3,000 Former Warner Music Group Interns Suing For Wage Violations

The former interns will bring a class action suit against the label for lack of pay.

Following a wave of similar lawsuits beginning last June, Complex reports that a group of 3,000 former Warner Music Group interns have been approved to file a class action lawsuit against the label.

Last week, a New York federal judge approved a lawsuit that claims Warner Music Group violated minimum wage and overtime requirements as well as other Fair Labor Standard Act regulations.

The suit was originally filed in June of last year by a single former intern named Kyle Grant. Grant’s suit claims that “during the Plaintiffs term of employment, his duties primarily consisted of answering telephones, making photocopies, making deliveries, creating lists, preparing coffee, getting lunch for paid employees, running personal errands for paid employees, and other similar duties.”

According to Digital Music News, if the group of former interns win the suit, WMG will risk a multimillion dollar backpay payout as well as forced changes to its current policies.

Last year, HipHopDX reported that a former Bad Boy Entertainment intern sued the company for unpaid work spanning a period of five months. Rashida Salaam complained about the lack of pay for performing tasks similar to Grant’s claims against WMG.

Like many of its kind, the unpaid-intern lawsuit against Warner Music Group was filed just weeks after a June 11 ruling in New York last year that found that Fox should have paid two production interns for work completed on the movie Black Swan in 2010. The decision hinged on a Fair Labor Standards requirement that interns should not “displace regular employees” according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Additionally, the suit found that internship duties should be “educational” and worthy of pay if the company in question stands to benefit.

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  • Anonymous

    See how much easier it would've been to just pay them? the greed from these billion dollar companies and the federal government will be downfall of this country

  • Anonymous

    "Hey guys.. do you remember making any money?"

  • Real Talk 1000

    It's not slavery... here's why... you can QUIT. The reason youth are so assed out and no job skills working shitty jobs at fast food and such is because of an oppressive legal environment like this that won't allow them to be apprentices/interns to skilled businessmen, entrepreneurs, tradesmen, etc.

  • Anonymous

    IF YOUR A FUCKING INTERN>>>>>>DONT expect TO GET PAID like come the fuck on. I was taught that in 2nd grade.

    • Johnny Blayze

      You obviously have not followed North American (U.S.A & Canada) judicial judgments regarding various unpaid intern situations. There is a framework around unpaid internship and when companies/organizations abuse and circumvent the regulations regarding unpaid internships judges must adhere to the law and make a judgment of compensation to the unpaid internships. Not all cases warrant compensation but there are many examples that do so and case law exists. Apparently someone needs to go back to grade 2...

    • Anonymous

      I havent heard of any nigga that havent been paid fucking with 50. Hate it or love it,the guy is real. NEXT!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I heard they get taken care of at the G-Unit office, MMG don't pay their people

    • Anonymous

      "ALL G-UNIT RECORDS STAFF ARE INTERNS-UNPAID INTERNS." Where is the money for paying them gonna come from? Curtis Album sales? Banks? Kidd-Kidd? Yayo? Yayo aint had an album out in years.Dude released 1 album in 10yrs. Of course G-Unit records uses unpaid Interns.

  • Anonymous

    The crazy thing is why the fuck would you do all these things if you weren't getting paid? Interns can walk anytime they like. That's generally the idea, cause while some get paid, a lot don't, so to now cook up this scheme to sue for millions is a pure money grab.

    • Johnny Blayze

      Many young adults cannot find work let alone related to the field they want to work in, unpaid internships included. So when they want to build their work experience for their resume they have no choice but to take unpaid internship since a paid position requires experience. However, companies and organizations have seized upon this need. Many make unpaid interns do exactly what a low level paid job would do (including 40 hours a week, no pay and replace an existing minimum wage/low wage employee) OR make unpaid interns do tasks completely unrelated to what they advertised and the expected experience. So now a situation occurs where a young adult needing experience is given a position they can add to their resume, but the company/organization knowing this is exploiting them and breaking the rules of internships as set out in government regulations. These companies and organizations need to be taken to court and held accountable. There are more and more cases of companies circumventing internship regulations to increase profits on the backs of young adults and immigrants in-justly.

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