Childish Gambino Discusses Pros & Cons Of Major Record Labels

Childish Gambino says the power has been shifted to the consumer and the artist, but that major labels understand radio better than others.

Childish Gambino, who has released projects on an independent imprint, says he's thought about working with majors.

“I talked to some majors,” Gambino says in an interview with MTV. “It’s really about sitting down, figuring out what they can offer.

“A lot of power’s been shifted back to the consumer and the artist with the Internet,” he adds. “So I feel like we’re in a position to just talk and there’s still a lot of things that majors still understand a lot more. I think it's just about finding the right partner.”

One thing majors understand well is radio, he says. 

“You don’t spread without the help of radio,” Gambino says. “Power 106 was the first to play ’3005′ and from there other people heard it...It was like the #1 Shazam’d song in Compton. I don’t know how it would get there without radio. Radio still holds a very special place with people. Radio is like a major thing I feel like [major] labels still know how to do well.”

Childish Gambino, who released because the internet last year, is reportedly set to drop an album this year. 

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  • John The Baptist

    Not gonna front...Childish Gambino is trash.

  • Payola

    Dear Child: Majors are ONLY effective at radio because they have set aside a HUGE marketing budget(and given you a small advance that must be re-paid out of that) that allows them to PAY for every BDS/MediaBase spin you receive on radio. Kid is clueless...

  • Not Impressed

    this guy(Childish Gambino) is the greatest rapper could be the next Tupac or at least the next Ja Rule. lames like T.I.and GAYdakiss(D-Flop) are straigt trash... I'm NOT IMPRESSED

    • Anonymous

      Didn't I tell your punk ass to swallow a bottle of Zoloft and call it a fucking day? Damn you aint never happy. Fuck if you ain't impressed, nigga. Don't you ever in your natural born life disrespect TI or Jada like that again or I'll shove my foot so far up your unimpressed ass. They're in an entirely different class.

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