"Elliott Wilson's Tips For Winning At Social Media Branding" List By mediabistro

The self-proclaimed "GOAT of Hip Hop journalism" reveals tips on how to be successful on social media.

"Elliott Wilson’s Tips For Winning At Social Media Branding” has been compiled by mediabistro.  

The journalist says people have to “Be natural."

"It has to be organic,” he says in the story. "You have to find your voice. You have to be fearless… even if you are private. You have to have confidence in expressing yourself. Be sincere and honest."

Wilson, who hosts the CRWN interview series, says that it is important to “Log off sometimes.” "You don't need to be on [social media] 24 hours a day, [especially] if you're not in the right mood or you're not in the right headspace,” he says. "There [are] times when even I have to unplug for an hour or two… because [social media is] not really inspiring me.”

The other item on Wilson’s list is to “Join the community.” "Respect other people's voices,” he says. "Be of the people and talk with the people. Don't talk at them. Engage with them. And by being open to doing that, you develop a comfort in it, and I think that that's really the key.”

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  • Anonymous

    Elliott Wilson is a loser he spends his whole life living in a fake world on the Internet lol and only likes you if you have a buzz and are popular with todays youth so he can use you and make money from you the way he dickrides jay z beyonce MMg is terrible

  • Anonymous

    How to be successful at Social Media: Be a huge fucking tool like Elliot Wilson and other assholes like him will follow you. That's the worst advice I think I have ever heard on any subject. "It has to be organic." Thanks for the tip GLOAT (Gayest Lameass of all time)

  • Anonymous

    "The self-proclaimed "GOAT of Hip Hop journalism"" This is where I stopped reading.

  • mac DIESEL


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