Joe Budden On Hollow Da Don: "I Wish [He] Was More Successful...I'd Actually Have More To Say About Him"

Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don Tweet about their upcoming Total Slaughter battle.

Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don have been going back and forth on Twitter with some barbed comments for one another ahead of their planned July Total Slaughter battle. 

On Saturday, Joe Budden Tweeted that he wishes he had more to write about Hollow. 

Hollow fired back, asking his opponent to define success and hinting that he values loyalty and honor above all. 

To read more of the pair's Twitter comments as well as information about the Total Slaughter event, head to Battle Rap


  • charlie

    Please, don't sleep on Joey. 1) He gets my respect because he DOESN'T have to do this, HE has a lot to lose 2) He's good at this shit... 3) I don't remember a time that anyone has beat him, he killed prodigy, Saigon... Saigon hates Joe lol, what? Ransom, The Game (idk 'Game Over') idk who all these dudes are nice legends I have faith

  • Some Dude

    I feel Hollow Da Don will beat Joe Budden. I'm hoping Budden will deliver a good performance and not put some Canibus-esque stunt on me.

  • Anonymous

    hoe budden gonna get slaughterhoused

  • Not Impressed

    Hollow Da Don will eat Budden alive. lol I was a huge Budden fan in HS but this dude str8 garbage with his decisions. still sick with the pen though. Memphis Bleek would destroy both these guys in a New York minute. I'M NOT IMPRESSED!!

  • Anonymous

    Budden is a clown for signing up to this. How can he expect to win?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Definition of success - Being signed by Eminem Definition of failure - Hollow Da Don up to this point

  • eather face crazy chain saws

  • leather face crazy chain saws

    hey guy..ya]]] u heard of that leather face story.[hey this is store parking lot.]].kno just wondering. like i dont kno. hey wats that in ur bac seat.[[ dog heads i put em on at nite to chase son mothers at ya crazy at ya. u try steal one of chain saws of the mannnnnnnn woaaaaaaa....chaseing some bitch to 666 woods with mother fucker 666 to crazy at ya . hey sickann.

  • Anonymous

    Buddens got bars but I can't see why he'd do this

    • Anonymous

      Dude actually enjoys rapping and the culture. So many rappers care only about the money and fame and shit on the culture. It's actually mad refreshing to see an artist do something that probably won't help him financially and might even hurt him as far as fame but he's doing it because his love for the culture and to progress. Taking risks and proving his talent. Net worth < lyrics

  • HA

    Hollow 2 - 1 , theres so much more to say about Hoe Budden than Hollow, from getting the icepack treatment to making 8 minute long voicemails crying to Tahiry, there is ALOT more to say, his fans will be biased and vote for him

  • CatherinePMoniz

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  • Anonymous

    LOL @ dude talking about loyalty and honor, your a grown ass man who makes his living on insult competitions, which from where I'm sitting puts you on the same level as the dunking tank clown at the state fair. Real honorable Not that Hoe Budden is any better tho, dude got lucky with a Just Blaze banger a decade ago,has been beaten up and/or exposed by just about anybody he picked a beef with and now has to sell his soul simping after his ex-girlfriends on reality shows because even an Eminem Co-sign aint enough to make people buy his boring ass emo raps.

    • Anonymous

      "Hundreds of thousands" LMAO.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn't read past "hundreds of thousands per show." I'm sure Hollow pulls in a middle class living battle rapping but Drake makes hundreds of thousands per show. Hollow doesn't have even 1% of the fame Drake has

    • Anonymous

      first, you gay. secondly, that nigga sonned ya. next >

    • Anonymous

      Them boys make some serious money battling

    • Anonymous

      Beyonce makes millions a show, but your still correct.

    • Real Talk

      "making hundreds of thousands a show"'re mistaking Hollow for Beyonce.

    • Err umm uh...

      You might not know this, but Hollow still makes a fairly decent living. At the end of the day, he's probably touring and making hundreds of thousands of dollars a show while you're nothing but a lowly, anonymous commentator/spectator. And Joe Budden might be on a show where he sold his soul, but he's had a stellar career so far on the independent route, not to mention , is signed to one of the biggest acts in hip hop, Eminem, and is a member of a supergroup of lyricists, Slaughterhouse. So who REALLY defines the word "successful" in this situation? Sure ain't you.

  • OUCH!

    5/17/14 News. Come on HDX!

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