"15 Reasons Bey Z Didn't Attend KimYe's Wedding" Listed By HipHopWired

The site lists 15 reasons why Jay Z and Beyonce failed to attend Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's wedding last week.

Jay Z and Beyonce did not attend the wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, who were wed at Fort di Belvedere, in Florence, Italy Saturday (May 24). 

HipHopWired has compiled a list of “The 15 Reasons Bey Z Didn't Attend KimYe's Wedding.”  

One reason the list includes is "Jay + 'Ye = No BFF’s.” "With all the hoopla about the albums, the tours, and their budding BFF status, it seems there's one simple explanation why Bey Z wasn't in the building,” the list says. “Maybe the celebrity couples aren't that close.”

The idea of potential guests led to another reason, "No New Fondue.” "The full guest list is still a mystery to those interested,” the story says. "If Drake happened to be in attendance at the wedding, we could say Jay wouldn't want to share a plate of fondue with Sherbet.”

A consideration for Blue Ivy’s health was another reason HipHopWired cited as a reason Jay Z and Beyonce did not attend Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding. 

"You seen all the photos: Blue Ivy doesn't play,” the list says in its "Blue Has Allergies” entry. "At all. Bringing her to KimYe's wedding wouldn't happen on account that the child is clearly allergic to fakes."

To view the entire list of “The 15 Reasons Bey Z Didn't Attend KimYe's Wedding,” visit HipHopWired.

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  • Anonymous

    Top 5 Reasons Why Rick Ross Was Kanye's Best Man: 1. Kanye needed a police presence at the venue 2. Ross is known for giving lavish gifts with the price tags left on so everyone can see how much he's workin with these days 3. After Jay got his ass kicked by a girl, Yeezus felt he needed a real man there just in case a cat fight broke out 4. Kanye knew Ricky would bust into a freestyle of Push It which would automatically energize the crowd and make up for the fact Kim's vows were lifted from a fashion magazine 5. The party favors were coke bricks

  • Grandpa Freeman

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  • Jay And Bey In The Pic

    "Wonder Twin powers, activate!"

  • glogang

    kanye west bout to make a diss song bout blue ivy cause she aint show up

  • BAYside24

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  • imho

    there are 2 reasons anre 2 reasons only 1) kim k. shes a known whore, claim to fame is suckin famous dick and makin a mediocre porno. she has 0 talents and why would hard working people who grinded to the top with a great name be associated with a street whore. 2) kanye. a gay, a fag, attention seeker marrying a whore with nothing but rants and acting like a bitch.

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