Justin Bieber Raps Along To Tupac Shakur's "Dear Mama"

Justin Bieber also joins Rick Ross on stage.

Justin Bieber recently joined Rick Ross on stage at Gotha Club in Cannes. 

The singer also did a rendition of Tupac Shakur's "Dear Mama" during his appearance at the event, as shown in a video posted by TMZ

In October, Bieber did a graffiti piece dedicated to the memory of Tupac Shakur, as per MTV. In June 2012, the rapper explained how he was introduced to Tupac Shakur's music.

"My dad loved Tupac," he said at the time in an interview with New York radio station Hot 97. "So, he influenced me into Tupac...I could spit a Tupac verse when I was eight years old.

"I was raised right," he added. "My dad had me rapping. There was not much Biggie. Now that I'm in New York, coming to New York, I love listening...I love Biggie. I love listening to his flow."  

The video of Bieber rapping Tupac's "Dear Mama" can be seen on HipHopDX here.

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  • Anonymous

    RIP Pac with a picture of a frog? Am I missing something?

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone confirm that the MMG cheerleader/black power 40 year old groupie guy took his own life when he saw this news?

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure he was talking about that overweight selfie taking, takeout food eating, racist old faggot with no swag or friends outside of twitter @Bruthadee...

    • ^

      In other words, you're a groupie.

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      If you're referring to me, then you're sadly mistaken as I am not a "groupie". I am Rick Ross' manager. I handle his finances, his touring, his budget, his PR, etc. Just like Rick's face, I am paid rather handsomely.

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    Justin Beiber has officially signed with Maybach Music. My client and I are very excited to have the Beibs join our ever growing roster/empire. In addition to signing a deal worth $5 million, Justin will also receive a lifetime supply of lemon pepper wings.

    • Anonymous

      A young boss like Biebz would never sign a lil 5 million dollar deal with bum who can't go platinum.

  • Anonymous

    this is blasphemy. i told yall the only niggas who listen to ross are suburban white kids like Biebz.

  • kinghydro

    PACS down in Cuba laughing his ass off

  • Anonymous

    Ross is a lame for this, 4 real. Another L.

  • Drake Fan

    I'm going to see Justin in a few weeks, Ima tear his butthole open, one of my other clients told me that Jus loves getting stretched. #can'twait

  • Anonymous

    How is this even news for a credible hip hop website? what the fuck has happened to this site? Do you guys not even see how pathetic a news story is?

    • Anonymous

      Cause Rick Ross is co-signing this BS letting a rich white canadian faggot sing 2Pac songs at his show.

  • Andres Tardio SUCKS

    Do you really get paid to write this bullshit? You should be ashamed to write or copy and paste an article like this!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    JB a real graffiti artist rightt now! REPRESENT

  • Yasser

    Yeah, that was Dear Mama though...

  • Anonymous

    Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Bieber on my wrist and them girls straight love it Girls drop it low cause you know we want something Everybody know Justin Bieber is my cousin 60 on my shhhhh cause I think I'm Justin Bieber Swag with the ak I got that jungle fever I like them girls that like Justin Bieber J. rice swag and they call me Justin Bieber Strapped with mac 11s and you know I got the heater Word around town that my swag Justin Bieber Word around town that young based god is the shhhhh

  • Anonymous

    Lol at the pic of Bieber on his knees between Ross and Diddy

  • Mister Rogers RIP my nigga

    I actually gained 0000000000.1% respect for this guy.

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    My boss Rozay loves them shirtless whiteboys. He wouldn't have it any other way.

  • being bool

    Titty man gonna die for this. Suge Knight will not stand for this blatant disrespect.

  • Anonymous

    What's this I hear about Ross letting white Canadian pop singer up on stage with him to butcher 2Pac classic? Figures. Same guy who ruined a B.I.G. song with French Montana.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Just when you thought this kid couldn't get any cornier.

  • Anonymous

    Godfather 50 would never fuck with this lil faggot.

    • Anonymous

      There is no comparison. Everyone fucks with Timberlake. You would never see ya boy Jay-Z bring Bieber out to do a Biggie song.

    • Anonymous

      Like he didn't fuck with Justin Timberlake or fuck Chelsea Handler?

  • anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He raps better than Pac did.

  • Anonymous

    ol Bieber smh. Go checkout thegrandreport(dot)com, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there!

  • Anonymous

    White people will be meeting tomorrow at 8 a.m sharp to discuss removing this wigger.

  • Clanouper

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  • jkwnrgjk

    why the fuck is a vid from 2012 posted? some faggot dx writer was prolly looking up bieber vids lmao

  • ??

    Justin Bieber will run into the Outlawz soon

  • DJ shadowmack

    **** all these ****** that let ******* **** hip hop up. I guess all you have to do is get some tats and drink some syrup and you hip hop. And twerk with no ass at all and u hip hop now. For all you people that say oh your just a hater NO I just really Liked hip hop but this shit is really Dead word to NAS.

  • Anonymous

    That artwork is ugly as hell. I've seen little kids make finger paintings that look better than this shit.


    Mount Rushmore of Hip-Hop Justin Bieber Rick Ross Lil Wayne Lil B

  • Anonymous

    It's time for the hip-hop world to stop letting little shit stains like this rape the culture.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I cant use racial slurs against white on here!! But its ok for the n-word to slide through.

    • Anonymous

      Is this your first time here? over 80% of the comments on this site are shit talking against white people... knock yourself out lol

  • OC

    So did he rap "Dear Mama" on the show, but it didn't make it to the video? Cuz that was Thug Mansion.

  • Anonymous

    why do the hip hop media keep covering this lil white kid smh

  • Boom

    And Tupac spins in his grave faster than you can say 'Fuck the world'. Also if that's a graffiti piece then the doodles I drew on my desk back in high school are the freakin' Sistine Chapel!

  • Real Talk

    Bugatti Biebs has more street cred than Rick Ross! Look at that beautiful mural!

    • Anonymous

      yo at the age of 19 Bieber already spent more time in custody, caught more charges and had cuffs on him more than Rick Ross ever has, sorry William Roberts at the age of 40.

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