers' Father Shaheed passed away after being involved in a motorcycle accident, according to Public Enemy's verified Facebook account. 

"The PE family sends condolences out to the family and friends of DJ Father Shaheed from Poor Righteous Teachers, who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident," the Public Enemy Facebook account says. 

The Poor Righteous Teachers, a collective that released several albums in the 1990s, also consisted of Wise Intelligent and Culture Freedom. 

No other details have been revealed regarding Father Shaheed's passing. 

HipHopDX would like to extend condolences to Father Shaheed's family, friends, fans and associates.

The Public Enemy Facebook post is as follows: 



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  • son of a sax

    RIP!!! Very Unfortunate.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody cares about this never was scrub.

  • jimjim

    rip Trenton new jersey Wilbur section walnut ave chambers street all day locust street mommouth street estate street all day

  • Anonymous

    if Chief Keef died the article would get 1000 posts.

  • Anonymous

    "Gotta realize half of the readers were not born when Rock dis funky joint or time to say Peace" ^ true but that doesn't give them the green light to be disrespectful and ignorant I said this many times before, many of these kids are not our young, but the target demographic who have no wish to uphold the culture or understand the history

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign, and to add-on Wise Intelligent would run circles around their favorite rapper i.e. ElMvis

  • Lol

    Prt was one of the best groups ever in Hip Hop!!R.I.P brotha!

  • Anonymous

    who this no name rapper? #FOREVERPOOR

  • Anonymous

    Man, RIP! PRT was one of the most underrated conscious groups of the 90s. One thing that made them hot was they spit intellect over dope ass beats. A lot of these conscious groups might as well go accapella because the production is weak. Peace to Digable Planets too

  • Anonymous

    Never heard of them. Are they better then Drake? Then i will check it.

    • Anonymous

      No. Drake owns them in the booth, and actually would have liked to employ them to wash his cars.

    • Anonymous

      NO PRT, there will be no Drake, them cat break down door for this wack ass rapper that call them self doing real hip hop

    • dazeone

      Gotta realize half of the readers were not born when Rock dis funky joint or time to say Peace...jams that will still rock a old school party were out..My young bul who raps had no idea who Jeru the Damaja was so I schooled him...we gotta teach the babies Knowledge Wisdom and Understanding"...

    • Hollywood

      I Care.....the horns to "Shaquila" was the soundtrack of me coming home from school. My favorite PRT record was "Easy Star" no one ever mentions that record. The baseline was extra gangsta & Father Shaheed had the crowd amped jumping up & down in the name of Hip Hop. Most people who comment here were introduced to Hip Hop after watching 8 Mile or their black roommate in college. We didn't grow up with these people who comment on here, so we can't expect them to have lived the Hip Hop we did. They do t have a DJ EZ Rock or a Father Shaheed who orchestrated the soundtrack of their life, hell he who comments on the internet can't even name 5 records they enjoyed 5 years ago that had an impact like "Rock This Funky Joint" or "It Takes Two". So on behalf of what's left of Hip Hop, we salute our fallen soldiers who grew us in Hip Hop.

    • Wise Intelligent

      and it's really sad that nobody on this shitpage cares about the death of a legendary genius. R.I.P DJ FATHER SHAHEED !!

    • Wise Intelligent

      dude you crazy... if you mean this serious it really makes me sad... prt are lightyears ahead of drake..

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